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» OpenDictionary v1.0

• Summary: Electronic dictionary allowing you to search any word - the quickest and easiest way to look up any word while you are working

Operating system: Symbian OS v. 9.1
(series 60 3rd Edition platform).

• Arrived: 2008-02-06
• Found under: dictionary, word, phrase, s60,

Symbian OpenDictionary v1.0 freeware

Rating: 2.8/5
» OpenDictionary v1.0 Description


Developer: OpenDictionary

Electronic dictionary allowing you to search any word - the quickest and easiest way to look up any word while you are working

The Dictionary creation tool and Additional dictionaries can freely be requested by sending email to

the OpenDictionary v1.0 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download OpenDictionary v1.0 direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Wed 6 Feb

nutan wrote...

send me the other dictionaries too

10:19 am
Fri 8 Feb

Maurice Klein Breteler wrote...

Great initiative

2:22 pm
Thu 14 Feb

patrick wrote...

Thanks for the freeware!!!!!

12:01 pm
Sat 16 Feb

faheem wrote...


12:11 am
Tue 19 Feb

Hizbullah Bhutto wrote...

send me more dictionaries

9:01 pm
Wed 20 Feb

Mohan wrote...

my phone is n73

7:24 am
Thu 21 Feb

Jumman wrote...

Very good software

1:26 pm
Fri 22 Feb

alberto wrote...

all ok

11:27 am
Mon 25 Feb

Panharith wrote...

great software

1:06 am
Thu 28 Feb

latlas wrote...


9:28 pm
Thu 28 Feb

lateef wrote...


9:47 pm
Mon 3 Mar

aashiq wrote...


6:33 am
Mon 3 Mar

michael wrote...


9:07 pm
Sun 23 Mar

john BΓΈrven wrote...

Looking forward to seeing if it works

12:53 pm
Wed 26 Mar

Shibli wrote...

It's really good.

6:33 am
Thu 10 Apr

Mohammed Iqbal wrote...

very nice dictonary and itsz free

1:56 pm
Sun 27 Apr

Chris wrote...

i think this application will help make english easier

1:45 pm
Mon 28 Apr

RMurthy wrote...

the file is corrupt

5:58 am
Mon 28 Apr

akhtar wrote...

to enjoy

11:58 pm
Wed 30 Apr

Darwin wrote...

I think it really is fantastic.

6:43 am
Mon 5 May

Toks wrote...

looks good

4:59 am
Mon 12 May

Dell wrote...


12:22 pm
Fri 23 May

Santosh wrote...

Thanks for the stuff

8:40 pm
Sun 25 May

ehsan wrote...

thanks for you

12:43 am
Mon 2 Jun

jonathan wrote...


5:12 am
Wed 4 Jun

robin wrote...

it's great word

12:15 pm
Fri 20 Jun

Zaheer frm Pakistan wrote...

Its a great job form Freeware. ThanX 2 all symbian Freeware Team.

4:29 am
Sat 5 Jul

cvcvc wrote...


4:42 am
Sat 12 Jul

sebastian wrote...

hav to see

11:13 pm
Sat 19 Jul

rohit wrote...


9:32 am
Sun 27 Jul

joymar wrote...


1:02 pm
Tue 29 Jul

Yasin Jamal wrote...

Very informatic site

11:21 pm
Tue 29 Jul

Yasin Jamal wrote...

very nice

11:22 pm
Wed 6 Aug

muskaan mehra wrote...

i m not getting the software

2:57 am
Sun 10 Aug

ng van dat wrote...

well dome

10:55 pm
Wed 13 Aug

wima wrote...

its so cool

9:05 am
Sun 17 Aug

tintin wrote...


7:25 am
Sun 24 Aug

farid wrote...

ple give me your mobail suppoted Dictionary so ple give to your Dictionary free setup file give to my id ple..........................

7:06 am
Wed 27 Aug

yasir wrote...


5:46 am
Tue 2 Sep

Richard wrote...


2:55 pm
Wed 3 Sep

ravibabu wrote...

i am not able to download the file.

1:47 pm
Thu 11 Sep

vikas wrote...

i m not able to download the file

9:20 am
Thu 11 Sep

Trinh Thuc Linh wrote...


10:32 am
Sat 13 Sep wrote...

thanks for software

2:05 am
Tue 30 Sep

Sisquo wrote...

Does it work for Nokia 6680?

1:59 am
Thu 2 Oct

dark_knight wrote...

thank you man

3:25 pm
Wed 8 Oct

Tarun wrote...

Its quite useful

4:33 am
Fri 10 Oct

kenny wrote...


8:18 am
Fri 10 Oct

kenny wrote...


8:20 am
Wed 15 Oct

kiran wrote...

o k!!!

5:58 am
Thu 6 Nov

phea wrote...

I like it

8:58 pm
Fri 7 Nov

debasis wrote...


6:59 am
Sat 8 Nov

perin wrote...


10:48 pm
Mon 10 Nov

Phil Whitmore wrote...

very good !

7:13 pm
Sun 30 Nov

Ahmad wrote...

yes . It is good

1:43 pm
Tue 2 Dec

uran wrote...

its very good

3:26 pm
Thu 18 Dec

peyman wrote...


11:03 pm
Sat 27 Dec

Claudia wrote...

Please, can you send me the software? thanks

7:53 am
Sat 10 Jan

antonio m. roncal wrote...


9:22 am
Wed 22 Jul

Arsalan wrote...

I think its good dictionary

8:18 am
Fri 28 Aug

Giwa Tayo Samuel wrote...

i love because it makes work easier.. thanks

1:09 pm
Thu 28 Jan

Rajesh wrote...


7:22 pm
Tue 23 Feb

j.peters wrote...

great dictionary

2:21 pm
Wed 10 Mar

nordan777 wrote...

The OpenDictionary download link leads to Error 404 URL NOT FOUND. No other link suggested seems to work

11:04 am
Tue 27 Apr

2PeteShakur wrote...

can download it here!:

12:19 pm
Fri 7 May

Sibghat wrote...

I need the universal urdu dictionary. please help me.

12:01 am
Fri 11 Jun

julie wrote...

i think the link is broken

3:03 pm
Fri 9 Jul

ssl Helen wrote...

Pls send to me again. cause this link is no longer working.

11:37 pm
Fri 20 Aug

Fabiana C de M Costa wrote...


4:29 pm
Sat 28 Aug

aafia wrote...

i would like to know if this is compatible with sony vivaz pro phone.if yes then i would like to download it

12:34 pm
Mon 8 Nov

niranjan wrote...

very good

2:59 am
Mon 8 Nov

niranjan wrote...

very good

3:00 am
Mon 8 Nov

niranjan wrote...

very good

3:00 am
Mon 8 Nov

mukesh wrote...

pls anyone send me download link of free dictionary english to hindi for nokia n73 plz plz someone help me plz plz

9:23 pm
Thu 2 Dec

ainala wrote...

tnx 4 diz great app.i hup u hav mor new apps 2 cum

9:23 pm
Tue 14 Dec

chandrasekhar wrote...

thank you

12:24 am
Fri 24 Dec

Naseem wrote...

Its very good

9:13 am
Wed 19 Jan

qtrsha wrote...

tze get ti er

4:26 pm
Sat 22 Jan

liridon wrote...

its very good

7:34 pm
Sat 29 Jan

anas wrote...

Tnks 4 U

8:30 am
Thu 3 Feb

Edward Sal wrote...

great stuff

7:07 pm
Mon 14 Mar

amareesh pandey wrote...

i hope i will get excellent services...

7:35 am
Mon 14 Mar

amareesh pandey wrote...

i hope i will get excellent services...

7:37 am
Sun 10 Apr

idowu wrote...


8:01 pm
Sun 17 Apr

Akshay wrote...

I want dictionary for nokia E61i

4:43 am
Mon 2 May

Lawrence wrote...

I need a ductionary app for my sumsang star

12:39 am
Mon 2 May

Lawrence wrote...

I need a ductionary app for my sumsang star

12:40 am
Sat 7 May

wemi wrote...


4:53 pm
Tue 24 May

roro wrote...

please download for me this dictionary

3:54 am
Tue 9 Aug

Farrukh Malik wrote...

Its awesome and easy to use,try it.

1:41 am
Tue 9 Aug

gowtham wrote...

nice software

10:34 am
Tue 16 Aug

king wrote...


1:35 am
Mon 22 Aug

rahul wrote...

Its dictionary is very good and useful.

12:52 am
Sat 12 Nov

Anees wrote...

it is useful.. Good work.

5:16 pm
Tue 15 Nov

Nikhil wrote...


7:39 pm
Wed 14 Dec

ma glen wrote...


1:21 am
Sat 18 Feb

Momoh kabir wrote...

Smart dictionary

1:55 pm
Tue 15 May

shekhar wrote...

very good

2:51 am
Sun 1 Jul

Warisgill wrote...

Its vry good

9:15 am



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