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SIC FTP Client

Summary: SIC software offers free ftp Client for all Nokia S60 3rd edition devices

Symbian s60 3th edition

Arrived: 2008-03-22
Found under: s60, FTP, client, file, manager,

Symbian SIC FTP Client freeware

Rating: 3.3/5
SIC FTP Client Description


Developer: SIC Software

SIC software offers free SIC ftp Client for all Nokia S60 3rd edition devices. The application is very simple to use but very powerful and besides the FTP functionality application also features the powerful file manager.

if having problems running this software be sure to disable the certificate checking by clicking setting on the SIC FTP at the APP.MANAGER

the SIC FTP Client free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download SIC FTP Client direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Sat 27 Oct

Emilos wrote...


2:03 am
Fri 2 Nov

johan wrote...


4:05 am
Tue 27 Nov

Dave wrote...


8:38 am
Sun 16 Dec

Gptjadj jtajtja wrote...


2:27 am
Thu 20 Dec

lasha wrote...


11:12 am
Mon 24 Dec

Martin Abt wrote...

It Is god software

10:25 am
Thu 27 Dec

agfdgd wrote...


3:21 pm
Mon 7 Jan

shreck wrote...

thanks for post. its usefull and rocks on my nokia e61 freesoftware for pc

11:43 pm
Tue 22 Jan

robby wrote...


9:36 am
Mon 28 Jan

sam torvi wrote...


9:35 am
Mon 28 Jan

sam torvi wrote...


9:41 am
Mon 28 Jan

c.lukasz wrote...


2:24 pm
Mon 17 Mar

hidayat wrote...

usefull software

6:19 am
Sat 22 Mar

hotmeeler wrote...

lets first download and give it a go before we write a opinion, oke ?

9:02 pm
Tue 25 Mar

anoop wrote...


8:19 am
Wed 26 Mar

Rodrigo Medeiros wrote...

I can't make it work. Someone could help me?

7:17 am
Wed 26 Mar

Burzoo wrote...


1:17 pm
Thu 27 Mar

chris wrote...


3:00 am
Fri 4 Apr

otto wrote...


4:36 pm
Tue 8 Apr

eydu wrote...

abejmj k

7:44 pm
Tue 15 Apr

asya wrote...

it's good application

2:00 am
Tue 22 Apr

Elvinson wrote...

Very good software. Register u r domain

6:52 am
Wed 4 Jun

User wrote...


1:06 am
Thu 5 Jun

praveen wrote...

i've nokia 5700, i've installed sic ftp on my phone but i'm not able to configure it properly. Kindly someone help me with the settings with an example of each step/setting.

9:36 am
Tue 10 Jun

Vinh wrote...

Does not work on N6120 Classic (posix extension installed)

1:21 am
Fri 7 Nov

Yose wrote...

I have use this software..but i have trouble..i can't connect this software to the server..i have to try change many parameters and the result is still same..any body can help me please???

12:27 pm
Sat 7 Feb

ladder wrote...


12:51 pm
Sat 21 Mar

rocky mountain wrote...

does this work with sftp?

10:03 am
Fri 14 Aug

robin wrote...

good stuff works on N97

9:09 am
Wed 19 Aug

fezsan wrote...

I get a certificate error when i try to install on a Nokia E63. Is there a way to get the software installed without certificates??

1:05 pm
Thu 20 Aug

kakakaka wrote...

I get a certificate error when i try to install on a Nokia E71 any solution

7:50 pm
Wed 11 Nov

kuum wrote...

works on e75. thx

7:09 am
Wed 30 Dec

iStan wrote...

I use Nokia E71 too. To install it without certificate error. Goto: Installations -> App.Mgr. -> Options -> Settings. Then set Software installation to All (not Signed only).

1:48 pm
Tue 12 Jan

junkerking wrote...

piece of shit. Doesn't work on my n97. I installed it but when i click the icon all i get are a load of folders.... where is the user manual????

8:54 am
Tue 12 Jan

terryf_witt wrote...

junkerking - you thick tosser. Select 'options' and work it out from there - have you used an FTP client before?

10:53 am
Sun 7 Feb

fbbj wrote...

Nice little program. I have just installed it and it seems to do the job (pick files up on my pc without using a cable.

2:31 am
Fri 23 Apr

pdiaco wrote...

Works ok for uploads. However for downloads the program attempts to download to the file path preceded with a drive letter such as c:\ or e:\, and fails without a message. The program has to restarted. Any ideas why? This is happening on an e63.

9:08 pm
Wed 19 May

X-Nitro wrote...

Working perfect for uploading and downloading. Works excellent on my Nokia E66 Thanks a lot

12:55 am
Sat 18 Sep

vinayak sawant wrote...

i have installed sic-ftp. how can i configer it. what is the settings. pl send me the details

7:57 am
Sat 27 Nov

tewfik wrote...


7:16 am
Mon 3 Jan

kamaradski wrote...

Does it support SSL ?

1:55 pm
Wed 25 May

eddy wrote...


1:53 am
Fri 17 Feb

DReadlocks wrote...

The brand new iPhone 5 will be the most anziamg phone so far. With only a month remaining until its introduction, buyers are getting more and more impatient.

1:22 am
Tue 20 Mar

nobody wrote...

The thing is an absolute disaster! Thousands of links and after half an hour and 30 different "download" buttons you get a zip file...

7:31 am
Fri 23 Mar

Dagmawi wrote...

Blogger is opgehouden met FTP-en naar eigen rsveers en toen dacht ik dat ik even snel WP zou installeren. Dat ging goed, alleen heb ik nog nooit de tijd gehad om al die foto's weer te uploaden, of verder wat mee te doen. Ik wil een onderdeel D D, een onderdeel blog en een onderdeel Vertaaldiensten of zo. Maar ja wanneer? Jeff

10:37 am
Sat 23 Jun

rael wrote...

pls how cn i use it 2 upload. . . I need a guide/tutor

6:58 pm
Mon 3 Sep

hendra wrote...

sangat bagus

5:38 pm
Mon 24 Sep

Adel wrote...

Hi adel

6:13 am
Mon 19 Nov

Abdul wrote...

Its Great

6:10 am
Thu 22 Nov

rajat wrote...

abay koi chutiya ye bhe btayegaa ki sic ftp ko configure kaisay karaygay.thanks and no thanks likha hai comment mai koi saala solution bhe likhay gaa ki nahe

3:42 am



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