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» Nokia Multiscanner

• Summary: Scan text with your phones camera

symbian s60 3th eidition

• Arrived: 2020-02-03
• Found under: scan, text, camera,

Symbian Nokia Multiscanner freeware

Rating: 0.0/5
» Nokia Multiscanner Description


Developer: Nokia

Use your phone as an OCR reader or camera scanner.

the Nokia Multiscanner free for Symbian OS

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» Comments and Reviews

Sat 8 Nov

perin wrote...

good. great

5:29 pm
Sun 9 Nov

shaul wrote...

not working on Nokia N96 (Symbian 9.3)

4:47 am
Sun 9 Nov

jaydeep wrote...

bravo software

5:10 am
Sun 9 Nov

Robert wrote...

not working on 6120c

6:10 am
Sun 9 Nov

anye wrote...

nice very nice...

1:09 pm
Mon 10 Nov

kuschelrudi wrote...

6220 classic: Installation OK, doesn't want to start

5:14 am
Mon 10 Nov

xant wrote...

as above, DO NOT work on Nokia N96 -software ver. 10.065 -soft -custom ver. -language set 001 thx

7:36 am
Tue 11 Nov

deva wrote...


4:14 am
Wed 12 Nov

martin wrote...

excelent aplication, i never imagine this would work so fine in a cell phone. thanks!

1:00 pm
Thu 13 Nov

Julio wrote...

not working on Nokia N73

9:59 am
Thu 13 Nov

Benji wrote...

Doesn't load on the Nokia e90. When trying to download, it says not supported. Pls fix this, cos this is a very useful software. Thanks

12:11 pm
Thu 13 Nov

akyy wrote...

jus got the nokia n96 downloaded the software but doesnt open helppp ne 1?????

7:16 pm
Fri 14 Nov

Hoffi wrote...

As you can read at the tool is only made for E71 / E66. Doesn't work on my E51 also.

6:09 am
Fri 14 Nov

cogent wrote...

I have an E71 and I get the same error as Benji. *.rar files are unrecognized. >Benji wrote... > >Doesn't load on the Nokia e90. When trying to >download, it says not supported. Pls fix this, >cos this is a very useful software. Thanks

5:04 pm
Tue 18 Nov

john smith wrote...

it's pretty cool, i just wonder if is there any other language pack besides english, like italian, spanish, etc.? and where to have 'em?

3:54 am
Tue 18 Nov

darkest wrote...

calling all other n96users. You need to update your phone to 11 or above for anything to work.

7:57 am
Wed 19 Nov

xant wrote...

@darkest...there is no available firmware v for N96(UK) yet..where did u get this idea?

1:37 pm
Tue 16 Dec

Andy Mabbett wrote...

"not supported" on my Nokia N95 :-(

6:30 am
Tue 16 Dec

dhaval wrote...


11:23 am
Mon 12 Jan

karenruano wrote...

No work with nokia E50

7:41 am
Mon 19 Jan

prsgrrl wrote...

Does not work with N85 (s60 v3)

4:47 pm
Mon 9 Feb

jodo wrote...

Nokia E61i install OK. Doesn't work. Anyone suggestions?

1:18 pm
Tue 14 Apr

stefan buca wrote...

is very good

2:26 pm
Fri 3 Jul

goran sabljic wrote...

it is fantastic tool

2:38 am
Fri 3 Jul

mark wrote...

how come when i install it, there's a message that says update error?

10:10 am
Wed 15 Jul

ThanhNhan wrote...

Not working N96 help me!

5:13 am
Sat 1 Aug

jinmin1981 wrote...

why i can't get it install? it says certificate error, please contact supplier. what's wrong ?

11:39 pm
Mon 7 Sep

Jant wrote...

Pity - not working on N97.

1:08 pm
Wed 30 Sep

veselin wrote...

doesnt work with nokia 6220c

5:15 am
Tue 17 Nov

pradeesh wrote...

not working on e75

11:18 am
Thu 26 Nov

kpeme wrote...

i can't download anything i keep getting the error " not supported" how do i resolve dis problem please

4:21 pm
Mon 7 Dec

miguel mendez wrote...

valen verga si no les funciona el programa, bola de pendejos inutiles.. Burros ignorantes....

3:05 pm
Mon 14 Dec

dimits wrote...

Can I set different input languages except English or Finnish?

3:09 pm
Sun 10 Jan

arun wrote...

for Nokia 5800 xpress music pls

5:42 am
Thu 14 Jan

shyjusv wrote...

give more opertunity in mobil world

12:20 am
Sat 16 Jan

Nipun wrote...

Good software

8:12 pm
Sun 17 Jan

Nithin wrote...

Good soft

11:34 pm
Mon 25 Jan

sajeev wrote...

good software

6:06 am
Fri 12 Feb

salesh wrote...

thanks dear really its verry help

2:15 am
Mon 8 Mar

Xplexcorp wrote...


3:38 pm
Wed 31 Mar

Rijul wrote...


10:35 am
Fri 9 Apr

boba wrote...


3:12 pm
Tue 4 May

raga wrote...

doesnt work on e63, doesnt recognise the text or the bussiness card. just a string of incomprehendable symbols

4:47 am
Thu 13 May

droopy wrote...

can anybody get it to work on a nokia n95 (s60v3)? plz help

2:38 pm
Mon 7 Jun

Jinesh wrote...

Very smart

12:37 pm
Fri 18 Jun wrote...

send to me type of (phone)nokia this software works

3:57 am
Tue 20 Jul

auster wrote...


8:01 am
Thu 22 Jul

nkupadhyay wrote...

I would like to use multi scanner with my nokia e 63

12:04 am
Sat 24 Jul

jay jay wrote...

not wrking on nokia e 63 , its a useful software , any other way to install in e 63

3:26 am
Wed 4 Aug

vouvou wrote...

installed but not load in my 5233 (5th edition).

9:21 am
Tue 10 Aug

vijay wrote...

I installed in my 5800 express music but its not opening the application.somebody plz help me.....

2:23 am
Fri 17 Sep

aris cupitterz wrote...

not work on my 5320xm

10:32 am
Tue 28 Sep

nokia96 wrote...


9:11 am
Fri 12 Nov

sudhir sharma wrote...

installed succesfully but not working in nokia 63 and N97

2:27 am
Mon 15 Nov

pawan kumar wrote...


4:48 am
Mon 15 Nov

rally wrote...


4:01 pm
Tue 16 Nov

Ntuan96 wrote...

Not working N96 help me!

3:46 am
Mon 20 Dec

bakr wrote...


9:45 am
Wed 22 Dec

nidhin m a d wrote...

multyscaner dwnlod nokianavigator 6210

8:40 am
Wed 22 Dec

nidhin m a d wrote...

not working nokia6210 navigator

8:54 am
Fri 24 Dec

suraj wrote...

pl send me nokia e71 multi scanner free software & pdf file convetar.

8:17 am
Tue 28 Dec

Prateek wrote...

please send me multiscanner for nokia 5233. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............

3:27 am
Fri 31 Dec

herusidik wrote...

this usefull application do not working with Nokia N8.

2:17 am
Fri 4 Feb

anoopdev wrote...

not working on nokia x6

11:29 pm
Sat 5 Feb

abdul wrote...

how to download nokia e71 multtyscanner

12:26 pm
Tue 1 Mar

anand wrote...


3:29 am
Tue 8 Mar

Arun wrote...

It is good

8:05 am
Tue 19 Apr

huyhung wrote...

toi dung nokia c6-00 ko biet co the dung dc pm nay ko . neu co thi lay o dau .ai biet chi giup toi voin

9:11 am
Sat 14 May

badongski wrote...

Does this work on E51 phones?

9:04 pm
Tue 17 May

George wrote...

Installed but not working on N79 (having S60 v3.2)

3:36 am
Thu 2 Jun

matthew tull wrote...

Nokia says that they didn't make multiscanner and it is a third party app. Im looking for the dev site and an updated version of the scanner any help?

11:43 am
Fri 3 Jun

dipak wrote...

so good website

5:02 am
Wed 6 Jul

prakhar wrote...


12:51 am
Thu 14 Jul

Nach wrote...

It won't start on nokia E5. Tried installed on the phone memory and tried installed on memory card. Pity! Any comments?

5:15 am
Wed 27 Jul

Subroto wrote...

was working well. After uploading recent software of E71 ie 500.21.009, now it says 'not supported', when tried to download. Pls help.

9:36 am
Sun 31 Jul

sunilkumar wrote...

not working my nokia x7 pls help me guyz..

11:52 am
Mon 1 Aug

sukhvir dhillon jatt wrote...

when i tried to download it dosn't download. Pls help.

10:33 am
Sun 7 Aug

Café wrote...


6:38 pm
Tue 8 Nov

Akinbo wrote...

Dose not work on my nokia E5

8:16 am
Tue 15 Nov

suresh wrote...


5:17 am
Mon 16 Jan

Raj198625 wrote...

Not working

1:08 am
Tue 20 Mar

nitin wrote...

great software

4:33 am
Wed 6 Jun

Armaan wrote...

I totally agree with you, mate. Nokia has made some very nice phoens over the years. Other manufacturers are making phoens with different OS (Samsung Android, Windows Phone, Bada, Feature Phones and soon their own Linux implementation). Nokia needs a broad market. Windows Phone is nice, but not mature enough yet (limited range of hardware support). The final Symbian device (Nokia 803) sounds great on paper, but will be running a defunct OS. They have some strange strategies (like releasing a MeeGo device and dropping the OS). I guess Nokia liked the big pile of cash Microsoft handed them.

6:04 pm
Sat 9 Jun

Anand Rao wrote...

verry bad its not workin g

2:50 pm
Mon 23 Jul

kickerzz04 wrote...

not working on Nokia e5-00.

8:04 pm
Thu 8 Nov

yusuf wrote...

i really envy the application

2:46 am
Tue 4 Dec

Tajoddin wrote...

to good

12:25 pm
Thu 3 Jan

harish wrote...


11:26 am



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