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Summary: UCPlayer is a media player which is a local video support for different video formats.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2009-12-27
Found under: media, player, playback, video, s60,

Symbian UCPlayer freeware

Rating: 2.5/5
UCPlayer Description


UCPlayer is a media player which is a local video support for the video formats flv,avi, wmv, mkv, 3gp, 3gpp, mp4.
It has a local file association function, after setting the file association to open the associated video file formats, automatic call UC player and mode selectable four themes;

New features in the v2.2

1, the new classification recommended video, video search capabilities, you can more easily find your favorite video resources;
2, new blue, red and white style of the two themes to choose from;
3, S60V5 version supports full-screen drawing, zoom function, the perfect realization of Full screen playback;
4, the new download speed display;
5, some other small features point optimization.

the UCPlayer free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download UCPlayer direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Mon 28 Dec

edgar wrote...

looks good/ let's see how it works

12:00 pm
Mon 11 Jan

sssrinivas wrote...


6:59 am
Mon 11 Jan

tman wrote...

this downloladed as a rar file. Do I need to change the file ext to make it work?

9:01 am
Wed 13 Jan

SoulE wrote...

you write the description in ENGLISH, how about telling us the app ISNT in ENGLISH. USELESS app. for most of the world.

8:13 am
Sat 16 Jan

ratno wrote...

thanks...i have to try this app..

11:01 am
Tue 19 Jan

Joanna wrote...

It looks like it is Chinese (displays some message with a link to It installs on English Symbian, but it does not display fonts correctly (just squares, supposedly chinese characters?) in the apps menu. It wants to connect to internet, but the message why it does it is again displayed in squares instead of fonts... The second line from top opens files, the last one exits (I figured this out by trial and error). It plays avi files on my phone, but the images are jumping and it is not a nice experience to watch anything this way. I have not tested other formats. You can browse support forum... in Chinese. Difficult to figure out anything, even with translation, but there is some info: UC Player Frequently Asked Questions for example Keyboard Shortcuts: Navigation keys ↑: increase in volume; Navigation keys ↓: decrease the volume; Navigation key ←: rewind; Navigation keys →: Fast Forward; Navigation key is pressed: playback, during playback using the pause / resume playback; Figure 5: Zoom in / out; Keyboard *: full-screen switch; Keyboard #: Mute switch:

4:44 am
Tue 26 Jan

ravi agrawal wrote...

its good

9:07 am
Sun 7 Feb

naseem wrote...

very good

12:22 am
Thu 25 Feb

bipfriend wrote...

i like uc player.

12:03 am
Thu 25 Feb

Sanusi Daud wrote...

It's a great product

7:42 pm
Fri 5 Mar

sebin sebastian wrote...


1:42 am
Thu 18 Mar

hasnain wrote...


9:39 am
Thu 8 Apr

gareth evans wrote...

This is garbage, ppl saying its good are spammers. The chinese chars don't even show up if you have a US/Euro phone. So even if you know some characters it's useless. I followed the open file to get to my videos etc. It seems to look in special place for video, why could it not just open the file explorer dialogs? Without being able to see the characters or have any docs in English, this is pants. From what I've read AVI is jerky too. Still nokia stink in my oppinion, the shipped "real payer" is garbage and won't even play mp4. Divx have no version for n97 (as usual too many diff version of symbian to support). I can't even watch a freaking vid without going into hassles looking for players and re-coders. Maybe shoulda got an iphone.

4:25 pm
Sun 25 Apr

2PeteShakur wrote...

not very functional, use something else like smartmovie or divx player!

2:58 pm
Sun 25 Apr

Nitin kumar wrote...

Nice website

3:04 pm
Sun 25 Apr

john-smithers wrote...


3:04 pm
Sat 8 May

Mintu jaisawal wrote...


2:55 am
Thu 27 May

N97mini wrote...

This app sucks big time. the interface is in chinese. unless all the positive reactions come from china they are all spammers. dont waste precious phonespace on this shit

10:05 am
Sat 12 Jun

Scpatel wrote...

It is the best player for version5

9:19 am
Sat 24 Jul

Naitik wrote...


12:06 am
Fri 6 Aug

Sahil wrote...

Fuck this site...asshole you motherfuckers..i am unable to download anything.

3:57 am
Sun 22 Aug

abhishek wrote...

cool player

12:14 am
Mon 30 Aug

baah bennet wrote...

yet to use it

11:38 am
Tue 31 Aug

Sivan wrote...

Super player

12:11 am
Sat 11 Sep

Maas wrote...

Super player i like

12:45 pm
Sat 11 Sep

Maas wrote...

Super player i like

12:45 pm
Thu 14 Oct

venues wrote...


3:30 pm
Mon 8 Nov

mohd wrote...


1:37 pm
Fri 12 Nov

alex wrote...

its Fucking Rabish ,, with the Fucking Chines writing how Could we Understand the the Fucking writing Bitch!!

11:23 am
Mon 22 Nov

shah wrote...

it is nice one

6:28 am
Thu 25 Nov

Mitesh jain wrote...


2:34 am
Thu 25 Nov

Abdullah wrote...


8:18 am
Sat 27 Nov

realistic wrote...

The only positive opinions are only like 'good'...'nice'...'great' with no review at all..guess they all spamers to bad

12:00 am
Sat 27 Nov

realistic wrote...

The only positive opinions are only like 'good'...'nice'...'great' with no review at all..guess they all spamers to bad

12:02 am
Sun 28 Nov

khamsalong wrote...


3:03 am
Sun 28 Nov

khamsalong wrote...


3:03 am
Sun 12 Dec

Ashu wrote...

I wanna download and try

8:50 pm
Mon 20 Dec

Ravi wrote...

Let me try

11:49 am
Fri 24 Dec

rakesh wrote...

worth a try!

11:18 pm
Tue 28 Dec

hrpatil wrote...

I try it first

5:46 am
Thu 6 Jan

aungnaylinmh wrote...


4:08 am
Sat 8 Jan

aungnaylinmh wrote...

I want download ucplayer

11:11 am
Sun 9 Jan

Dhiraj wrote...

Uc player best

5:33 pm
Tue 25 Jan

Nitu wrote...


11:03 am
Wed 26 Jan

Anup wrote...


1:56 am
Fri 28 Jan

aungnaylinmh wrote...


5:10 am
Mon 31 Jan

Ather wrote...


7:13 am
Tue 8 Feb

Motherfucker wrote...

chinese Gay Player

3:12 pm
Mon 14 Feb

Javed chopadar wrote...

Its nice app

5:57 am
Wed 16 Feb

Ravi wrote...

Very gud

5:59 am
Wed 16 Feb

Gibbs wrote...

Sounds good! But i dont have 5th version. Please make UC Player for 3rd version too in International language support.

6:27 am
Fri 18 Feb

Navpreet singh wrote...

Uc player 3rd edition

7:44 pm
Sun 27 Feb

Vishav wrote...


6:25 am
Tue 1 Mar

Adeline wrote...

After i press install at my nokia C6 phone, it says "Expired Cetificate". Any help?

2:43 am
Tue 1 Mar

chukwudi wrote...

hope dis stuff makes me happy

7:37 am
Wed 2 Mar

mohamed wrote...

idont try it yet

6:21 pm
Sat 5 Mar

teddy wrote...

great app.

9:43 am
Sat 5 Mar

Rithun Arackal wrote...

its not working on my nokia c7-00,Cetificate is Expired .is der any new version?

9:46 am
Thu 10 Mar

Test wrote...

Expired Cetificate...why the devloper never update their 'product' so that people can try and offer them more feedback....

1:00 pm
Sun 13 Mar

serek wrote...


12:29 pm
Sun 20 Mar

Joyda wrote...

Symbian is best

10:03 pm
Thu 24 Mar

Nitin wrote...


11:30 pm
Sat 26 Mar

Will wrote...

i dunno for the other phones, but on my Vivaz, it said the certificate has expired.

6:50 pm
Sun 27 Mar

vaibhav wrote...


2:30 pm
Mon 28 Mar

sineth wrote...

can't introl in nokia me

1:22 am
Mon 28 Mar

Antoni onikashvili wrote...

That's so good to get everything I want with you and thanks

9:21 am
Thu 31 Mar

Paramjot wrote...

Really happy to get ucplayer

7:21 am
Fri 1 Apr

Krishna wrote...

WOW... What's amazing surfing speed & very easy oppraning..! I fully satisfied...

11:40 am
Mon 4 Apr

addy wrote...


10:28 pm
Wed 6 Apr

khan wrote...

its realy gud

2:29 am
Wed 6 Apr

khan wrote...


2:31 am
Sun 10 Apr

Fuck you wrote...

You dickriding faggot,why did u have 2 give us an app with chinese laungage next time warn u piss of fucked shit..go kill urself i jst wasted precious data downloading ur shity app go fuck urself u dickriding loser

1:13 pm
Fri 15 Apr

vimal wrote...

how to change its language in english

4:27 am
Fri 15 Apr

pappooo wrote...


9:47 pm
Wed 27 Apr

Prashant Shetty wrote...

F*uc of.

8:51 am
Wed 27 Apr

rel ancheta wrote...


9:45 pm
Wed 27 Apr

Dip3 wrote...

How can i select english language?in my nokia 5230

9:46 pm
Mon 2 May

Dilwar wrote...

I want to inslte it in my phone. Plz help

5:44 am
Mon 2 May

dinar wrote...


8:03 pm
Wed 4 May

suresh wrote...

It's wonderful

10:56 am
Wed 4 May

Giri wrote...

very useful and best

1:01 pm
Sat 7 May

Mahi wrote...


12:39 pm
Sun 8 May

none wrote...

Hi SoulE. You do know that "most of the world" can read Chinese right? Get your facts straight the next time you try to be self-righteours.

1:07 am
Fri 13 May

abosubh wrote...


9:07 am
Sat 14 May

seyad wrote...

how to download the ucplayer

4:07 am
Sat 14 May

asit panigrahi wrote...

I cant dwllrd uc player,i m getting the message "certificate error contact the application supplier"so plz help me .hw can i dwlrd im nokia e63.

1:33 pm
Tue 17 May

Prasilal wrote...


2:37 pm
Sun 22 May

Bharat Maheswari wrote...

very moody

3:45 am
Sun 29 May

Revel wrote...

God this

12:28 pm
Mon 30 May

jr_full wrote...

I l0ve it so nice and helpfull

1:19 pm
Fri 3 Jun

fredric wrote...


1:04 pm
Thu 9 Jun

Ravi kumar wrote...

Dis is d 1st time i hav been visited dis website ill try

12:09 am
Mon 13 Jun

BIRU KUMAR wrote...

It is very good

6:46 am
Wed 15 Jun

Jeeths wrote...

How to use

3:56 am
Wed 15 Jun

Renjith wrote...

Its too good

4:58 pm
Fri 17 Jun

tonmoy wrote...


11:58 am
Sat 18 Jun

neers wrote...

bad it doesn't work on my E63 and all E series phone...

6:30 am
Mon 20 Jun

anugrah wrote...

its cool

9:23 pm
Thu 23 Jun

upendra wrote...

it good

6:24 am
Thu 23 Jun

upendra wrote...

it good

6:24 am
Sun 26 Jun

mudassir wrote...

my phone need this player. its good player

1:48 am
Thu 30 Jun

Faisal wrote...

Its nice

7:18 am
Thu 30 Jun

Imtiyaz Hassan wrote...

I like this player

1:04 pm
Wed 6 Jul

Nitesh pawar wrote...

I like it

3:34 am
Thu 7 Jul

vivek wrote...

i like it.....

1:37 am
Mon 11 Jul

Akki sharma wrote...


7:07 am
Mon 18 Jul

Irshad wrote...

Uc player

12:11 pm
Mon 18 Jul

mohammed_tech wrote...


12:19 pm
Sun 24 Jul

Rahul wrote...

How can I download

1:40 pm
Fri 29 Jul

Arun wrote...


3:56 am
Fri 5 Aug

Kamlesh virda wrote...

I want to uc player for 5800

8:51 am
Mon 8 Aug

natraj wrote...

Uc player is a best

1:56 am
Tue 9 Aug

vinod wrote...


6:34 am
Tue 9 Aug

Selva wrote...

This is good application

4:57 pm
Fri 12 Aug

srinivas wrote...

this is not properly installed

12:19 am
Fri 12 Aug

amit wrote...


3:17 pm
Sat 13 Aug

selvakumar wrote...

dont support this uc player my mobile but i want uc player so pls send any drick send with my mail id

9:05 am
Sun 14 Aug

ekmpdi wrote...

Nice app

8:41 am
Mon 15 Aug

abyjacob wrote...


12:35 am
Wed 17 Aug

Ganesh wrote...

Help to ucplayer download

12:52 am
Sat 20 Aug

sultan wrote...

I need ucplayer for nokia5230. i try to all are UCPlayers but not installed disply certify expaired

11:27 am
Sun 21 Aug

Dheeraj wrote...

Good software

2:30 am
Sun 21 Aug

Dheeraj wrote...

Good player

2:36 am
Mon 22 Aug

vinoth wrote...


2:28 am
Tue 23 Aug

Anand wrote...

Nic app :-)

4:22 am
Fri 26 Aug

Rajesh wrote...

I need of uc player for 5233 but i fail to install.

5:10 am
Sun 28 Aug

surajsingh wrote...

Download uc player

1:31 am
Mon 29 Aug

badrinath wrote...


12:42 am
Tue 30 Aug

Rameshwar wrote...


11:09 am
Thu 1 Sep

rakesh kumar wrote...

it's nice

10:07 pm
Wed 7 Sep

meywoelandari wrote...

saya ingin video player yang kompatibel dengan banyak format video

4:49 am
Wed 7 Sep

meywoelandari wrote...

saya ingin video player yang kompatibel dengan banyak format video

4:49 am
Wed 7 Sep

Tektono Jati wrote...


10:50 am
Sun 18 Sep

bishnu wrote...


11:19 pm
Wed 28 Sep

Visvakarma wrote...


2:32 pm
Wed 28 Sep

argy wrote...

i like it!

10:06 pm
Thu 29 Sep

shailesh wrote...

its great

3:45 am
Sat 1 Oct

Akash wrote...


6:42 pm
Thu 6 Oct

Masuma wrote...


3:43 pm
Fri 7 Oct

Azad wrote...


4:41 pm
Fri 7 Oct

Azad wrote...


4:43 pm
Tue 11 Oct

jaydev wrote...

let me check 1st

1:31 pm
Thu 20 Oct

biswadip das wrote...


12:55 pm
Wed 26 Oct

Rajkumar wrote...

Nice app.

10:01 am
Thu 27 Oct

Vinod wrote...

Uc player

1:56 pm
Fri 28 Oct

teja7 wrote...


12:35 pm
Tue 8 Nov

venkatsubbaiah wrote...


2:57 am
Tue 8 Nov

venkat wrote...


3:07 am
Tue 8 Nov

javad wrote...

khyli mamnun

6:26 am
Sun 13 Nov

meghamala wrote...

i like this

6:26 am
Wed 16 Nov

Vinay wrote...

Very nice

10:33 pm
Thu 24 Nov

nasar wrote...

its good

8:15 am
Thu 1 Dec

Akilvahora wrote...


3:43 am
Fri 2 Dec

awadhesh kumar wrote...

I like this

6:30 am
Mon 5 Dec

Sakilsaiyed wrote...


12:55 am
Mon 5 Dec

Swarup wrote...

Please dont download this ..... Itz like a boy fucks his own mom... Itz all rubbish.... If u download this , u r the biggest fool in this world .... Just a waste of time in this site.... This site is a aas hole motherfuckin bitch....

2:52 am
Tue 6 Dec

Sadiq wrote...


4:52 pm
Wed 7 Dec

Abinash wrote...

Ye site madarchod logo ne banaya hai... Kuch kam ka nahi bas time loss hai.. Madarchoad log mere c6 phone pe kch kam hi nai krta .... Ye site apna ma ka bur se nikala tha kya.. Madarchod ka baccha log... Teri maa randi teri maa ka bhosda ... Lund k bal bahenchod... Ye gali bhi is website k liye kam hai... Chinar k bacche... Jo bhi ye comment padh kr ise download krega wo pakka apni maa ko choda ho ga.... Betichod... Fuck this site... Band karo ye site tumhari maa ka chode...

2:28 am
Thu 8 Dec

Guru wrote...


8:07 pm
Sun 11 Dec

surya wrote...

It is Good

7:13 am
Sun 11 Dec

surya wrote...

It is Good

7:13 am
Thu 15 Dec

Abod ibrahim wrote...

Thanks very match

3:33 pm
Sat 17 Dec

Saleem wrote...

Uc player nokia n73

2:07 pm
Sun 18 Dec

Shaqib wrote...


9:10 am
Sun 18 Dec

nikhil wrote...


11:29 am
Tue 27 Dec

Deven wrote...

Uc player is good for every user

4:06 am
Fri 30 Dec

jikejack wrote...

uc player do

1:22 am
Wed 4 Jan

Lavania wrote...


9:27 am
Fri 6 Jan

maksud wrote...

i have very problem

4:24 pm
Sun 15 Jan

Rahul wrote...


10:13 am
Sat 21 Jan

Lala34 wrote...

It is so good software.

12:57 pm
Sun 22 Jan

nitin wrote...


8:52 am
Mon 23 Jan

Ravi wrote...


6:10 am
Mon 23 Jan

Ravi wrote...


6:10 am
Thu 26 Jan

sumit kumar wrote...


1:31 am
Sat 28 Jan

A.rahaman wrote...

Plz give me uc plr downld lnk

7:25 pm
Fri 3 Feb

Mrjdc wrote...


9:20 am
Sat 4 Feb

Sachin patel wrote...


8:27 am
Thu 9 Feb

rattanjay wrote...


7:52 pm
Fri 10 Feb

Satomi wrote...

Iam uery grateful

4:18 am
Sun 12 Feb

Purnesh wrote...

It good

10:27 pm
Sat 18 Feb

Md. Habibur Rahman wrote...

I am very grateful while playing avi

10:41 pm
Wed 22 Feb

benchoufa said wrote...

pas mal

10:20 am
Thu 23 Feb

Nilesh wrote...

Nokia 5233

10:21 am
Thu 23 Feb

Nilesh wrote...

Nokia 5233

10:21 am
Fri 24 Feb

Nilesh wrote...

Nokia 5233

9:44 am
Fri 24 Feb

Nilesh wrote...

nokia 5233

9:56 am
Mon 27 Feb

Shouq wrote...


4:41 pm
Thu 1 Mar

madhu wrote...


2:13 am
Sun 4 Mar

Smita wrote...

I like

8:47 am
Sun 4 Mar

Smita wrote...

I like

8:48 am
Fri 9 Mar

Sushant wrote...


1:28 am
Fri 9 Mar

Sushant wrote...


1:28 am
Fri 9 Mar

sajid wrote...


9:41 am
Fri 9 Mar

Swaraj Roy wrote...

S60 v2

10:30 am
Sat 10 Mar

Nysh wrote...

I want 2 download uc player coz its d best

11:11 pm
Sat 10 Mar

Nysh wrote...

I want 2 download uc player coz its d best

11:11 pm
Mon 12 Mar

Soumyajit wrote...

It's best

2:12 pm
Mon 12 Mar

Soumyajit wrote...

It's best

2:13 pm
Wed 21 Mar

Zyon doungel wrote...

I never try dis. .so,now m tryng.

3:00 am
Wed 21 Mar

Zyon doungel wrote...

I never try dis. .so,now m tryng.

3:00 am
Wed 28 Mar

usman iliyasu wrote...

video player

5:03 pm
Tue 10 Apr

Kabir haruna wrote...

I like using uc products becouse of it simplicity

6:54 am
Wed 11 Apr

widadieacung wrote...

im very like it

2:41 am
Wed 11 Apr

Earnest wrote...


10:01 pm
Fri 13 Apr

Brajmohan wrote...


9:47 am
Tue 17 Apr

Divya wrote...

Very nice..

11:14 am
Tue 17 Apr

Adeyanju wrote...

S60 v2

1:36 pm
Fri 20 Apr

Vinit wrote...

Very gud...

12:26 pm
Sat 21 Apr

Amit wrote...

i am sorry

4:16 am
Sun 6 May

Viral wrote...

I want uc player for nokia 5233

11:59 am
Thu 10 May

Rupesh wrote...

It is good

1:16 pm
Thu 10 May

Ankit singh wrote...


11:26 pm
Fri 11 May

osas wrote...


4:58 pm
Mon 14 May

Rana wrote...


11:37 am
Sat 19 May

mohit wrote...


4:27 am
Wed 23 May

bala.c wrote...


6:42 am
Thu 24 May

mocha wrote...


7:00 am
Tue 29 May

amrit wrote...

it s good

3:22 am
Tue 29 May

Jitu wrote...

Good job

3:34 pm
Sat 2 Jun

Manikandan wrote...

High quality

9:41 am
Fri 15 Jun

Waliking32 wrote...

Uc player

3:44 am
Thu 5 Jul

Arun wrote...


1:02 am
Fri 6 Jul

Venkateshan wrote...

Very nice

8:37 am
Mon 16 Jul

Kalola mohit wrote...


5:47 am
Mon 16 Jul

Kalola mohit wrote...


5:47 am
Mon 16 Jul

Kalola mohit wrote...


5:47 am
Mon 16 Jul

Kalola mohit wrote...


5:47 am
Mon 16 Jul

Kalola mohit wrote...


5:47 am
Mon 16 Jul

Kalola mohit wrote...


5:47 am
Mon 16 Jul

Kalola mohit wrote...


5:50 am
Thu 19 Jul

Amio wrote...

Uc player my favrait

3:28 am
Fri 20 Jul

naseeb wrote...


7:21 am
Wed 25 Jul

Junaid wrote...


3:41 am
Mon 6 Aug

yogesh wrote...

it's nice

10:50 am
Sun 26 Aug

Vasu wrote...

Its good

12:59 pm
Fri 7 Sep

aditiya wrote...

itz awesum software

1:19 pm
Fri 7 Sep

aditiya wrote...

itz awesum software

1:27 pm
Wed 26 Sep

jithin wrote...

its a best media player

9:55 pm
Tue 9 Oct

subhash wrote...

ucplayer for nokia 5230

4:50 am
Sun 21 Oct

drshadab wrote...

good player for all movie lovers

11:39 pm
Mon 22 Oct

Alex wrote...


5:06 pm
Fri 2 Nov

Sani wrote...


1:14 am
Wed 14 Nov

Sajid wrote...


12:16 am
Thu 15 Nov

Djamel wrote...

Its funny

5:31 am
Sun 25 Nov

Tauheed ahmed wrote...

I like it very much that solve

1:43 pm
Tue 27 Nov

junaid wrote...

uc player and youtube downloader nokia 5233

1:49 am
Thu 10 Jan

smringk1234 wrote...

verry nice player

2:33 am
Fri 11 Jan

Pjtj wrote...

Good for

5:04 pm



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