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» TTPod 3.40

• Summary: TTPod for symbian is a freeware mobile music player with many features such as skin support, set playback, equalizer, lyrics, sleep mode, alarm clock and many other functions, operation simple and powerful.

Symbian 2nd & 3rd Edition

• Arrived: 2009-08-10
• Found under: entertainment, multimedia, music, player,

Symbian TTPod 3.40 freeware

Rating: 2.6/5
» TTPod 3.40 Description


TTPod for symbian is a freeware mobile music player with many features such as skin support, set playback, equalizer, lyrics, sleep mode, alarm clock and many other functions, operation simple and powerful.

TTPod 3.40 update:

1. The replacement of a new process UID (S60V3 versions can co-exist with the old version);
2. The replacement of the new icon (S60V3);
3. To change the page structure, and equalizer options page on the left menu;
4. Equalizer optimized to improve the effectiveness of regulation;
5. Increase the soft decoding MP3 audio support (S60V3);
6. To increase the independence and composition of the two EQ-conditioning mode;
7. To support the preservation and EQ to add a separate document to facilitate the sharing;
8. Optimize the effect of visual display to increase the full-screen shortcut keys (long press the * key by default);
9. Increase the desktop and mini-player show the lyrics visualization adjustment;
10. Increase the Bluetooth Send (S60V3);
11. Increase the sleep shutdown mode (S60V3);
12. To increase their full-keyboard phone keyboard mapping support;
13. Increase in the background to return to shortcut keys;
14. Increase the page switching effects;
15. Increase the key dynamic effects;
16. To support the skin menu transparent;
17. Increase the dial-button control panel, user-friendly key to switch songs around.

TTPod 3.40 S60 2nd Edition

the TTPod 3.40 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download TTPod 3.40 direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Mon 10 Aug

Shouvik Saha wrote...

It's in Chinese. Is there any English version available? If I start this app, my phone shows "System error". I'm using Nokia N78.

11:07 pm
Tue 11 Aug

Nick wrote...

I am with N78 and can't run it either, don't worry, it's not just you.

6:39 am
Tue 11 Aug

Nabil Hanafi wrote...

Same problem when running on N958GB

4:34 pm
Wed 12 Aug

Carl wrote...

Same on a euro branded N95 :(

1:28 am
Wed 12 Aug

venkat wrote...


2:03 pm
Thu 13 Aug

atul wrote...

it does not work on my 6681 disapointment

11:50 am
Thu 13 Aug

Prabhanjan shukla wrote...

To do job

12:25 pm
Fri 14 Aug

soumitra pathak wrote...

it is a very good service.

11:51 am
Sun 16 Aug

khang trieu huy wrote...

I would like to ask this version is English or Chinese,Where can I download the English version in

8:35 am
Sun 13 Sep

Japra wrote...

TTpod 3.41 english

1:15 am
Wed 23 Sep

Alamsyah wrote...

Very good

1:35 am
Tue 6 Oct

vegito wrote...

I can't download it.Its for s60v3 and a sisx file.I want a sis file.

8:51 am
Sun 11 Oct

Jcmaxy wrote...

Ttpod mp3 player english version

4:47 pm
Sat 17 Oct

Rajitha wrote...


3:47 am
Wed 21 Oct

Troy wrote...

Releas is new version ttpod v3.51for symbian 7-9.5 A love chines:p

3:12 am
Sun 25 Oct

Drakey boy wrote...

Got the same problem ye. Been looking out for this for awile... Sis and sisx dont work on my n95 8gb. For those looking for a few different ver. Of ttpod... Google mobiles24, first opion. Just register with the site 'free'. Some pretty hot stuff there

2:30 pm
Sat 28 Nov

Stefan wrote...

It does not work on my 58oo. It says: Funtionen stφds inte, witch meens something like: This funktion is not supported

2:03 am
Sat 28 Nov

aseeb wrote...


2:21 am
Fri 4 Dec

Balaji wrote...

Good site but more freeware software have simbian only giveing little only hear have

2:54 pm
Sat 20 Feb

sisworojunior wrote...

Dengan ttpod bermain musik jadi lebiih asyik

8:43 am
Wed 3 Mar

Premashis wrote...

I have ttpod s60v2.sis means it run on N70,6680,6681,N72,N90,3230,7610,6670..who are want this software contact at

8:39 pm
Wed 31 Mar

anuj wrote...

This site is very best opinion for download application for all kind of mobile phones.

11:19 am
Wed 31 Mar

fortune wrote...

i somuch love ttpod. its the best media player ever

8:09 pm
Mon 5 Apr

Vasilis wrote...

The app is crashed in Nokia E52 (System error)

12:46 pm
Sat 10 Apr

singh_sr81 wrote...

it doesn't work on 5800XM

8:55 pm
Thu 15 Apr

bills wrote...

i try this app at home

1:03 pm
Mon 19 Apr

SiNR wrote...

its good.. but sadly, no official english version available there.

6:05 am
Wed 21 Apr

Haerul-Lupuss wrote...

system error,, not support,,for Nokia E63,,,why??..

7:16 am
Wed 28 Apr

obineche ugonna micheal wrote...

i thank you for your good work

6:57 pm
Sun 9 May

Ahmad Expert wrote...

it is chinses worthless........

3:38 am
Sat 29 May

Kitretshu wrote...

I have tried a lot with diffrent version of a ttpode but none of them worked on my nokia E63...... Really fedup with this error " system error" and not supprted etc.... Can anybody sujjest me ... What to do? Thanks in advance

5:04 pm
Wed 16 Jun

ronie wrote...

system error on Nokia N82

12:37 am
Sun 20 Jun

Delon wrote...


5:47 am
Wed 7 Jul

shafi wrote...

i want musicplayers

1:31 am
Fri 9 Jul

yuliadi wrote...

i have nokia e63! How i can get this players

11:38 am
Fri 9 Jul

yuliadi wrote...

i have nokia e63! How i can get this players

11:39 am
Mon 16 Aug

Girl-like-pooh wrote...

system erro on nokia n76 help me :(

11:26 pm
Fri 20 Aug

Tuge wrote...

it does not work in my e63 nokia phone. Pls,is there any solution? I need help.

6:48 pm
Sat 21 Aug

marko wrote...

how can i install my ttpod 3.40 zip file plz help me! . .

10:49 pm
Mon 23 Aug

cool wrote...

Searched everywher for this application...still can't find d rite 1 for my E71..:-( the .sis works well on N70..awesome player

9:49 am
Sat 4 Sep

rubel wrote...


8:08 am
Wed 29 Sep

Chen wrote...

Guys, ttpod works only on s6v2 (6600,n70,n72.............) n there ain't any ttpod which works on s60v3 n v5.

9:46 am
Wed 6 Oct

Bomi wrote...

N70 application

3:16 pm
Mon 18 Oct

Zahoor lone wrote...

Plz give a ttpod for nokia3250

4:31 am
Wed 17 Nov

pc.abhi wrote...

player download

10:07 am
Thu 25 Nov

Amits wrote...


8:42 pm
Thu 25 Nov

Amits wrote...

Hai! It's Amit.plz somebody tail ME how to down load this playeR. AMIT-SHILPEE /SUJIT-RACHNA

8:55 pm
Tue 30 Nov

alhadi wrote...


1:38 pm
Tue 30 Nov

alhadi wrote...

its beutfull

1:42 pm
Wed 1 Dec

sagor_012 wrote...


5:08 am
Wed 1 Dec

sagor wrote...


11:05 pm
Sat 18 Dec

nafih wrote...


2:20 am
Thu 23 Dec

omid wrote...


1:58 pm
Tue 4 Jan

qelvelosa22 wrote...

ok 2

11:52 pm
Wed 12 Jan

rehman wrote...

lets check it out

10:29 pm
Tue 18 Jan

midun rete wrote...


7:29 pm
Thu 20 Jan

midunrete wrote...


10:52 am
Fri 21 Jan

ashishkumar wrote...


7:33 pm
Thu 27 Jan

Avinash wrote...

not bad

10:36 am
Fri 4 Feb

Marem wrote...

.what the hell

11:09 am
Sat 5 Feb

princejibril wrote...

good stuff

11:50 am
Sun 6 Feb

omonilla wrote...


12:16 am
Wed 16 Feb

Rahul wrote...


12:02 am
Sun 13 Mar

Sk.rana wrote...

free download user

9:39 pm
Wed 16 Mar

daris wrote...


10:20 pm
Mon 28 Mar

sukuma wrote...

this is working @ my mobile but always ask to allows to read user data or not. What can i do for it. Please what can i do for it please help me. Reply me to my mail.

10:53 am
Wed 11 May

oluneyo wrote...

hi guys.the damned thing is not working on nokia say system error.i'm fed up

10:48 pm
Wed 25 May

Ayeh wrote...

Very good... Can i download TTpod full English version for my n95?

4:43 am
Mon 6 Jun

kayce ude wrote...

it aint workin on my e63, system error, one thing and another. I aint workin. Pls i needd a help

6:43 pm
Mon 13 Jun

phongwang wrote...

good to be a member

5:21 am
Thu 30 Jun

varun wrote...

fuck off man ! Its not working in my n73.hate y'all

6:45 am
Wed 6 Jul

jezoo wrote...

i download ttpod for nokia e51 but it do'snt will i do

4:48 pm
Fri 8 Jul

hartanto wrote...

download free

12:57 pm
Fri 8 Jul

hartanto wrote...


1:13 pm
Wed 13 Jul

thanh hung wrote...

TTPod s60 N82

5:59 pm
Sat 30 Jul

ezekiel wrote...

i lov its,keep the good work

3:55 am
Sat 30 Jul

Umamahesh wrote...

I like

11:10 pm
Sun 28 Aug

surajshahi wrote...


12:16 am
Sat 3 Sep

callistus john wrote...

TtPOd s6o E71

2:13 pm
Fri 23 Sep

harvey wrote...


3:00 am
Fri 23 Sep

harvey wrote...

nice and gud beautiful awaard!

3:01 am
Wed 5 Oct

Daniel wrote...

It's nt workin on my nokia e50.whyyyy

9:19 am
Mon 10 Oct

Brams wrote...

Well done tho it hard for you to get for v3 especially the e-series i have one on my E51 and it write's certificate error contact suplier, but can be hacked with universal certificate if you need them call (+2347061136614)

2:15 am
Thu 27 Oct

ivon wrote...

nokia c-7

10:56 am
Sun 6 Nov

Francis wrote...

I download TTPod for my nokia e75 and it does not work what will i do

6:27 am
Wed 9 Nov

Kanishka wrote...

I want english version of ttpod player

2:59 am
Sun 13 Nov

eteka wrote...

english version

2:16 am
Sun 13 Nov

Peera wrote...

I downlod ttpod but it shows the system error what will do

2:32 am
Fri 18 Nov

Peelland-FM wrote...

Player works fine with our stream. http± on a E71

12:52 pm
Sun 20 Nov

alin wrote...

it's good,,,

4:12 am
Tue 29 Nov

Wachid wrote...

If any one need to hack your phone(for trouble such as error or not valid) you can see how to fix it there This is my friends blog, but this is in indonesian language, you can translate it by google transalte...

1:07 pm
Sat 3 Dec

Char wrote...

I want to send you an award for most helpful internet wrtier.

7:18 pm
Tue 6 Dec

anto wrote...

no working

12:19 am
Wed 14 Dec

dhupchaya69 wrote...

i want to use ttpod. But when i go to install, it shows system error, certificate error etc. What should i do?

11:16 pm
Wed 14 Dec

dhupchaya69 wrote...

sorry, i forgot to write my phone model. I use nokia e63.

11:19 pm
Mon 19 Dec

ephraim wrote...


4:59 am
Sat 24 Dec

Jitendra wrote...

Ttpod installed in my nokia E52,when i want 2 open show system error,plz solve my problem

7:22 pm
Fri 30 Dec

vai lon wrote...

vai lon the chung may.cut

10:13 am
Sun 1 Jan

Fizz wrote...

I am using nokia n9 where can i get eng version

12:30 pm
Thu 5 Jan

dient wrote...

i can't download

11:32 pm
Tue 7 Feb

Sagor Rg. wrote...

It does not ok. Help me.

2:56 am
Sun 26 Feb

errol wrote...


9:07 pm
Thu 8 Mar

syed wrote...


8:37 am
Wed 21 Mar

Khrietuo kera wrote...

I have tried a lot with diffrent version of a ttpode but none of them worked on my nokia E63......system error,, not support,,for Nokia E63,,,why?? help me....

9:27 am
Fri 23 Mar

Rashedul wrote...

Free download 5235 apps

8:42 pm
Wed 16 May

m. George wrote...

pls i downloaded TTPOD Software Version s60 3edition for my Phone n96,is not working .it's given me an error mrg. SYSTEM ERROR.PLS KINDILY OFFER ME A SOLUTION.THANKS

7:11 am
Thu 17 May

Ankit wrote...


4:11 am
Sat 19 May

Pinky wrote...

Plis help me on my n8 it's not running

1:09 pm
Sat 26 May

burhan wrote...


7:39 pm
Sat 7 Jul

philips wrote...

it's cool

6:17 am
Fri 24 Aug

Kb guite'z wrote...

Sir, Please kindly help me,when i try to download the seem error,wat the matter pliz help,i like very much.thank

6:38 am
Thu 6 Sep

Nnamani Daniel wrote...


7:32 am
Fri 21 Sep

alnoush wrote...

i would like to share with you and know about symbian what is new

7:40 am
Tue 6 Nov

Bashir wrote...


1:49 pm
Tue 6 Nov

Bashir wrote...


1:56 pm
Tue 6 Nov

Bashir wrote...


2:03 pm



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