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» Ovi Maps

• Summary: Navigation on your Symbian s60 Nokia mobile. For free. Forever.

Symbian s60 5th edition

• Arrived: 2010-07-14
• Found under: map, guide, navigation, share, drive, walk, trip, positioning, city, street, place, route, s60,

Symbian Ovi Maps freeware

Rating: 3.7/5
» Ovi Maps Description


Developer: Nokia Ovi

Ovi Maps gets an update to v3.04!

Whether you are exploring the city on foot, driving or just planing your next vacation Ovi maps is on your fingertips.

Ovi Maps offers both car navigation and pedestrian navigation. The free navigation service is initially available on 10 different models with detailed maps in over 180 countries. Included are services as traffic data and travel guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin. Integrated into the system there is also a location sharing feature that works directly with Facebook - a quick share tells your Facebook friends exactly where you are.

More features here

the Ovi Maps free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Ovi Maps direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Fri 22 Jan

supriyanto wrote...

Please sent your shoftware ovi map

10:03 am
Sat 30 Jan

alibasa wrote...

thank's for nokia your the best

10:36 am
Sun 31 Jan

aikon wrote...

Why only 5th Edition and not 3th Edition FP1?

1:49 pm
Mon 1 Feb

mahir wrote...

je n'arrive pas a telecharger sur mon nokia n97

5:53 am
Fri 16 Jul

qcfp08 wrote...

im a business book is my hobby.

2:07 pm
Sat 17 Jul

Sifon wrote...

I luv ovi maps

3:52 pm
Sun 18 Jul

bony wrote...


8:23 am
Tue 20 Jul

aditya wrote...


11:14 pm
Wed 21 Jul

pramodkumargupta999 wrote...


11:12 pm
Fri 23 Jul

michael wrote...


9:33 am
Sat 24 Jul

Josh wrote...

Nokia ovi maps is great. but the ovi PC suite is crap, so is the map loader. who whats to download 2GB of maps for Europe, when you just want 1 country. I want to save my ovi maps on my PC!

3:43 am
Sat 11 Sep

kaps wrote...

does it require ata usage plz reply thanks in advance

4:13 pm
Sun 10 Oct

johan wrote...


4:57 pm
Sat 23 Oct

Khan ahmad wrote...

All indian are my brother &sister

12:18 am
Mon 1 Nov

ertrigre wrote...

para sony ericsson

8:22 am
Fri 19 Nov

wanautoservicecentre wrote...

Ovi Maps

3:22 pm
Thu 2 Dec

John Gay wrote...

vivaz pro

4:16 pm
Wed 15 Dec

kuldeep wrote...


3:04 pm
Thu 30 Dec

Rakesh wrote...


6:02 am
Mon 17 Jan

vladimir wrote...


8:35 am
Thu 20 Jan

Paul wrote...

Nice one

8:07 am
Fri 21 Jan

fausto wrote...

onde encontro o ovi maps para vivaz pro para download. aqui sσ aparecem nokia Where can i download ovi maps software for sony ericson? here when i select download only have nokia phones

5:40 am
Sat 29 Jan

yogeshwar wrote...


2:27 am
Mon 31 Jan

22alok wrote...

very good

4:32 am
Tue 8 Feb

gggkdjfvf wrote...

bhffvjj jdbhkdh hvfnkch hdrueonf ghkk jmgf

10:03 pm
Fri 18 Feb

rajinder wrote...

how can i download ovi map

1:00 am
Fri 25 Feb

s.sarathkumar wrote...

very good amazing

6:29 am
Fri 1 Apr

jeevan wrote...


2:36 am
Sun 10 Apr

emre calis wrote...


4:26 pm
Sun 10 Apr

Appeal wrote...


11:35 pm
Thu 14 Apr

mahmoud wrote...

thank you for every thing

12:47 pm
Fri 22 Apr

ebih wrote...


8:17 am
Fri 22 Apr

ebih wrote...


8:19 am
Fri 22 Apr

ebih wrote...


8:21 am
Thu 12 May

kadir suleimanov wrote...


2:46 pm
Sun 15 May

mohamadaboebeed wrote...

ovi maps

9:01 am
Sun 15 May

mohamadaboebeed wrote...

ovi maps

9:02 am
Sun 15 May

mohamadaboebeed wrote...

ovi maps

9:02 am
Sun 15 May

mohamadaboebeed wrote...

ovi maps

9:02 am
Sun 15 May

mohamadaboebeed wrote...

ovi maps

9:02 am
Sat 21 May

Pramod wrote...

Is there any method by which I can download the maps and while traveling without connection I can use nevigation?

3:57 am
Fri 3 Jun

shiju wrote...


12:10 pm
Wed 8 Jun

sugan wrote...

Guys, you want free Nokia Mobile Games ? Downlaod Avatar, Die Hard, Nfs Shift, Nfs Carbon, Hulk, Spiderman and some 1000 Free games:

11:17 pm
Sat 25 Jun

gwuqhsbsw wrote...


12:55 am
Sun 17 Jul

Tolerate wrote...

i need this how i can get download?

11:46 am
Mon 8 Aug

rudy hariyanto wrote...

cara download..??

11:58 am
Fri 12 Aug

ghare mohd wrote...


12:50 pm
Sat 27 Aug

Boncit wrote...


3:01 pm
Sun 28 Aug

kadir suleimanov wrote...


9:27 am
Sun 28 Aug

ashraf wrote...

good.very good

7:58 pm
Sun 28 Aug

ashraf wrote...


8:03 pm
Sun 18 Sep

farhad wrote...

gps map of iran

1:23 pm
Wed 21 Sep

stephen wrote...


2:46 am
Sat 8 Oct

partho wrote...

only 5th ! Why not 3rd ?

1:01 pm
Sun 16 Oct

foreman_kai wrote...

Nokia mobile maps S60 3.1

9:50 pm
Mon 31 Oct

recep avinc wrote...

ovi harita gόzeldir

12:01 pm
Mon 31 Oct

Recep Avinη wrote...

ovi harita gόzel

12:05 pm
Mon 31 Oct

Recep Avinç wrote...

harita nerede

12:08 pm
Mon 31 Oct

Bhushan mhatre wrote...

It is very nice

10:56 pm
Tue 15 Nov

shailesh wrote...

Please help

11:59 pm
Sat 26 Nov

rezamirok wrote...

ovi maps.sis

1:27 am
Fri 9 Dec

feri wrote...


1:09 am
Thu 22 Dec

nebojsa wrote...

nokia n95

7:55 am
Thu 5 Jan

Ehsan wrote...


6:43 am
Mon 16 Jan

shiva wrote...


9:21 am
Mon 20 Feb

tanveer ahmad wrote...

like this

12:43 pm
Thu 8 Mar

Goes leo wrote...


7:29 am
Sat 31 Mar

sushant naik wrote...

very good

11:09 pm
Sat 31 Mar

sushant naik wrote...

very good

11:09 pm
Mon 23 Apr

cvetin77 wrote...


3:18 pm
Fri 27 Apr

Rahul wrote...

Good application

1:02 am
Fri 27 Apr

Iadi wrote...


9:40 am
Fri 27 Apr

Prajeesh wrote...

Good software

7:01 pm
Mon 14 May

Dr Tanveer Iqbal wrote...

i have builtin ovi maps n my mbl bt it doesnt locate my position exactly inspite of better satellite signals strenght wht will be da problem dn sir. I also am trying to download da maps bt it also s heavy stone i think.

1:15 am
Sun 20 May

amir wrote...


7:55 am
Sun 20 May

amir wrote...

download ovi maps for nokia n95

8:56 am
Sun 3 Jun

Abedalrhman wrote...

Can i use this application on my sony erricson vivaz ???????

4:32 pm
Fri 22 Jun

rezaser wrote...


10:34 am
Mon 25 Jun

iRobert wrote...

well i guess nokia wants us to run away from nokia to Android phones since they dont support s60v30... it was 600 Eu and i cant get free navi like on 100eu android phones lol !

9:21 am
Sat 29 Sep

Ali iran wrote...


8:13 am
Sun 30 Sep

Noshad wrote...

Hallo,ich habe mir die App auf mein Nokia N97 mini geladen. Sobald ich das Programm statre, kommt der Satrtbildschirm und ein Ladebalken: der Server wird kontaktiert. Dieser Balken bleibt allerdings so ziemlich am Anfang stehen und dann folgt eine Fehlermeldung: Verbindung zum Server fehlgeschlagen. Beim druck auf Ok schliedft die App. Da ich nun schon seit mehreren Stunden versuche das Programm zu statren, bin ich langsam am verzweifeln. Vielleicht kf6nnen Sie mir bitte eine Anleitung zukommen lassen was alles am Telefon ffcr Einstellungen vorgenommen werdenn sollten und wo man diese findet. Vielen Dank.

12:41 am
Mon 1 Oct

Kumar manjeet wrote...

I like this apps

4:26 am
Sat 3 Nov

janis wrote...

da dzirmo

6:55 am
Fri 11 Jan

Noor wrote...


9:39 pm



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