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PowerNavigation MapEditor

Summary: Freeware Map Editor for Symbianware PowerNavigation!

Arrived: 2004-07-31
Found under: powernavigation, mapeditor,

Symbian PowerNavigation MapEditor freeware

Rating: 4.8/5
PowerNavigation MapEditor Description


Create GPS maps for Symbianware PowerNavigator and earn money!

Do you like powerful GPS solutions and do you want to earn some money? Well, then you should create high-quality maps for PowerNavigation by Symbianware. These maps can be easily created and sold worldwide.

Information about PowerNavigator by Symbianware

PowerNavigation will let you use your Bluetooth GPS receiver in connection with your smartphone for all kinds of navigation tasks as effectively as possible. You can use custom maps with the help of PowerNavigation and the freeware MapEditor. It will also let you watch direction, movement speed, level of GPS signal and satellites'' monitoring, record the passed way, create waypoints, tracks and different sound events.

Information about MapEditor by Symbianware

The freeware MapEditor lets you create maps in pnmap-Format for PowerNavigation. Scanned or imported maps in one or more layers with different detailisation can be snapped to geographical coordinates (WGS-84). Furthermore points of interest and tracks can be created and saved with the map.

A special converter utility is supplied with MapEditor. It lets you convert map and track information from and into different formats like PowerNavigation, OZIExplorer, GPX, and Tomtom waypoints.

A map consists of several layers, each layer has different level of detailed elaboration of shown information. One layer is enough to create a map. Layer - is a picture in raster format. You can use scanned maps in following formats as source files : *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.bmp, *.ico, *.wmf (recommended format - *.bmp).

Each layer should be obligatory snapped to geographical coorginates (WGS-84). It''s recommended to use 2-5 points measured with high level of precision in order to snap a map. To define snap points on a layer you should use a tool "Make Snap". You should snap a layer after defining snap points: Layers / Snap layer.

the PowerNavigation MapEditor free for Symbian OS

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Comments and Reviews

Thu 16 Nov

L Hadjiyski wrote...

M 600 I

10:13 am
Sun 21 Jan

kalid idrissi wrote...


6:25 am
Mon 16 Jul

razif wrote...


10:51 pm
Mon 26 Nov

erman wrote...


2:33 am
Tue 5 Feb

DIMITRIS wrote...

its good

9:55 am
Tue 15 Jun

Nilton Az wrote...


8:42 am
Wed 11 May

yangdsgs wrote...

Thank you.

3:38 am
Fri 19 Oct

Sifa wrote...

Anton:Что-то не видно отзывов владельцев Nokia C6, значит буду первым.Вот, что понравилось в телефоне:- есть wi-fi- есть qwerty – клавиатура- есть gps –навигация- есть виджеты, которые настроить под себяА вот то, что мне не понравилось в c6:- телефон выглядит дёшево- чувствительный к повреждениям тач-скрин- неинтуитивный пользовательский интерфейс- бедный выбор приложений- слабенький сигнал приёмаКак по мне, телефон своих денег не стоит.

5:21 am
Sun 21 Oct

Iriis wrote...

This is a NICE TO HAVE application, but its cinlaerty not a REQUIRED TO HAVE . I find it NICE TO HAVE in case of bad weather, or long road trip, and want to let someone else know my exact location Just in case . This is about the only time I'd ever turn the software on, not because of privacy concerns, but, because I don't feel it necessary to use the bandwidth (Since I have to pay for it Not unlimited) to let people know I'm at work for 12 hours. Due to my being with Rogers, I am REQUIRED to have the appropriate data plan for this software to work at all.

2:06 am



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