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More than 2000 free Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition freeware games, themes and apps for your Nokia phone.

Enhance your Nokia phone with wireless tools, mobile email, themes and skins plus hundreds of mobile games, utilities and GPS software for Symbian S60 smartphones. Load free apps on your Nokia n97, X6, XpressMusic 5800, Satio and Vivaz Pro phone !

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» Skype s60

• Summary: Skype for your mobile beta means you can call your contacts whenever you need to – no computer, WiFi zone, or special phone needed.

Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition

• Arrived: 2010-07-12
• Found under: skype, phone, calls, free, chat, internet,

Symbian Skype s60 freeware

Rating: 3.2/5
» Skype s60 Description


Developer: Skype

Skype got updated to v1.1!

If you already use Skype on a computer, you'll see your full contact list when you sign in to Skype on your Symbian phone. Call free Skype-to-Skype on your mobile, and send and receive instant messages (IMs) one-to-one or with a group.

Save money on calls and texts to phones abroad

Call and text people who don't have Skype at really low rates. It's especially great value if you're calling or texting people who live abroad. Simply dial the number in Skype and pay with Skype Credit or talk unlimited with a subscription.

When you're abroad, connect to a WiFi zone and avoid roaming charges on calls and texts. This applies to Skype-to-Skype calls, plus calls and texts to phones. Share pictures, videos and other files

It's also free to send and receive pictures, videos, and other files so you can share your experiences and stay in touch when you're away from a computer. Take a picture with your built-in camera and send it to friends on Skype. Easy peasy.

You can get it by going to in Web on your S60 phone

the Skype s60 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Skype s60 direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Fri 19 Feb

sajid wrote...

this site is very good

4:49 am
Mon 22 Feb

Menny wrote...

Just tested the applicication out after months of waiting and it worked like a dream. Tried it on my Wifi and over 3.5g. Nice app to try out ;).

1:26 pm
Fri 12 Mar

Nitish wrote...

Works great on my Nokia 5320 XM :)

4:16 pm
Tue 13 Apr

ahmet wrote...

thanks very much

7:49 am
Sun 6 Jun

Aydyn Mamedov wrote...

this is the best site i'v never seen before

2:37 am
Tue 13 Jul

meni wrote...

this is the best app i have ever used Thanks a lot to skype,you are the best!!!

6:05 am
Tue 13 Jul

preecha wrote...


10:22 pm
Wed 14 Jul

kamal wrote...


6:12 am
Fri 16 Jul

manjula wrote...

nokia 5800

11:16 pm
Sat 17 Jul

freddie wrote...

How can I use skyp on my blackberry curve

10:23 pm
Sun 1 Aug

UPALI wrote...


8:40 pm
Sat 28 Aug

locke wrote...

Doesn't work on Nokia N86

1:21 am
Tue 14 Sep

sorsele wrote...

Unfortunately updated version 1.1 is not working properly on a nokia 5230. Software reports "telephone contacts have no numbers" BUT THEY HAVE! Rollback to stable version 1.0.4 to bypass this problem to be able to dial (also) from phone book. Waiting for a further release...

9:43 pm
Fri 1 Oct

Sajid wrote...


1:08 pm
Sat 9 Oct

Suresh wrote...


1:08 pm
Sat 16 Oct

shawkat wrote...

i like this site.

8:39 pm
Sat 1 Jan

kenny wrote...

I like to try

7:01 pm
Wed 5 Jan

gbenga wrote...

l love to try

11:41 am
Thu 3 Feb

denny wrote...

doesn't support on my i8910

11:20 pm
Thu 10 Feb

sefa wrote...

im impressed

3:12 am
Sat 19 Feb

nenad wrote...


6:41 am
Mon 28 Feb

Bhav wrote...

Hi good one

10:48 am
Tue 5 Apr

nana wrote...

it doesn't work om my nokia 5230

10:44 am
Wed 20 Apr

mike wrote...


4:14 pm
Fri 29 Apr

Efendi wrote...


1:49 pm
Wed 1 Jun

Ahmed Adem wrote...

Still I cant get skype for my Nokia N73. I have tried so many times. But I can't get it. Plz can U give a hand?

3:58 pm
Wed 8 Jun

mustafa wrote...

very good

1:19 am
Tue 14 Jun

zubair wrote...

skype is a great application..but unfortunately its not available for Samsung bada os phones so pls pls pls Pls develop skype for bada phones.

12:13 am
Fri 24 Jun

luki wrote...

jak scagnac tego skype for symbian 3td bo szedzie tylko pisza sciagnij sciagnij a potem to kicha.....

1:23 pm
Tue 12 Jul

boonaajimma wrote...

to call and chat with skype friends

9:52 am
Mon 18 Jul

ahad wrote...

good site

3:14 am
Tue 19 Jul

faust wrote...

dont work on n73

1:31 pm
Fri 29 Jul

suhail wrote...

can anyone help me which version to install for nokia E90 to make skype to skype calls.

5:39 am
Wed 17 Aug

adnan wrote...

skype help about nokia n73 pleas help me

6:16 am
Sat 20 Aug

temor wrote...

its good

10:59 pm
Thu 15 Sep

Sagheer wrote...

But it is too difficul for me any one help me?

12:29 am
Mon 26 Sep

Ayyanar selvam wrote...


2:39 am
Sat 1 Oct

Shoaib sultan wrote...

Hmm gud

4:18 am
Sun 6 Nov

Latheef wrote...


2:51 am
Wed 16 Nov

abdul kareem khan wrote...

nokia 5230

2:21 am
Thu 17 Nov

Farooq.ahmadryk wrote...


3:19 am
Thu 15 Dec

marko jk wrote...


5:59 pm
Thu 26 Jan

Elias wrote...

Free skype

1:19 pm
Fri 10 Feb

joseph wrote...

i like it.

8:50 am
Wed 29 Feb

frederick wrote...

Hi evrybody

8:35 pm
Sat 3 Mar

rioano wrote...

no opinion

2:01 pm
Wed 21 Mar

e baba wrote...


9:56 am
Fri 30 Mar

abdalkadrdlal wrote...

c 7 nokia

4:03 pm
Mon 9 Apr

richka82 wrote...

skype za n 73

11:22 pm
Sat 14 Apr

Farhankhanzada1 wrote...


1:55 am
Thu 17 May

maria cordero wrote...

Es muy bueno pero tienen que ponerlo para todos tipo de celular porqu y que tengo mi familia en Republica Dominicana no puedo porque mi celular es sanyo no un blaverry ect ect

10:36 pm
Sat 19 May

anna wrote...

I have nokia c5-03 and it doesn't work....

9:10 am
Sun 17 Jun

Patriciadanny wrote...

Karapet jan vortexic karam qesham skypei hayeren cragir@ dar akumbum ka bayc chem karum registracia exnem vor qesham karum es @nenc sayt ases vor mtnem qesham mekel kgres skypei vor tarberaki hamara naxoroq mersi

7:42 am
Fri 21 Sep

Zakkum wrote...

I have heard that the new Nokia music Smartphone has a long battery life which is 28 hours. 28 hours is pertty impressive for a battery life. Do you have any idea how many songs it will hold approximately? I am always comparing mobile phone offers, and the battery life sounds great, but it would be dependent if you can actually hold 28 hours of music to make that service worthwhile.

9:03 am
Tue 25 Sep

Farman wrote...

It does't work on my nokia n73.plz help me.

10:56 pm
Wed 26 Sep

Ashok wrote...

Will it work in satio u1?

3:27 am
Wed 26 Sep

gech wrote...


12:49 pm
Sat 29 Sep

Giyan wrote...

Hey, sulbte must be your middle name. Great post!

8:13 pm
Thu 18 Oct

Faithful wrote...

I heard skyping is better way 2 connect

4:30 pm
Tue 30 Oct

fetih wrote...

my leke skype

2:29 pm
Mon 12 Nov

Rahul wrote...


10:49 pm
Sat 17 Nov

walaa el din mahmoud wrote...

very good

2:57 am
Wed 21 Nov

Khizar wrote...


11:40 pm
Sat 22 Dec

adewale idowu wrote...

so nice

10:10 pm
Sun 23 Dec

abdus salam wrote...


10:25 am
Thu 27 Dec

RINAGANDA wrote...

'tis awesome!

9:58 am
Mon 31 Dec

omid wrote...

download skype simbian s60

1:24 pm
Mon 7 Jan

Vedraj thapa wrote...


10:08 pm
Mon 7 Jan

Vedraj thapa wrote...


10:09 pm



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