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YehBA Instant Messenger v1.0.1

Summary: YehBA brings a whole new world of possibilities to mobile phones. It connects you to the mobile Internet through GPRS or through CellPhone HotSpot. Though it�s initially used for bringing PC-style instant messaging and presence to mobile phones, feature enhancements will include gaming, mobil...

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Symbian YehBA Instant Messenger v1.0.1 freeware

Rating: 3.9/5
YehBA Instant Messenger v1.0.1 Description


Developer: YehBA

YehBA brings a whole new world of possibilities to mobile phones. It connects you to the mobile Internet through GPRS or through CellPhone HotSpot. Though it�s initially used for bringing PC-style instant messaging and presence to mobile phones, feature enhancements will include gaming, mobile commerce, and downloads.

Most importantly, using YehBA is inexpensive. Uses GPRS in sending Instant Message (plain text, no large images).

YehBA is perfect for long conversations. And you can chat person-to-person, or join a conference or a chatroom and talk with people all over the world.

YehBA currently supports the following features:

* Access popular public instant messaging networks such GoogleTalk and our own YehBA network through your mobile phone.
* Support for mobile-to-mobile, or mobile-to-PC communications
* Supports GPRS (Global Packet Radio Service) for connection speeds up to 170 kbps.
* Works with all mobile phone operators in the Philippines (Globe, Smart, SUN) and around the world that offer GPRS connections.
* Access the Internet through CellPhone HotSpot (known as Bluezones)
* Local and international messaging via YehBA*.
* Audible alerts you when another device or PC is trying to communicate with your mobile device.
* Alerts you when your contacts become available to talk on YehBA.
* YehBA is free to download!

Future features in the development pipeline include the following:

* Serves as a future platform for online-storage applications such as ringtones, games, and advertisements.
* Support for 3G or WiFi when these become available from the mobile operators.
* Access to corporate e-mail, corporate application and databases
* Push-to-talk features for VOIP over mobile phones

IMPORTANT: Before downloading and installing YehBA Mobile IM, please check your phone GPRS Internet settings and your subscriptions to the service from your Mobile Carrier.

For Nokia phone owners, you can download your settings from this site,8764,78313,00.html

Step 1: Download YehBA.
After doing this, you will have a file called D3S.SIS in your computer.

Step 2: Transfer YehBA from your computer to your mobile phone. There are several options for doing this:

* If you have cable that connects to your phone then consult your phone manual for instructions for installing a Symbian Application using your Nokia PC Suite.
* If you have Bluetooth dongle or IR port connected to your PC, you can transmit the YehBA file to your phone using your PC Bluetooth dongle or IR port.
* You can actually download YehBA* directly to your phone, Just point your phone's browser to the download URL and wait for the prompt to install the application in your phone. If you use this method, all the usual GPRS charges applies.

Step 3: Configuring YehBA

1. To launch the one-click enrollment, connect to Internet.( Verify your Carrier's settings) In YehBA initial screen, change the Access Point to your Mobile Operator's GPRS Internet Access Point. Just press the center of navigation key or the stick to select.
2. After setting the Access Point, select the "Connect" button by using your phone navigation stick, and then click on it. (Click by pressing the Nav Stick or by pressing the number 5 type pad)
3. Enter your mobile number and your information, then press Enroll. Your mobile number is your account ID in YehBA* IM. (You need to make sure you have strong signal and GPRS service is available within the area).
4. Wait until registration is successful. Once sucessfully registered, you will receive an inbound message coming from System Admin. The message has your initial password you have entered.
5. You have successfully logged in and can start inviting your contacts to join you in YehBA Network. To add YehBA contacts in your IM, select Options->Manage Contact->Add Contact. (the mobile number of your YehBA contact.)
6. A notification will pop out, asking for confirmation. You can populate your YehBA contact this way.
7. After having your contact listed in YehBA IM, you can start sending IM messages to them.

the YehBA Instant Messenger v1.0.1 free for Symbian OS

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