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Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition

Summary: Mobile Office is an Office suite for the new OpenDocument format. It is the first and currently only implementation for Symbian as well as any other mobile platform. With MobileOffice, you can now read (and later on edit and create) your files also on your mobile and have them always with you. ...

Symbian Series 60 2nd Edition

Arrived: 2006-12-09
Found under: document, office, viewer, editor, file,

Symbian Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition Description


Developer: Mobi-Systems

Mobile Office is an Office suite for the new OpenDocument format. It is the first and currently only implementation for Symbian as well as any other mobile platform. With MobileOffice, you can now read (and later on edit and create) your files also on your mobile and have them always with you.

Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition

The OpenDocument format is also used by other well known dektop applications such as OpenOffice, StarOffice and KOffice. With Mobile Office, you can read those files on the road without the need to convert them to other formats as well as compromising on formatting and ODF features.

Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition

Many exciting features are available:

* open OpenDocument text(.odt), spreadsheet(.ods) and presentation(.odp)
* view thumbnail image
* get information about subject, title, keywords and other meta information
* get statistics about paragraph count, words and pages
* zoom and fullscreen
* search
* view of changes

Lots of formatting is also supported:

* all text and highlighting colors
* bold and italic
* underline as well as crossing lines
* upper and lower text
* left, right and center alignment
* left and right margins
* bullets and numbering
* embedded images
* paragraph bordering
* full support for footnotes (show them by pressing ok/enter button, if there are more then one, use the arrow keys to scroll)

the Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition free for Symbian OS

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Download Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Mon 11 Dec

Rogerio wrote...

is good

12:02 pm
Fri 15 Dec

alpha qin wrote...

very good software

6:01 am
Sat 16 Dec

esyaquer wrote...

canot install in w950i! how?

9:05 pm
Tue 19 Dec wrote...

i think i need just this

10:34 am
Thu 21 Dec

guebla labidi wrote...

the program is very good

5:06 am
Thu 4 Jan

Ashwin wrote...

Its a must for cell phones.

9:06 pm
Sun 7 Jan

mimo wrote...

but where is it?

11:22 am
Fri 12 Jan

Sarab wrote...

It's wonderful

5:56 pm
Sat 13 Jan

josephine wrote...

sounds exciting!

12:59 am
Wed 17 Jan

honey wrote...

i need

11:35 am
Fri 19 Jan

Daniele Alighieri wrote...

Ottimo software

12:59 pm
Sat 27 Jan

Bambang wrote...

i want

12:27 am
Mon 29 Jan

blond wrote...

i wanna

11:49 pm
Tue 30 Jan

nhut nguyen wrote...

plz, send Mobile Office for S60 2nd Edition for me

9:21 am
Fri 16 Feb

Tito wrote...

Please send me mobile office for S60 3rd edition for me

10:14 am
Sun 25 Feb

rita wrote...

it is great

5:33 am
Mon 26 Feb

rakesh wrote...


4:17 am
Fri 9 Mar

sachin wrote...

best by use

1:11 am
Thu 22 Mar

mazmmb wrote...

best by use

7:55 am
Fri 23 Mar

slash182 wrote...

kooooooooooooooooool... hard to describe by words

10:02 am
Mon 2 Apr

hamid wrote...


9:54 pm
Tue 3 Apr

Sajib wrote...

I can read and edit da file if da file in mobile before otherwise i cant creat new file in my mobile.So.....

7:32 am
Thu 12 Apr

bobby wrote...

hi, this type of software is vital

10:08 pm
Sat 14 Apr

aatish wrote...


4:28 am
Sun 6 May

paul wrote...

very good freeware. Download it

3:27 am
Wed 16 May

arun wrote...

It seams good, but from where to download

11:48 pm
Sun 10 Jun

modi fady wrote...

i am modi wel agr 3la aaaaaala

9:39 am
Sun 10 Jun

Ari Gustian wrote...

i'll try this

10:37 pm
Sat 23 Jun

Detlef wrote...


4:10 am
Thu 28 Jun

wolf wrote...

it is a great

5:58 am
Fri 29 Jun

susheel wrote...

is it full version

10:04 pm
Tue 3 Jul

Rama wrote...

it is nice to work

1:59 am
Tue 17 Jul

Dian N. wrote...

I try to install it in nokia 5500 but it is prompted that its not supported. I am very thankful if there is somebody who know how to install it in nokia 5500 tell me. Thanks

2:44 am
Sat 28 Jul

sdghsd wrote...

afsttfg asdt

12:17 am
Mon 30 Jul

Kathiresan wrote...

Can anyone tell me whether we can open MS word, excel documents with this Mobile Office software.

9:42 am
Fri 3 Aug

hassan wrote...


1:20 pm
Mon 6 Aug

kuldeep wrote...


9:16 am
Tue 7 Aug

redfox wrote...

i can edit my files using officesuite. . .its really great. . .

4:46 am
Wed 22 Aug

Muhammed Shifaz wrote...

Your site is more usefully to get in (IT)Information

12:01 am
Sat 25 Aug

FJ Soekahar wrote...

I have been able to download this program, but don't know how to select/open the file to work with. Any attempt produces "No file selected". Any body can help?

7:34 am
Tue 28 Aug

raju gogoi wrote...

friendlier to use

11:48 pm
Tue 4 Sep

sumeda wrote...

this is good for us

10:34 pm
Sat 8 Sep

vishal wrote...

nice if i can edit my office files in my cell phone

8:30 pm
Mon 24 Sep

soldado100 wrote...


4:38 pm
Tue 25 Sep

Joel Kangas wrote...


9:02 am
Wed 26 Sep

Surya wrote...

cannot used @ nokia e61i

4:49 am
Fri 28 Sep

babin wrote...

This is a very usefull site for mobile dowloads....

5:20 am
Thu 4 Oct

afrianto,st wrote...

its great

8:11 am
Fri 5 Oct

leonardo wrote...

its very great

2:25 pm
Fri 19 Oct

wemerson wrote...


11:15 am
Tue 30 Oct

B. Hajnalka wrote...


9:44 am
Mon 5 Nov

jan safka wrote...

mobile office = N"1

2:38 pm
Wed 21 Nov

rock wrote...

does it work on nokia3230?

8:22 am
Sat 8 Dec

majst0r wrote...

don't work on 6120 classic, whY?

3:14 am
Tue 1 Jan

Gerard wrote...

mobile off is tops

8:13 am
Wed 9 Jan

liem wrote...


6:04 am
Sat 19 Jan

maxx wrote...


1:30 pm
Sat 23 Feb

ajay wrote...

it is showing "No Data" in my N72 while the files are available in memory. and files are not opening directly also. please help me . thanks

7:59 am
Thu 28 Feb

duggu wrote...


9:40 am
Fri 11 Apr

gmshumon wrote...


10:16 pm
Sun 13 Apr

okno wrote...


12:02 pm
Tue 29 Apr

Piyush wrote...

Give Me The soft first then i'll comment

7:40 am
Thu 8 May

Kahar wrote...

Write word fun thanks guys

10:31 pm
Fri 9 May

Dayaram wrote...

Good aplication software

2:43 am
Mon 16 Jun

waqas rasheed wrote...


12:01 pm
Thu 26 Jun

whosforachat wrote...

My Nokia N95 8Gb tells me it does not support. Can anyone help?

7:03 am
Thu 26 Jun

whosforachat wrote...

Should have said "My Nokia N95 8Gb tells me it does not support this application". Can anyone help?

7:04 am
Fri 11 Jul

noor wrote...

very good

3:21 pm
Wed 16 Jul

Christina wrote...

Hope it works

1:14 am
Tue 22 Jul

gewa wrote...

i want

8:20 pm
Tue 22 Jul

gewa wrote...

i want

8:21 pm
Mon 11 Aug

dogla wrote...

will it work on 3rd edition also (NOKIA N81)

10:02 am
Mon 25 Aug

betteng wrote...

my security network at my office was banned the way to download this software.. anybody can help me to send the software to : thanks buddy

1:17 am
Wed 15 Oct

jafar wrote...

it is very nice , and you making the best...........................

9:23 am
Sat 20 Jun

Masud wrote...

I can't use this with my Nokia 6630. Can anybody please send any active software link to me.

10:35 am
Fri 31 Jul

tushar wrote...

Please send mobile office for N97

6:53 am
Fri 31 Jul

tushar wrote...

I can't use this with my Nokia N97. Can anybody please send any active software link to

6:54 am
Sun 6 Sep

hezza wrote...

send for n 5800 express music

4:13 am
Mon 16 Nov

tomas wrote...


7:01 am
Sun 7 Mar

John wrote...

When will the editing version come out. Viewing is great but I need to edit out in the field. Thanks

6:11 am
Mon 15 Mar

Ashutosh Sharma wrote...

Hello, I am vry disappoint to know that symbianOS hasn't allow to provide gmail/operamini services bcoz Of javascrit isn't avalable on its browser. But i think nothing impossible in life, its my pleasar if u provide d same to my mail ID.

8:58 am
Mon 5 Apr

jitendra wrote...


6:07 am
Sat 5 Jun

Vaseem wrote...

Need t try

7:18 pm
Sat 3 Jul

robert wrote...

a good office suit

12:40 am
Fri 1 Oct

deba wrote...

i need office suite full version for my nokia n70 please sent me

12:37 pm
Fri 1 Oct

deba wrote...

Please sent me office suite for my nokia n70

12:43 pm
Sat 9 Oct

vinod wrote...


5:51 am
Sun 17 Oct

ashwita wrote...


10:16 am
Sun 24 Oct

james wrote...

i want it now!!!!!!!

8:17 am
Sun 13 Mar

imron wrote...

real great

10:12 am
Sat 11 Jun

Rana sk wrote...

All good

8:28 am
Wed 12 Oct

vikash wrote...


7:49 am
Thu 3 Nov

navajyoth wrote...

nice. . .

5:19 am
Tue 29 Nov

m raju wrote...

I want this app but it not download.

10:19 pm
Wed 30 Nov

evea wrote...


12:57 pm
Mon 12 Dec

sujianto wrote...

the best

12:01 pm
Fri 3 Feb

Artef wrote...

Tsara sad ilaik

10:31 pm
Tue 7 Feb

dedy wrote...

thanks a lot

2:24 am
Wed 18 Apr

Habib ur rahman wrote...

Please send me micro soft office for nokia e71 by E-mail

11:10 am
Mon 24 Sep

jhfuisd wrote...

how do i download it? cant find an option

6:55 pm
Tue 16 Oct

ashok wrote...

my mobile is nokia c5-03 i download d software but not install plz give any ans.

12:12 pm
Fri 19 Oct

Angga wrote...

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4:32 pm
Sun 21 Oct

Iara wrote...

I can't hear anything over the sound of how awesome this atricle is.

5:09 am



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