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Mobile Quran (English version)

Summary: Arabic Quran with English Traduction for mobiles phones or pocket pc accepting java (midp)

Arrived: 2005-02-09
Found under: mobile, quran, english, version,

Symbian Mobile Quran (English version) freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
Mobile Quran (English version) Description


Arabic Quran with English Traduction for mobiles phones or pocket pc accepting java (midp).
More details at

the Mobile Quran (English version) free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Mobile Quran (English version) direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Sun 20 Aug

monier wrote...

yo i really like this software it is really usefull thanks alot!!

12:40 pm
Thu 9 Nov

alief wrote...

good aplication

6:58 am
Mon 27 Nov

R@fey wrote...

th@nk's 4 APLication!!! I'm VeRy Enjoy.

7:13 am
Sun 10 Dec

christian wrote...


10:21 pm
Tue 12 Dec

azasdf wrote...

ok iam setuju

12:27 am
Mon 18 Dec

ekons wrote...

it's a good mobile application for moslem community

8:09 pm
Fri 19 Jan

waleed wrote...


3:48 am
Thu 25 Jan

puguh wrote...

very good

7:26 pm
Fri 26 Jan

rian wrote...

siiiiip laaaaah !!!!!!!!!!

11:34 pm
Wed 31 Jan

naveed wrote...

i like this english transltion i wana download it please tell me how i do it

12:24 pm
Wed 28 Feb

tomi wrote...


10:39 pm
Wed 11 Apr

Mohammad wrote...

very good

3:59 pm
Sun 20 May

islam wrote...

Holy Quran

6:55 am
Thu 7 Jun

islamy wrote...

thumbs up

12:56 am
Tue 3 Jul

mohamed wrote...

very nice

7:30 am
Thu 5 Jul

Samuel L. Jasper wrote...

it is good application. I love it. Keep the good job on

10:14 am
Sun 22 Jul

Iqbal wrote...

Very good.

2:30 am
Mon 23 Jul

moin wrote...

i like this

4:57 pm
Sun 5 Aug

Shamsheer wrote...


11:59 pm
Mon 5 Nov

rafikhan wrote...

i like it.

9:47 pm
Tue 20 Nov

kakangz wrote...


2:30 pm
Sun 9 Dec

appas wrote...


11:53 am
Sun 9 Dec

Usman wrote...

hi how r u

12:33 pm
Sun 16 Dec

ismail wrote...

veery nice

2:34 am
Tue 18 Dec

sulfikur wrote...


8:07 pm
Sun 30 Dec

Ahmed wrote...

Good Software

11:29 pm
Mon 31 Dec

faizan wrote...

good job done

1:46 am
Mon 7 Jan

Usman wrote...

I like this version of Quran

11:23 am
Mon 21 Jan

asdfgh wrote...


10:52 pm
Sat 26 Jan

musalli wrote...

not too good

9:41 am
Sat 2 Feb

sabri wrote...

this is very usefull.

9:08 pm
Fri 8 Feb

Dr Shaoib wrote...

it is a best version of Holy quran for portable equipments.

9:45 am
Sat 16 Feb

moin wrote...

thank you

3:55 pm
Tue 11 Mar

king_wawan wrote...

I think taht is very good software

10:48 am
Mon 21 Apr

Adang wrote...

i think that is good

9:28 am
Wed 23 Apr

Ayoola wrote...

Well done job

2:47 am
Tue 17 Jun

fasalrahim wrote...


6:25 am
Thu 26 Jun

fiimo wrote...

good for us

7:52 am
Fri 18 Jul

Sootharasan wrote...

suber apppo

9:17 pm
Fri 8 Aug

elvis wrote...


6:53 pm
Sun 31 Aug

riyaz wrote...

I can write it only after i use

1:16 pm
Tue 9 Sep

sardar wrote...

I want english quran please,please

3:26 am
Wed 17 Sep

abdul wrote...

its great

7:53 am
Sat 20 Sep

riyaz wrote...

thank u

3:22 pm
Tue 23 Sep

riyaz wrote...


2:28 pm
Mon 29 Dec

mouad wrote...


4:53 am
Tue 6 Jan

faheem wrote...

its a great contribution towards preaching islam.

8:41 am
Wed 19 Aug

Abu Qush wrote...

kindly please anyone tell me where else can I get this beutiful mobile apps without registering with handago? Please, please and tq. malayforever at g mail dot com

10:24 pm
Sat 22 Aug

shumaila wrote...

i did nt find proper waqf (ramooz o oqaf) in any of the mobile quran so it can not b recited

10:53 am
Thu 27 Aug

syed sikandar wrote...

dis is really a good software to read al quraan Thanks

1:13 am
Thu 4 Feb

irfan wrote...

to read and to about great full things

4:35 am
Mon 8 Nov

rayees wrote...

quran download

12:35 am
Tue 14 Dec

ajgjmj wrote...


3:35 pm
Mon 28 Feb

YUSSUF wrote...


6:39 am
Sat 21 May

siyam wrote...

very good

8:33 pm
Sun 5 Jun

Behredin wrote...

This is vary nice

5:05 pm
Fri 5 Aug

oyewale sulaiman lawal wrote...

Very nice but I was unable to download

3:48 pm
Sun 14 Aug

md.nasiruddin wrote...

how fine it is!

3:32 pm
Fri 14 Oct

qadar wrote...

After try it i may be able to give openion

12:46 pm
Sun 4 Dec

junayd wrote...

I need to read the quran

10:40 pm
Wed 21 Dec

Jasir wrote...

Itz very nice

8:49 pm
Wed 14 Mar

fatos budak wrote... 42 language audio quran translation you can download and online listen and desktop software also you can add your website Albanian Amharic Arabic Azeri Bahasa Indonesia Bangla Bengali Berber Tamazight Bosnian Chinese English Filipino French German Gujarati Hindi Kannada Korean Kurdish Malayalam Maranao Marathi Pashto Persian Portuguese Russian Somali Spanish swahili Tagalog Tamil Telagu Turkish Urdu Uyghur Uzbek and all other languages if you want to arabic (original) visit 150 different vesion quran recital. recitation you can listen online or download please listen

4:39 am
Wed 4 Jul

Muhammed wrote...


9:49 am
Mon 9 Jul

mohammad wrote...

hello how are you

9:24 pm
Sat 24 Nov

Shamsu Abdullahi wrote...


3:32 pm
Wed 26 Dec

Ahmed wrote...

Allahu akber

9:42 am



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