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Large clock screensaver

Summary: A screensaver for Series 60 2nd and 3th edition phones, licensed under GPL. After installing the package, it can be selected and enabled in the themes application on the phone.

Symbian s60 2nd - 3th edition

Arrived: 2008-05-01
Found under: screensaver, clock, s60,

Symbian Large clock screensaver freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
Large clock screensaver Description



A screensaver for Series 60 2nd and 3th edition phones, licensed under GPL. After installing the package, it can be selected and enabled in the themes application on the phone.

Note, if upgrading from a version signed using Open Signed Online, you'll have to uninstall the old version before installing the new officially signed one. There's no direct need to upgrade currently, though, since they're functionally equivalent.


* Version 1.01 adds 12 hour clock support, displays the date, number of unread messages and missed calls, and supports scalable UI.
* Version 1.02 adds working support for Series 60 3rd edition and an option for choosing black background color and for choosing whether parts of the screen should be powered down.
* Version 1.03 adds initial support for detecting unread email (was never released publicly)
* Version 1.04 adds better compatibility with other email solutions on S60 3rd ed, and adds an officially Symbian Signed version

Known issues

The feature to turn off the unused parts of the screen doesn't seem to work on some older Series 60 3rd edition phones. Thus, the screensaver might use very much power. Exactly how much it affects the battery life is not known, though.

On some phones, however, the screen actually is powered down, but it seems to only keep a narrow area active (about as large as the default screensaver), no matter how large area the screensaver reports as being in use. The workaround is to manually turn off power saving for the screensaver in the settings.

Phones without a memory card may have problems where the default screensaver is used instead of the manually chosen one. Inserting a memory card seems to fix this problem. This is probably a bug in the phone firmware.

When upgrading, try restarting the phone if the new version doesn't seem to come into use. This could happen if the screensaver server has the old code loaded into memory and doesn't notice to load the newer version. Selecting another screensaver and doing a preview of it before upgrading might help.

more info and 2nd edition download at the developer home page

the Large clock screensaver free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Large clock screensaver direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Mon 5 May

nader wrote...


2:09 am
Mon 5 May

kishorkb wrote...

It is great asseet

7:14 pm
Mon 5 May

arun wrote...

good Work

8:26 pm
Tue 6 May

Densxxx wrote...

Its cool...

1:15 am
Tue 6 May

iqbal wrote...


6:33 am
Tue 6 May

iqbal wrote...

its a great website

6:38 am
Tue 6 May

MUFASIR wrote...


10:12 pm
Thu 8 May

farhan sarwar wrote...

v nice

12:20 am
Thu 8 May

iqbal wrote...


5:01 am
Thu 8 May

pradeep wrote...


8:44 am
Thu 8 May

Sajid Ali wrote...

nice clock

9:20 pm
Sat 10 May

Khuda gawah wrote...

Its mind blowing. Like M. S. Dhoni.

3:20 am
Tue 13 May

Gunasekaran wrote...

Know how to develop software

3:31 pm
Thu 22 May

dckhba wrote...


3:44 am
Fri 23 May

roma wrote...

Nice one, thanks a lot.

12:54 pm
Wed 28 May

santhana krishnan wrote...


7:46 pm
Mon 2 Jun

ASDERTY wrote...


4:03 pm
Tue 10 Jun

mahmood wrote...

thanks for ur successs.

2:59 am
Sun 22 Jun

Ross wrote...

Nice one all the others required a painfull signing process and symbian signed is just giving me grief. works perfect no hassle download and install!

6:12 pm
Fri 18 Jul

Freore wrote...

Great. Just what I was looking for.

8:38 am
Sun 17 Aug

Ashok wrote...


5:46 am
Sun 24 Aug

masse wrote...


1:49 pm
Wed 27 Aug

Keith wrote...

Great thanks. Ashame its portrait on N95 but thats Nokia's fault.

3:48 pm
Tue 9 Sep

richard wrote...

screen saver large clock is not installed in my phone n70 cause pile format

9:50 pm
Fri 9 Jan

carlos sierra wrote...

lets see it i need it for my n95 8gb

1:29 pm
Tue 13 Jan

Afsar wrote...

Nice clock

5:55 am
Tue 11 Aug

Timi wrote...

just what i need. Works well in my nokia 6220 classic....very good....thank you:-)

4:38 pm
Sat 3 Oct

m6600 wrote...

thanks for Nice clock

11:57 am
Sat 10 Oct

tahaachraf wrote...

nice clock

8:03 am
Thu 26 Nov

henrik wrote...

Does not work on N79

12:31 pm
Tue 19 Jan

hemal wrote...


11:42 am
Fri 19 Mar

al... wrote...

Excellent software, perfect download and install.

9:59 pm
Sun 28 Mar

vijaykumar wrote...

very nice clock

7:01 am
Sat 14 Aug

Suresh wrote...

N70 nokia

11:34 pm
Tue 2 Nov

sudipto wrote...


9:15 am
Thu 9 Dec

vipin singh wrote...

nice clock

1:48 pm
Fri 18 Feb

tilak raj wrote...

please full large time screen saver s60

9:18 pm
Mon 7 Mar

mario wrote...


4:33 pm
Sat 12 Mar

boban wrote...


3:11 pm
Sat 12 Mar

boban wrote...


3:11 pm
Thu 16 Jun

Dand wrote...

Thanks - This was exactly what I was looking for - simple, contrasty and with large enough figures makes it the perfect screen saver and clock.

7:14 am
Mon 10 Oct

george wrote...


2:39 pm
Tue 29 Nov

Msaeed wrote...

So nice

7:18 am
Sun 8 Jan

Beatrice wrote...

Got it! Thanks a lot again for hepling me out!

10:46 am
Mon 16 Jan

Fleta wrote...

This is both street smart and itlnelgient.

11:45 pm
Mon 13 Feb

faisal wrote...


4:11 am
Wed 7 Mar

Alok wrote...


4:48 pm
Tue 13 Mar

nithin wrote...

screen savars

8:56 pm
Tue 13 Mar

nithin wrote...

i want screen savers

8:58 pm
Wed 29 Aug

clubmonozeed wrote...

screen sever

1:18 pm



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