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» photo flow

• Summary: PhotoFlow for Symbian s60 5th edition is a great app that can be used to view, and zoom-in on, images stored on the phone.

Symbian s60 5th edition

• Arrived: 2010-04-15
• Found under: utilities, gallery, images, photo, flow,

Symbian photo flow freeware

Rating: 3.5/5
» photo flow Description


Developer: by kirrush

PhotoFlow, from Scalado, is a piece of software that can be used to view, and zoom-in on, images stored on the phone. While Gallery ties in with the rest of the phone (e.g. Send as MMS) PhotoFlow is a better performer if you are simply interested in viewing images; as our video demonstrates, you are able to browse through images and zoom in much faster than the standard Gallery application. The application takes advantage of some of the technology in Scalado’s CAPS Imaging technology which is designed to improve imaging performance on mobile devices (viewing, capturing and manipulating). CAPS technology has been included in a number of products, but this is the first, widely available, S60 application that we’ve seen take advantage of it with such an apparent impact.

You may have to sign the app before use!

Photo flow Screenshot

photo flow Video Preview

the photo flow free for Symbian OS

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» Comments and Reviews

Fri 23 Apr

Ilian Andonov wrote...

seems good

11:08 am
Sun 2 May

mauiseyer wrote...

tnxs for photo flow app. but when i downloaded it to my nokia 5800, it's say expired certificate. can you help me pls to get this application without expired certificate. thanks & more powers!

12:27 am
Sun 2 May

salman wrote...

what the hell?photoflow is not working on my says expired certificate.can u please help me to get this application without expired certificate.

5:26 pm
Sun 23 May

remo wrote...

if u want u instal and than u recive text expired certificate.. u can set ur time to last years for now

12:51 am
Thu 24 Jun

hulee wrote...

i can't use with my Satio app. so sad

5:09 am
Thu 15 Jul

zull wrote...


11:31 am
Mon 9 Aug

Alireza wrote...


2:33 pm
Mon 16 Aug

sagarchi wrote...


9:07 pm
Wed 25 Aug

sameh ayoub wrote...

looks nice

7:08 pm
Mon 13 Sep

dulaj umeda wrote...

that is great.

7:23 am
Wed 6 Oct

sonu wrote...


3:31 am
Tue 16 Nov

dane peters padayachee wrote...


5:44 am
Sun 9 Jan

dexter wrote...

i like it

7:12 am
Wed 2 Mar

regal wrote...

amazing app

10:21 pm
Wed 9 Mar

kiranbchavan wrote...


12:41 pm
Wed 27 Apr



10:48 pm
Sun 8 May

Lokesh wrote...

Its nice

10:55 am
Sat 23 Jul

manju.mnps wrote...


4:00 am
Mon 1 Aug

salman wrote...


1:47 am
Wed 31 Aug

Lakks wrote...


3:59 am
Mon 26 Sep

MEDO wrote...

شكرا لك

11:21 pm
Wed 28 Sep

Abhi wrote...

It's fantastick

5:41 am
Fri 30 Sep

isteyak wrote...


8:40 am
Mon 31 Oct

kedarnath Tiwari wrote...


7:01 am
Thu 19 Jan

Milan shrestha wrote...

It is realy good

3:31 am
Thu 19 Jan

Himan sorkhabi wrote...

1„61”41†81”4 1„41ƒ91†81„01‡1 Nice & Good

11:26 am
Mon 6 Feb

alexjacky wrote...

very nice

10:49 pm
Wed 21 Mar

amit wrote...

Downloading failed. Plz try again!

6:39 am
Tue 3 Apr

Sandeep wrote...


1:48 am
Tue 3 Apr

Sandeep wrote...


1:48 am
Tue 17 Apr

maulana wrote...

ok, thats right

5:24 am
Wed 25 Jul

zegos wrote...

i ceen downloads everting in app stor mobille abaut thimis and games.

4:41 pm
Sat 15 Sep

Napat wrote...


10:57 am
Mon 22 Oct

dani.gempas wrote...


8:24 pm
Mon 3 Dec

Shania wrote...

I just found it, and downloaded it, seem like? it work, but not anoymre, telling me that my number is not register, giving me an unknown error . i guess it still not working properly!

11:55 pm



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