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Summary: Widgetizer is a Symbian s60 5th edition widget and shortcut adder.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-06-29
Found under: wigdet, shortcut, homescreen, clock, icon, s60, 5th,

Symbian Widgetizer freeware

Rating: 3.3/5
Widgetizer Description


Widgetizer 1.03 is an interesting application for Symbian s60 5th edition. It is a widget and shortcut adder. You can also add a clock so HTC and Mp3 player directly on your homepage. It is a tiny app and do not use much memory. It is simple and easy to configure. Those who like having many shortcuts on their home screen - this app is for you!

The app is UNSIGNED and must be signed before installation!

the Widgetizer free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Tue 29 Jun

Jyaa wrote...

As it is mentioned above - the app is UNSIGNED and must be signed. You can use the Symbian Signed website.

6:56 am
Tue 29 Jun

bleak wrote...

Not waisting my time with unsigned software, free or otherwise. If THEY can't be bothered then nor can I. Simple.

7:45 am
Tue 29 Jun

a.m.m.inshaf wrote...

i like this

10:22 am
Tue 29 Jun

stranger wrote...

wellll,.... In my opinion the application must be signed by the site owner because he will do it once but we will do it ... Let's see ..... Forever !!!

1:15 pm
Sun 11 Jul

이봉철 wrote...


10:54 pm
Mon 12 Jul

glider wrote...

I've tried everything. Should we be rocket scientists??? Not working...

1:25 pm
Sat 17 Jul

Donlucas wrote...

Nice. a lil buggy but nice

6:28 pm
Mon 26 Jul

YCPT wrote...


8:59 am
Sun 1 Aug

satya wrote...

nice site

10:10 am
Sun 1 Aug

okta_amin wrote...


6:01 pm
Sat 7 Aug

ibrahim saragih turnip wrote...

very good

9:13 am
Fri 13 Aug

mark wrote...

very nice

7:46 pm
Sat 21 Aug

Bala wrote...


1:14 am
Sat 2 Oct

shubham wrote...

certificate error means

4:55 am
Sun 17 Oct

cvbc2010 wrote...

If you are using a nokia touch can get it sign using siscontents,and u must apply your certificate and key at OPDA.It is a small process you can get it by seeing the procedure.The site will be in chinese,therefore change the language first.and register.Keep that key with you for ever.

2:08 pm
Wed 15 Dec

lacosta wrote...

its great

7:10 am
Thu 16 Dec

muhammadarya82 wrote...


11:52 am
Sun 2 Jan

Shibam wrote...


10:35 am
Thu 24 Feb

jauhari wrote...


5:33 am
Sun 3 Apr

Pritam singh wrote...

Download my mobile n70

5:31 am
Tue 28 Jun

sunil mhatre wrote...

give me my mobile nokia 5230 plaes

1:09 am
Sat 24 Sep wrote...

I dont know how to download

10:51 am
Thu 6 Oct

sunil mhatre wrote...

pleas signed software add

2:28 am
Tue 8 Nov

Krishan wrote...


7:05 am
Wed 9 Nov

ernesto wrote...


3:11 pm
Fri 18 Nov

Dwipan69A wrote...


3:07 pm
Thu 19 Jan

Sonu wrote...


3:40 am
Tue 3 Apr

dragan wrote...

I can not download widgetizer 1.4 on nokia X6.

10:16 am
Wed 18 Apr

vijendra wrote...


4:42 am
Sat 28 Apr

subhabrata kayal wrote...

it gd

11:18 am
Sun 3 Jun

dhan wrote...


7:01 am
Fri 6 Jul

Venkatesh wrote...


3:29 am
Fri 5 Oct

Indrajit kayal wrote...


2:33 pm



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