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PhotoZox wallpapers bundle 1

Summary: PhotoZox 3D wallpapers bundle 1

Arrived: 2005-08-21
Found under: photozox, wallpapers, bundle,

Symbian PhotoZox wallpapers bundle 1 freeware

Rating: 0.0/5
PhotoZox wallpapers bundle 1 Description


FREE PhotoZox 3D Wallpapers - bundle 1 plug-in
FREE PhotoZox 3D Art Frames Collection & 3D Wallpapers
With hundreds of free 3D art frames, PhotoZox is bringing your mobile photographic experience to higher level. Take photo and add 3D art frames using your mobile camera with one click.
Try Photozox and Experience the most advanced mobile imaging software on planet earth.
All of these 3D wallpapers plugins bundles require PhotoZox version 2.0. For registered owners of previous version of PhotoZox, PhotoZox 2.0 can be downloaded for free. To use 3D wallpaper, install the sis file and open the PhotoZox directory in phone memory if the plug-in is installed in phone memory, or in memory card if the plug-in is installed in memory card. PhotoZox's "Open Image File" menu can be used to open 3D wallpapers.
The installation of 3D wallpapers plug-in, is very easy:
  • Install the sis file and open the PhotoZox directory in phone memory if the plug-in is installed in phone memory, or in memory card if the plug-in is installed in memory card. PhotoZox's "Open Image File" menu can be used to open 3D wallpapers
  • To remove the frame, use the standard Nokia image browser and just delete the selected frame in the PhotoZox directory.
At PervasiveWorks, we try always to give maximum values for our customers. Try the trial function of PhotoZox and explore the magic of digital image processing, and visit regularly to get new 3D art frames plugins for FREE.
Examples: How to create art photo using PhotoZox's image processing and 3D art frames plugins capabillities.

the PhotoZox wallpapers bundle 1 free for Symbian OS

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