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TuneWiki for 5th edition

Summary: TuneWiki v0.02.146 for 5th edition allows you to view lyrics in 'karaoke' style, see what others play around you, understand the lyrics in languages other than your own and check who else plays the music you play.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-01-24
Found under: tune, music, lyrics, video, karaoke, album, artist, s60,

Symbian TuneWiki for 5th edition freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
TuneWiki for 5th edition Description


TuneWiki combines a global community of music lovers with the most advanced music player in the world.


-Sync your own music library with the app
-Options to read lyrics in karaoke style as song plays (must enable 3G Internet to sync lyrics from the web to the app)
-downloads album art immediately to the app
-SHOUTcast radio (listen to various radio stations worldwide or choose by genre)
-Inbuilt YouTube Music Video search
-Save your YouTube MV into your library for future viewing
-View YouTube MV from the app itself
-Song Lyrics search
-Music Maps (see where in the world the song you're listening to is playing via Google Maps)
-TuneWiki Top 50 (Artist OR Song Around the World OR by Country)
-Sync Twitter & Facebook account with the app to post updates about the song you're listening to
- Read what other people are saying about the song
-Use TuneWiki's music player offline

This application is unsigned!

the TuneWiki for 5th edition free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download TuneWiki for 5th edition direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Wed 27 Jan

devendra rath wrote...

it is very good sight

9:07 am
Fri 29 Jan

tomas wrote...

even with a good signer and the real certificates for my phone, It is not working still...

9:28 am
Fri 26 Feb

egban wrote...

when starting up, it says trial period ended and ends the app

5:33 pm
Mon 22 Mar

John wrote...

Pls when will the s603rd version of this software will be out

8:11 pm
Fri 4 Jun

Joel wrote...

Never heard this app in any other big mobile forum. Scram!

5:37 am
Wed 18 Aug

friko dharma wrote...

nokia e63

2:31 pm
Thu 9 Sep

Japheth wrote...

not bad

3:48 am
Fri 29 Oct

jarsono wrote...

its good ist like me

5:41 pm
Tue 2 Nov

Jacob wrote...

very good

11:42 pm
Tue 28 Dec

Aman wrote...


10:42 am
Thu 13 Jan

hpman wrote...


5:09 am
Sun 23 Oct

derek wrote...

my phone is nokiae63 and this app isnt workin on my phone W.T.F

1:35 pm
Sun 27 Nov

daniel wrote...

excellent app

5:29 am
Sun 26 Feb

maxpro wrote...

i will try.

3:24 am
Tue 10 Apr

daddysani wrote...


11:32 am
Sat 14 Apr

Tavanh wrote...

It's good App

10:45 pm
Fri 3 Aug

david wrote...

its so amazing

2:59 pm
Thu 11 Oct

imam wrote...


2:23 am
Sun 28 Oct

Kurt wrote...

All the social tgnaigg apps I find pointless and just there to expose you to adverts and variosu rogue embedded sites. I'm just a little sick of the vampire bites, the drinks, the food fights, pokes (WTF is that for) and the other email notification. To the point that all but join and group notifications I have disabled. I'm just fed up with the as you put it facebook spam. It was fun at first, now its waste of my time and effort.Yeah, I'm on facebook. I don't login that much, Maybe once every two weeks. Why, well I have to go login. Every time I stop the session by shut down the browser means I have to login again. And frankly I just can't be bothered going through the process. If I was left logged in I would visit every day.Also consider why should I extend information and play the spam games with in a walled garden in favour of extending my blog.

6:53 am
Wed 28 Nov

Stanley okereke wrote...

Music and lyrics sounds good cnt wait to get it

6:11 pm
Sat 5 Jan

Nick wrote...

What if the app is customized for the Symbian/Harmattan/Maemo?Unfortunately, each plroatfm has its own set of QML components. For example, on Maemo I had to implement most of the stuff from scratch, using basic QML, while on Symbian and Harmattan I was able to use the Qt Quick Components. Even then, I had to use specific code for each plroatfm, due to different import statements.So how can I put my apps under the same content item if they have different UI code-base (sometime they even behave slightly different)? Is this acceptable?Thanx.

5:04 pm



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