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» Kanka MSN Messenger

• Summary: Kanka MSN Messenger - beta

Symbian s60 3th edition

• Arrived: 2008-12-27
• Found under: s60, mobile, messenger, msn, utilities,

Symbian Kanka MSN Messenger freeware

Rating: 3.2/5
» Kanka MSN Messenger Description


KankaMSN is an instant messeging software that permits you to chat on your mobile phone. You can chat everyone who uses MSN or Windows Live Messenger with KankaMSN. Besides KankaMSN is the least GPRS data consuming software in the market. So that you can enjoy spending minimum credits even you chat for hours with your friends.
Application Specifications:
* KankaMSN is the most clear software in the market. While you use KankaMSN you can see the data usage on the up-right corner of the screen. So that you can always calculate your spending.
* You can also send a picture that you took with your mobile phone’s camera. Only thing you have to do is to click ‘Menu’ and then ‘Send Picture’.
* KankaMSN enables you to find new friends among other KankaMSN users. After inserting you details such as nick, sex, age information; you can wait for other KankaMSN user to contact you or you can look for other user according to your criteria.
* KankaMSN Version Beta 0.4 comes with 10 different themas.
* For fast instant messeging KankaMSN serves T9 support to you.
* KankaMSN informs you via voice alerts and/or vibrations. So that you will be informed with new messeges even you don’t look at you mobile phone’s screen.
* With KankaMSN you can play the audio and video file links that your friends send.
* If you wish you can save your chat history of your friends to your mobile phone. So that in the next chat sessions you can see your messeging history.

the Kanka MSN Messenger free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Kanka MSN Messenger direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Fri 30 Jan

Dungle wrote...

Hi its a good program

5:02 pm
Sun 15 Feb

eliud wrote...

Pues este programa esta muy bueno es el mejor

10:24 pm
Thu 26 Feb

mahren wrote...

i can't download it :(

9:37 pm
Tue 3 Mar

Hussaaaamm wrote...


5:08 pm
Thu 26 Mar

muhammad barakat wrote...

beautiful progarm

12:06 pm
Fri 10 Apr

White-rony wrote...


3:00 pm
Fri 10 Apr

janhero wrote...

veyr nice

3:20 pm
Tue 12 May

Marko wrote...

Hello, I have problems using your program with nokia E63 which has a QUERTY keboard and I have to type in your program with numbers. Is the support for the keyboard planed maybe?

8:40 pm
Sat 23 May

Jarelll wrote...

I keep getting am error on my 6300

10:28 am
Thu 28 May

Jaalle wrote...

Iam Somali And I want Msn Kanka

1:08 am
Tue 2 Jun

M.Bassel Seffo wrote...

i do appreciate your great efforts

4:58 pm
Sat 6 Jun

Guleedyare wrote...

Me connected kanka msn massenger

5:39 am
Tue 16 Jun

i_am_just_an_ordinary_human wrote...

hey~salam for all muslems here,I want to ask you,how to diactive my profile?alots of chatters keep on adding.I am tired to accept it and it can distract my attention to my study.for who here read my problems please add me up on but that just for who want to help me if you want to tease me no thanks find another one k

9:30 pm
Wed 1 Jul

black tiger wrote...

it is a good stuff

6:04 am
Fri 3 Jul

yamen wrote...

download kanka messenger on my mobile (( samsung E490 ))

10:57 am
Fri 3 Jul

Madaxey wrote...

I want to download my mobile nokia 6300 as easy as bosible

3:30 pm
Fri 3 Jul

Madaxey wrote...

Please show me how can I get download my nokia 6300

3:37 pm
Tue 28 Jul

emre wrote...

l want to see my pictures which i send them on my phone.which site i can see them or how can i see them?

12:45 pm
Thu 13 Aug

ahmeeed wrote...

Please show me how can I get download my nokia n95 8g

7:29 am
Mon 9 Nov

MMMM wrote...


7:49 am
Tue 10 Nov

chester wrote...

gud prog thanx

11:27 pm
Sun 15 Nov

lolo caty wrote...

I get download my nokia 3600

7:07 pm
Wed 25 Nov

ahmad wrote...

the link not workenk

5:32 pm
Sun 29 Nov

enknight wrote...

it is really fantastic

4:13 am
Sat 5 Dec

hasan tellawi wrote...

5:04 pm
Sun 13 Dec

husejn wrote...


5:48 am
Tue 29 Dec

Taha wrote...

I like it

5:22 pm
Tue 30 Mar

Not your bsns wrote...

We want the RC edition of it,not the Beta!! you may find it very difficult to sign in to your email by this "Beta" veresion !!!!

8:33 pm
Fri 25 Jun

amit kumar wrote...


6:01 pm
Wed 14 Jul

rakesh wrote...

my settings its not done

6:19 am
Fri 30 Jul

Moha wrote...


1:55 pm
Thu 30 Sep

imari wrote...

Pues quiero saver como hacer un email

11:27 pm
Tue 12 Oct

Newrichy wrote...

8:14 am
Sat 16 Oct

Newbalentine wrote...


7:05 am
Sun 17 Oct

alfonso wrote...

Buscamdo amista amor

4:11 pm
Mon 1 Nov

dario wrote...

this is ok

11:44 am
Tue 9 Nov

khalid wrote...


5:03 pm
Fri 19 Nov

abdi fatah wrote...

haha cool

3:57 am
Tue 23 Nov

mohajer wrote...


9:27 pm
Wed 22 Dec

c.ronaldo wrote...

Iam mehmet amer ashtar

9:16 am
Sat 6 Aug

carmela wrote...


5:30 pm
Fri 2 Sep

himoo wrote...

very good But it is not work in my country(syria)

10:57 pm
Mon 19 Sep

Abdinasir wrote...

I'm going to download kanka mobile msn

12:39 am
Mon 2 Jan

fawaz wrote...

very good

5:12 am
Mon 2 Jan

fawaz wrote...

very good

5:13 am
Wed 4 Jan

Meme wrote...

ΨͺΨ­Ω…ΩŠΩ„ Ψ§Ω„ΩƒΨ§ΩƒΨ§Ωˆ how to dowmload kakao

4:21 am
Fri 3 Feb

blackangel wrote...


1:43 pm
Fri 3 Feb

amorahamam wrote...


1:46 pm
Sat 4 Feb

alaeder007 wrote...


6:23 am
Fri 17 Feb

وضحى wrote...

مايكتب عندي احاول احاول مايكتب ولما احمله يقول المصدر غير معروف

10:37 am
Fri 16 Mar

Musidi wrote...

I love the hot look of tweeties. Very clear and easy to use bseauce of it's drop down menu. I hope the full version will come out soon. Thanks.

6:24 am
Tue 23 Oct

Cadde wrote...

How can i download kankaMsN messenger chat

12:38 pm



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