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» Windows Media Player 11

• Summary: Windows media player for your Symbian phone

Symbian OS

• Arrived: 2009-03-20
• Found under: Multimedia, Utilities, Players, windows media,

Symbian Windows Media Player 11 freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
» Windows Media Player 11 Description


Developer: KD

Windows Media Player 11 for Symbian phones.

the Windows Media Player 11 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Windows Media Player 11 direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Fri 20 Mar

Gareth wrote...

Doesnt sync with existing music and does not flip the right way on screen, in a word USELESS for the N95 8GB

8:50 am
Sun 22 Mar

Jose wrote...

Persistent question: which 60 version?

2:58 am
Mon 23 Mar

Mark Daniel wrote...

Let me give gravity to Gareth's opinion: USELESS!

12:28 am
Mon 23 Mar

Nicolae wrote...

On N71 does not flip the right way on screen.

4:17 am
Fri 27 Mar

Muhammad Nawaz wrote...

it is very good player i love to have it right now

6:30 am
Tue 31 Mar

Mukesh kumar wrote...

On n73 does not flip the right way on screen

1:01 am
Tue 31 Mar

saiboxgear wrote...

not working!!! my phone n95 8gb firmware 30.0.18

5:34 pm
Wed 1 Apr

saravanan wrote...

does not work in my N-70 mobile

5:49 am
Fri 3 Apr

farrooq naved wrote...

does not work with n70.

5:01 am
Sat 4 Apr

cocas wrote...

does not work with e90

8:10 pm
Sun 5 Apr

motexx wrote...

does not work on my nokia..[n73]

5:58 am
Thu 9 Apr

zerogazer wrote...

I think it is able to work on MOTO E2

1:58 am
Sun 19 Apr

Faruque ahmed wrote...

Dear, its very helpfull if I could be able to view any free internet/satelite TV in my symbian os Nokia n73. Pls inform me regarding free watching any TV in WMl

1:14 pm
Mon 20 Apr

Trev wrote...

Any fixes for this to work on N95 8GB?

7:32 am
Sat 25 Apr

jun hidalgo wrote...

hope it works on n70-1

10:27 am
Mon 1 Jun

sunkist wrote...

Another reason microsoft fails !not only agree with above comments wanted to add that it can't even play any wmv. files ha ! Rubbish !!

8:40 pm
Tue 2 Jun

erxx wrote...

Don`t work on Nokia 5800

8:30 am
Mon 8 Jun

gtamcn wrote...

this doesnt WORK wright on sgh I8510 16 GB

3:29 pm
Wed 10 Jun

Mick wrote...

This is why Nokia MOSH failed. People kept uploading trash like this and claiming it was something else.

8:25 am
Sat 13 Jun

drim wrote...

it works on my n95

3:13 pm
Sun 14 Jun

jm1234 wrote...

does not work on s60 v2

10:13 pm
Fri 26 Jun

Imraan wrote...

Windows media player is best

2:34 am
Fri 26 Jun

Inks wrote...

This IS NOT Windows Media Player. Microsoft HAS NOT released WMP for Symbian, nor are they likely to. This is someone using the brand name to get their product (which, by the way, is crap) out onto people's phones. I tried to use it on my 5800. For starters, the layout is oriented completely wrong, and you cannot close the application. The interface crashes and returns you to the applications screen, and the only way to kill the app was to restart my phone. Final verdict: 0/10. Buggy, fake.

4:22 am
Sun 9 Aug

dazedevraj wrote...

very good

4:51 am
Tue 25 Aug

Ahmed wrote...

Total crap.......dsnt wrk in nokia E61..... Its nt wmp its smethng KD PLAYER.....

4:08 pm
Tue 6 Oct

Seena naik.H wrote...

Better than other players

8:05 pm
Mon 26 Oct

Karpak wrote...

It doesn't work on E71

12:11 pm
Wed 4 Nov

mishima wrote...


11:45 am
Wed 11 Nov

Naved Khan wrote...

work good happynig

1:47 pm
Fri 20 Nov

youal wrote...


10:19 am
Tue 8 Dec

nhuuchi wrote...

i love it

8:12 pm
Thu 17 Dec

gde agung wrote...

my nokia n5730

9:40 am
Thu 17 Dec

nabeel wrote...

totally useless. a new version of kd player & this is a java app

11:08 pm
Sat 19 Dec

Sasikumar wrote...

Hmmm.. Good..

1:12 am
Fri 1 Jan

wahaj wrote...


4:04 pm
Mon 4 Jan

Bien wrote...


3:24 am
Sun 17 Jan

guillermo zeballos wrote...

windows media player is the besth

10:44 am
Mon 18 Jan

ravi wrote...

its good

3:40 am
Mon 8 Feb

didit wrote...

when I'm try download WMP symb version,doesn't work.why error& try again.....

8:06 am
Tue 9 Feb

bhaskar verma wrote...

its good hope it works on my set

6:53 am
Sun 21 Feb

johnny wrote...

very good

1:08 am
Sun 21 Feb

yhlim wrote...


5:21 am
Tue 23 Feb

niko wrote...

Nokia N79

7:56 pm
Sat 6 Mar

Kenlaz wrote...


1:27 pm
Wed 17 Mar

Muchson Astadziri wrote...

its kd player, not wmp from microsoft. payah, ngapusi...

1:55 pm
Tue 30 Mar

Jaiti wrote...

I want to tell the group members of this blog that corecodec coreplayer is best media player playing all needed music and video codecs. But the problem is it is difficult to download or if you are able to crack it it requires a serial no. .i am using n91 but till now after 3months i am not able to get serial no. Please help me out by mail. Thanks

1:50 pm
Sun 11 Apr

djingbri wrote...

thlnk you nice for phone

4:58 pm
Thu 15 Apr

Chandan_nick wrote...

It's nice site to download software.

3:34 pm
Sun 18 Apr

roger mitri wrote...

nice site i like it

10:08 am
Sat 24 Apr

mafu wrote...


3:50 am
Tue 27 Apr

clement wrote...


3:49 pm
Sun 2 May

Peenui wrote...

It said certificate expire.

3:50 am
Sun 9 May

troy wrote...

its mad

1:09 am
Sat 15 May

Essam wrote...


5:34 am
Wed 19 May

ramanjot wrote...

how to download it

11:22 am
Fri 21 May

sharib wrote...

ths iz a good software

10:50 am
Mon 21 Jun

Susan wrote...

Working great on my sony ericsson vivaz

7:40 pm
Fri 25 Jun

kazim ali wrote...

i need a media player which supported and compatible for my nokia e90

8:25 am
Mon 28 Jun

Venish wrote...

I like this player

11:41 am
Fri 9 Jul

susanz wrote...

i hope can work in e61

10:06 pm
Sat 10 Jul

Zia_qamar_63 wrote...

Software s60v3

2:23 am
Mon 12 Jul

anqkel wrote...

i cant install it with 5800XM,expired certificate.any solving???

7:40 pm
Sat 24 Jul

ton chana wrote...


12:25 pm
Mon 26 Jul

ewdsdwe wrote...


9:49 pm
Sat 14 Aug

MANOJ wrote...


8:53 am
Sat 14 Aug

nyoman.stika wrote...

nokia e71

10:37 am
Tue 24 Aug

zampeel wrote...

like it

6:31 am
Mon 30 Aug

hoangquan wrote...


10:31 am
Wed 8 Sep

Tifs wrote...

Ass holes TRY it on S60 V5

1:40 pm
Tue 21 Sep

safwan wrote...


7:11 am
Sat 9 Oct

Freeman_4307 wrote...


4:46 am
Wed 13 Oct

koolio wrote...

great product

3:38 pm
Thu 14 Oct

Jukka wrote...


9:30 am
Sat 16 Oct

pervej wrote...


5:24 am
Sun 17 Oct

jaba wrote...


7:16 am
Tue 19 Oct

aslam wrote...

windows media player mobile shows expired certificate

4:34 am
Sat 30 Oct

Mamarus wrote...


11:31 pm
Sun 31 Oct

Roland wrote...

how can enter in this page. login an pasword.... not work

4:27 pm
Sat 6 Nov

mahmud wrote...

its good

9:51 am
Sat 6 Nov

duymom wrote...


9:26 pm
Mon 8 Nov

Srjems wrote...

Nice soft

9:56 am
Fri 12 Nov

hamissou wrote...

no download

5:15 am
Wed 17 Nov

shawon wrote...


10:56 pm
Mon 22 Nov

biplob wrote...


9:55 am
Sat 27 Nov

eko_susan wrote...

yes i like

3:06 am
Sun 28 Nov

vipin wrote...

i need this 12 1(

3:43 am
Mon 29 Nov

wat yab mong wrote...


9:20 am
Mon 29 Nov

man-001 wrote...


4:42 pm
Fri 3 Dec

ashish wrote...

very well

7:58 am
Mon 6 Dec

nutaphol wrote...


3:48 am
Tue 7 Dec

scimitar wrote...

hope it works

7:20 am
Thu 16 Dec

sakith wrote...


1:34 pm
Thu 16 Dec

sakith wrote...


2:16 pm
Thu 16 Dec

sakith wrote...


2:19 pm
Mon 20 Dec

narwan wrote...

i can't install in my e63

9:01 pm
Wed 22 Dec

david wrote...

thank yuo very match

3:03 am
Sat 25 Dec

wat yab mong wrote...


11:57 pm
Sun 26 Dec

wat yab mong wrote...


12:14 am
Mon 27 Dec

girish wrote...


3:29 am
Mon 27 Dec

FUCKyouuuu wrote...

lol ... why would i need this?

2:43 pm
Wed 29 Dec

ambu wrote...

very good

4:51 am
Mon 3 Jan

rajes wrote...


11:16 pm
Tue 4 Jan

dere wrote...

thanks God bless you

8:29 am
Tue 11 Jan

aungnaylinmh wrote...

nokia x6/32GB

4:05 am
Sun 16 Jan

afff wrote...


6:11 pm
Fri 21 Jan

zeck wrote...


8:42 am
Tue 25 Jan

Handsome wrote...

Nice.. And it's very useful for who had sympian phome.

11:40 pm
Fri 28 Jan

saman wrote...


9:51 am
Tue 1 Feb

sahil wrote...

i tnk that this was tht

8:11 am
Tue 1 Feb

sahan wrote...


12:06 pm
Fri 4 Feb

ranet wrote...


2:41 pm
Sun 6 Feb

Ajgaj wrote...

Ajtpjw pgkuΒ£xtkpg tjmqjgku

7:51 pm
Wed 16 Feb

Gibbs wrote...

To run WMV formate WM Player is must and I have E63 where WMPlayer is required but I can't even download the software. How could I say whether the thing is good or bad?

6:42 am
Thu 17 Feb

aryanmahta wrote...

i hope to do work quekely

11:17 pm
Tue 22 Feb

ahmed wrote...


10:41 am
Tue 22 Feb

jewel wrote...


1:24 pm
Sat 26 Feb

okΓ© wrote...

don't no

5:52 am
Mon 28 Feb

thabo wrote...

its gr8

11:37 pm
Fri 4 Mar

bivash wrote...

i hope it wii be good

10:15 am
Sun 13 Mar

nure alam khandaker wrote...

very nice player

6:18 am
Wed 16 Mar

bappu wrote...

sale ne fuddu bana rakhya hai sarian da.. fake player hai eh. spyware for mobiles

2:16 am
Mon 21 Mar

hanif hamdani wrote...

i hope it will work

4:39 am
Thu 24 Mar

rnfyugyu wrote...


7:14 pm
Tue 5 Apr

Baja wrote...


7:50 pm
Tue 5 Apr

Naveed Baig wrote...

very best application 4 phon

11:13 pm
Fri 8 Apr

Mvundlela LTM wrote...

wmp 11 its great

2:14 am
Sun 10 Apr

Mohd mustafa wrote...

I hv n73 but i m unable to download Window media plyer11.pls just me help.

6:51 am
Thu 21 Apr

shapu wrote...

this player has been installed on my nokia n73 but not working.pls help me

3:49 pm
Fri 22 Apr

pranjal wrote...

i hope it will be best

2:45 pm
Mon 25 Apr

salaikanga wrote...


1:00 am
Tue 26 Apr

mukhlas wrote...

i like it

12:01 am
Wed 27 Apr

Rajnikky wrote...


3:15 am
Thu 5 May

rraj wrote...


11:08 am
Sun 8 May

reazanik wrote...


12:09 pm
Sat 14 May

nurul wrote...

this software does not downloading in my pc

10:08 pm
Mon 16 May

malkawwi wrote...


3:45 am
Sun 29 May

kannz wrote...

link is gone!!!

10:51 pm
Thu 2 Jun

nivo wrote...


5:12 am
Tue 7 Jun

zoeseven wrote...

bisa gk ya d e63 ku

11:50 pm
Sat 11 Jun

Zeeshan wrote...


6:34 am
Wed 22 Jun

Rejikreghu wrote...

Its good

1:36 pm
Sun 3 Jul

esym wrote...


6:41 pm
Wed 6 Jul

nick wrote...

hi hello

12:30 am
Sun 17 Jul

dinesh wrote...


2:16 am
Tue 16 Aug

jignesh wrote...

pls upload

10:09 am
Sun 21 Aug

nandha wrote...


12:35 pm
Wed 31 Aug

Rasi wrote...


10:38 pm
Mon 5 Sep

cuma wrote...


4:46 am
Mon 5 Sep

cuma wrote...


4:48 am
Wed 7 Sep

kaycobad wrote...


10:21 am
Fri 30 Sep

deepaksingh wrote...


4:37 pm
Thu 10 Nov

Ejaz wrote...

Without use How to say about the apps?

11:13 pm
Mon 21 Nov

Ashish wrote...


11:35 am
Thu 24 Nov

Oluwaseun Igbekele wrote...

I love window media player.

5:46 am
Tue 29 Nov

Mohamed Issa wrote...

Its the best application.

9:54 am
Sun 4 Dec

Mayurk wrote...


11:03 pm
Fri 9 Dec

jimmy wrote...


8:21 am
Tue 13 Dec

adegoke wrote...

Nice and good

6:24 pm
Tue 13 Dec

mohamed younfa wrote...

help me

8:55 pm
Wed 14 Dec

Ebrahim wrote...


10:59 pm
Sat 31 Dec

Fleurimond Josener wrote...

free download

9:10 pm
Wed 11 Jan

bibek wrote...


4:31 pm
Sat 4 Feb

Naing Burma wrote...

I don't know yet, But I'll try use, By the way Thank you very much

8:49 pm
Sat 11 Feb

dhatchu wrote...


1:22 pm
Sat 3 Mar

akhtar wrote...

i need windows media player 11 for my symbian 60s 3rd edition nokia mobile but error 404 occured while direct downloading on download tab.please help me

1:04 am
Fri 16 Mar

Vinoth wrote...

I like it

2:07 pm
Fri 16 Mar

Vinoth wrote...

I like it

2:07 pm
Fri 16 Mar

Prince wrote...

Very good

3:45 pm
Fri 16 Mar

Prince wrote...

Very good

3:45 pm
Fri 16 Mar

Prince wrote...

Very good

3:45 pm
Sun 15 Apr

Rajesh sharma wrote...

very good

5:15 am
Tue 24 Apr

mohammed syeed wrote...


9:08 am
Sat 5 May

Prakash wrote...


6:04 pm
Wed 9 May

Neeraj wrote...

I need a good video player

10:46 am
Wed 6 Jun

zubair shah wrote...

ineed a good video player.

9:53 am
Fri 15 Jun

goodeeee wrote...


9:03 pm
Fri 22 Jun

Daneash wrote...


3:39 am
Mon 25 Jun

Rajat singh wrote...

plz send me link for window media player for nokia 97 mini rajat

6:25 am
Sat 30 Jun

gabriel wrote...

i love this programme

12:27 am
Wed 18 Jul

anoop wrote...


1:57 am
Sun 19 Aug

Micheal wrote...


7:51 am
Mon 20 Aug

Pintu wrote...


6:18 am
Wed 22 Aug

burhan778 wrote...

Γ§ok gΓΌzel media player

10:30 pm
Thu 6 Sep

Balach wrote...

Uc player mere mobile nahi chal raha he mohje call karey +923072134431

12:39 pm
Sun 9 Sep

Jahen wrote...

Is so use ful

3:51 am
Fri 21 Sep

rooneehossain wrote...

it's so bumba....

1:14 am
Sun 23 Sep

Navid wrote...

Your posting ralely straightened me out. Thanks!

12:49 am
Sun 30 Sep

Reynald wrote...

KECCES!!!Chishtn asac ahagin aedczvi nuynisk skseci mtacel mis chutelu masin indz hamar da iroq shat djvar e (es shaaaaaat em sirum mis),bayc gitakcum em vor petk e hrajarvem msic,tekuz astichanabar(miangamic da hnaravor che,petq e nax hogepes patrastvel)

3:55 am
Mon 29 Oct

akash gohain wrote...


12:35 pm
Wed 7 Nov

Vinit mandore wrote...


3:19 pm
Thu 15 Nov

Rasel ahmed wrote...


9:48 am
Thu 22 Nov

Tushar wrote...


10:30 pm
Sun 30 Dec

Tursunali wrote...


4:25 pm



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