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» Mobile Weather for S60 Third Edition Smartphones

• Summary: Do you know this situation? You are sitting at the airport and want to have a quick look how the weather at your destination is. You take all your luggage and walk around the whole airport hall trying to find a display showing weather information of your place? After a long time walking you go back ...

S60 Third Edition
Nokia N71, N73, N80, N91, N92, N93, E50, E60, E61, E70, 3250 and 5500
MD5: b21755906051926e2b2bcf30a6f4638c

• Arrived: 2008-06-13
• Found under: weather, mobile, forecast, today,

Symbian Mobile Weather for S60 Third Edition Smartphones freeware

Rating: 2.9/5
» Mobile Weather for S60 Third Edition Smartphones Description


Developer: ubahnstation

Do you know this situation? You are sitting at the airport and want to have a quick look how the weather at your destination is. You take all your luggage and walk around the whole airport hall trying to find a display showing weather information of your place? After a long time walking you go back getting more and more frustrated but you still don't know what you want to know? Ok, I have never been in this situation because it is not so important. But it is nice to have ;-)

Other people who are sometimes in this situations could be happier if they have Mobile Weather installed on their S60 Smartphones ;-)

Mobile Weather is a weather forecast client for S60 Smartphones that shows the current weather situation of hundreds of cities anywhere all around the world. It is available for Nokia S60 Second Edition (FP2 and FP3) and Third Edition devices. See the list of supported phones and which installation package is needed for your phone at the end of this page.


The detail view shows information about the current weather of a location. This view contains the current temperature and weather condition, the wind direction and speed and the time and date of the last update. The XML API used for Mobile Weather provides a forecast for today and tomorrow only. Maybe this will be extended in one of the next versions to a five day forecast.

With Mobile Weather you can create a list of locations you like to know the current weather for. All locations in the list can be updated together. The overview list shows the current weather of all locations in the list.

Mobile Weather comes with a huge database containing a long list of cities in many countries all around the world, thus no network traffic is necessary to find a location. Just select an area (like continent or part of continent), the country and the city within the country. The Mobile Weather installation packages contain most countries all over the world. This requires about 750KB of space in phone memory or on a memory card. Actual memory cards have more than 256MB of memory so this shouldn't be a problem hopefully. If necessary I can provide installation packages with only a subset of countries e. g. of Europe, Asia or USA. Please send an email to info (at) ubahnstation (dot) net.

Location lists of some countries can be quite long thus scrolling through a list of hundreds of entries would be frustrating. But lists can be filtered. Just type some characters of the city you would like to add until have found it or until the list is short enougth for scrolling.

Some parameters of Mobile Weather can be configured. The unit for degrees used for weather information requests (note: changing the unit will only have an effect when updating the loction list), the Internet Access Point to be used (GPRS/UMTS and WLAN Access Points are supported), close the connection after update or keep it open (select the option that best fits your data plan) and the update interval.

Weather information of the locations in your list can be updated manually or automatically every 15 or 30 minutes or every 1 or 2 hours. When starting Mobile Weather in manual mode it will ask if the location list has to be updated.

the Mobile Weather for S60 Third Edition Smartphones free for Symbian OS

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» Comments and Reviews

Mon 7 May

ivan wrote...


7:45 am
Thu 10 May

pavlo wrote...


1:46 pm
Tue 15 May

momin mushir wrote...

hi, my friend

10:32 am
Tue 22 May

Maria Cristina Sugahara wrote...


7:44 am
Tue 5 Jun

Alan robson wrote...


5:24 am
Fri 13 Jul

nishith wrote...


1:15 am
Sat 28 Jul

pavan wrote...

hope it works

5:19 pm
Mon 21 Jan

Whizkris wrote...

Hope this works

2:24 am
Tue 5 Feb

Santos wrote...

I want this soft

1:47 am
Sat 17 May

Terry wrote...


1:08 am
Tue 17 Jun

Lindo wrote...

Its cool

5:01 am
Tue 17 Jun

omeunokia wrote...

nice app

8:08 am
Wed 16 Jul

karim wrote...

cool app.

8:45 am
Thu 21 Aug

vikash wrote...

I want this softwere

2:02 pm
Wed 24 Sep

DanDan wrote...

hade euy... bisa jadi tukang ramal cuaca....

10:41 am
Wed 1 Oct

ammar wrote...

i hope it's free

12:03 pm
Mon 23 Mar

Spider wrote...

Nice weather tool for my N79. But how can I add a location with "enter location code". My city is not availabe in your database list

5:17 am
Fri 29 Jan

Joydeep Banerjee wrote...

I want to install the above software in Nokia N-79. Please send me the webink to my phone so that I can install it in my mobile. My no: 9748867271. Thanks.

10:13 am
Sat 17 Apr

Thomas maier wrote...

I want it

1:12 am
Sat 1 May

Meow wrote...

It's pretty great, thank you! Works well on Nokia E71.

8:10 pm
Tue 26 Oct

bojan wrote...


11:52 am
Thu 7 Apr

Myl Alvi wrote...

i need this right now...

3:32 am
Mon 18 Jul

roshan wrote...


4:42 am
Wed 7 Dec

NimeshPrajapati wrote...

It really good

1:13 am



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