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» Y-Browser

• Summary: Y-Browser v0.89

Symbian Series 60

• Arrived: 2009-02-26
• Found under: file, explorer, utilities,

Symbian Y-Browser freeware

Rating: 3.4/5
» Y-Browser Description


Developer: PushL

Y-Browser is a file manager for Symbian OS devices. It implements most standard features on files & folders.

Y-Browser is freeware and available for Series 60 (including 3rd edition devices)

YBrowser includes similar functioanlity to SysExplorer but also allows you to send a file (via Bluetooth, e-mail, MMS and infrared) and to change the attributes of a file. You can modify the file creation data and whether a file is hidden or not. Although this is of limited use setting a file to 'hidden' will generally hide the file from programs that scan for file types. For example hiding a .jpg file will mean it is no longer visible in the Gallery application.

the Y-Browser free for Symbian OS

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» Comments and Reviews

Tue 29 Aug

Kali wrote...

Thanks.verry good.

10:25 am
Mon 26 Feb

dani wrote...

it's great software

3:52 am
Mon 26 Feb

Maxi wrote...

Great program. Thanks mate

4:43 pm
Mon 11 Jun

shafi wrote...

this is good software.

12:51 pm
Fri 29 Jun

amit wrote...

It is very nice and helpfull software

5:47 am
Tue 24 Jul

P S T Fernando wrote...

Senior Executive Accounts in a Finance Company.

10:02 am
Wed 1 Aug

DrJukka wrote...

to be fully safe, and to get latest versions, you should download this application directly from the original homesite ate -jukka-

2:54 am
Sun 16 Sep

azam wrote...

let me try

3:30 am
Fri 23 Nov

csyu wrote...


8:33 pm
Fri 7 Dec

Agunk wrote...


11:32 pm
Thu 20 Dec

jefferson sek wrote...

no bad

10:10 am
Sat 29 Dec

samuel wrote...


1:13 pm
Sun 3 Feb

zonda wrote...

how can i download Y-browser??

2:56 pm
Fri 29 Feb

endhy wrote...


9:26 am
Fri 14 Mar

Raed wrote...

Great Software

1:45 pm
Wed 26 Mar

Lerciume wrote...


3:45 pm
Mon 21 Apr

vpunisherv wrote...

it 's very helpful! Thankz!

1:07 pm
Tue 22 Apr

deni wrote...

Good Enough..

11:02 pm
Wed 23 Apr

28_87 wrote...


4:23 am
Wed 30 Apr

arif wrote...


6:25 pm
Wed 14 May

devkush singh wrote...


6:34 am
Thu 22 May

Vincent wrote...


12:59 pm
Wed 4 Jun

Pranandaka wrote...


12:47 am
Thu 5 Jun

Robert DΓΆring wrote...

Very good

4:52 pm
Wed 16 Jul

thanhtam wrote...

tra vinh

9:42 pm
Sun 11 Jan

yudi wrote...

goods the program

10:08 pm
Thu 5 Mar

ALBIN wrote...

its a good software.

12:09 pm
Tue 17 Mar

alex wrote...

is there a version for E63?

12:24 am
Tue 19 May

jordan wrote...

where do we put the file after we download it??

7:36 am
Sat 23 May

itproxy wrote...

Puzzled there's no direct ability to 'move' a file to a different folder.

3:53 pm
Sun 19 Jul

DrJukka wrote...

You could try Copy-Pasting instead, just as you would do with any other file manager... Get latest Y-Browser directly from the developer:, or visit new mobile site at with your mobile

7:26 am
Mon 3 Aug

Indra wrote...

Thank's i love it

11:18 am
Thu 10 Sep

roy nelson wrote...

cool if it works for e63

12:10 pm
Wed 7 Oct

Danny wrote...

I saved on the E: Drive of my N97 - how do I launch it? Can't seem to find it anywhere!

6:39 am
Sat 6 Mar

Catur wrote...

Hehehe good

5:16 am
Sat 20 Mar

ricko wrote...

very good

9:20 am
Mon 3 May

dilipsoren wrote...

Very nicew

8:13 pm
Sat 8 May

edyza wrote...


2:43 am
Wed 19 May

Vanna wrote...

The best!!!

2:30 pm
Sat 7 Aug

john wrote...

it's good

3:59 am
Tue 10 Aug

deen wrote...

downloading.....vl c

10:56 am
Fri 13 Aug

mohitsaini wrote...


4:33 am
Sat 21 Aug

nhayashi wrote...

Pls go good install

2:22 am
Mon 23 Aug

wons wrote...

it's very good!

6:28 am
Wed 22 Sep

jans wrote...

heel goed

5:50 am
Sat 25 Sep

Theblastoffear wrote...

Buru keun

5:49 pm
Sun 26 Sep

war - heads wrote...


12:58 am
Fri 1 Oct

dudez wrote...

this is good

9:43 am
Fri 15 Oct

nono wrote...

heel goed

3:20 pm
Sat 20 Nov

varavut wrote...

Thank you

12:01 am
Mon 6 Dec

disappointed wrote...

not free if you have to buy it from ovi store!

7:05 am
Thu 16 Dec

abu nafis wrote...


6:24 am
Wed 29 Dec

mohamedmortady80 wrote...

very nice from u man

6:56 pm
Wed 12 Jan

amir wrote...


12:25 pm
Mon 17 Jan

mankavi wrote...

it is good.

11:30 pm
Thu 27 Jan

george wrote...

i luv it

5:21 pm
Sun 20 Feb

nono99 wrote...

Thank you

5:52 am
Fri 4 Mar

manchesta wrote...

i am cool

5:04 pm
Sun 13 Mar

ajiri wrote...


1:17 pm
Tue 5 Jul

Falah wrote...

Free program any thng thanks

11:38 am
Mon 25 Jul

Banker wrote...

Pls go good installs

12:29 pm
Thu 4 Aug

Ratanak wrote...

I want to download Y-Browser on my cell phone now.

4:36 am
Fri 12 Aug

Aldy wrote...


4:38 am
Mon 22 Aug

Gaagaa wrote...

Nokia E63

12:01 pm
Tue 30 Aug

Teguh wrote...

Is very fantastic

11:45 am
Sat 10 Sep

Ahmad S!0‹2by wrote...

Its good aplication

9:27 am
Fri 23 Sep

Mitsho wrote...

What the hell!!? where is Program like Y-browse for only N70! Answer me! Right now!

2:29 am
Sat 24 Sep

Ethan wrote...

this really is cool!!!

3:08 am
Mon 26 Sep

parta wijaya wrote...

y-browser is the best

1:41 am
Thu 29 Sep

wajahat wrote...

any one tell me i have nokia 5800 xp there is already file manager.... then y i install y browser. what's its advantage?

12:51 am
Thu 6 Oct

bonang.OK wrote...


8:32 pm
Wed 12 Oct

ayank wrote...

thanx bro,,

1:31 pm
Thu 13 Oct

Adelino Cris wrote...

well, very good

11:01 am
Sun 16 Oct

khnlakshan wrote...

verry good

1:19 am
Mon 7 Nov

Tarangoray wrote...


1:58 am
Mon 7 Nov

Tarango wrote...

I want to download it

2:04 am
Sat 3 Dec

misbi wrote...

good job

3:57 am
Sat 28 Apr

Jaya wrote...

I want to downloat it, thank's

4:54 pm
Tue 15 May

abdulla wrote...


12:00 am
Fri 25 May

Prabhudas patel wrote...


9:33 pm
Fri 1 Jun

asubi wrote...


5:23 pm



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