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» Sports Tracker for 5th edition

• Summary: Sports Tracker, the GPS tracker to watch your training, is now available for S60 5th Edition!

Symbian s60 5th edition

• Arrived: 2010-08-16
• Found under: sport, tracker, mesure, route, gps, s60,

Symbian Sports Tracker for 5th edition freeware

Rating: 4.0/5
» Sports Tracker for 5th edition Description


Developer: Nokia

Sports Tracker is a GPS based activity tracker. It collects info such as speed, distance and time and automatically store them to your training diary.

Updated to version 3.50!

The most important innovations of Sports Tracker 3.1 on a glance:
-The application has a new logo
-Complete revision of the graphical interface Full (optional) support for the display of the maps
-Countdown to the sunrise and sunset position
-Automatic import of existing Sports Tracker data
-Additional import and export options

During the training run, captured photos can also be directly integrated and displayed.
The app is of course a free app and works perfectly with the Sports Tracker service so that you can share your workouts with your friends and track your routes. You can set up also your 5800 with a Polar Bluetooth Waerlink belt to monitor your heart rate and to get the most out of each workout.

the Sports Tracker for 5th edition free for Symbian OS

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Download Sports Tracker for 5th edition direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Sun 21 Feb

jayjjerry wrote...

its cool

6:59 am
Thu 25 Mar

lebigjay wrote...

installation failed on Nokia 5230

5:49 am
Wed 14 Apr

mennereau wrote...

coll cool coll stuff

4:26 am
Thu 20 May

piero wrote...


2:47 am
Fri 28 May

Tiago wrote...

this is bullshit, installing it says v1.83

6:50 am
Tue 29 Jun

KAyus wrote...

would be nice if i could get the heart rate belt, can anybody tell me?

1:29 pm
Fri 20 Aug

rcsauce wrote...

Can't download to my E71x. Anyone have a solution?

9:15 am
Tue 30 Nov

boka wrote...


5:43 am
Sat 25 Dec

irfan wrote...

good i want to see the how to interact with software in mobile. throut icons or commond or what ever tell me plz

10:21 pm
Sat 12 Feb

Renato Santos wrote...

installation failed on Nokia 5230. Help. What's the new version?

6:57 am
Fri 18 Feb

tino wrote...


6:45 pm
Fri 29 Apr

kadir suleimanov wrote...


11:46 am
Sat 9 Jul

n godara wrote...

best appelication

4:57 am
Thu 15 Sep

samer wrote...


3:27 pm
Tue 20 Mar

marco wrote...

me ancanto

2:44 pm
Sun 1 Apr

aleks wrote...

ace ser

1:44 pm
Tue 12 Jun

Borostyαn Istvαn wrote...

Jσ program

2:05 pm
Mon 1 Oct

Ryosuke wrote...

depending on type of car, check under the hood in the engine area, under the tire rims, under the body of the car, look in the goobevlx, check behind your license plate, everrywhere you think one wouldn't fit, it is probably in those areas. You can also take him to court for violating your privcay. You are not in his control anymore and he should remove it NOW or you will contact a lawyer.

10:26 pm
Fri 19 Oct

Nicqhendt wrote...

While I do think that Yahoo is to blame, it does seem suspicious that Microsoft might have known that sihotmeng suspicious was afoot, and wasn't MORE proactive about it (beyond just having different defaults for Yahoo accounts).However, the REAL problem here isn't data usage, it's that carriers charge so much money and have such ridiculously low caps, while users have basically no way of monitoring or effectively managing how much data they use. The 150-200MB plans that Verizon and AT&T sell are laughable; just by simply allowing the phone to sync contacts, calendar, and email, many people can run through 100MB/month without even actually doing anything. That doesn't leave a lot of room for error.It's disingenuous for the carriers to even offer such plans, because data usage is largely out of the users' hands, and the carriers know full-well that even light usage, or a bug like this one, could cause overages. If AT&T sells 2GB for $25/month, then $15/month should buy you 1GB (and not a paltry 200MB). Then, bugs like this wouldn't effect customers wallets, only the wallets of the carriers and the handset makers who released the buggy phones in the first place.

3:10 am



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