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Summary: Firmware V.50 or above required! Key features: -multi-touch alternative for single-touch mobile devices (zoom/rotate/pan controls) -3 modes of

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2011-01-06
Found under: Applications, Photo & Video,

Symbian iPics freeware

Rating: 3.5/5
iPics Description


Developer: Interactive Look

Firmware V.50 or above required!

Key features:
-multi-touch alternative for single-touch mobile devices (zoom/rotate/pan controls)
-3 modes of dynamic slideshows
-chaos order (thumbs allover the screen, like a pile of real photos thrown on a table)
-photo grouping (make groups, add/remove photos to groups)
-kinetic movements
-autoscroll when drag photos

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Comments and Reviews

Thu 6 Jan

elhadiabdo wrote...

we cant pay is there any sympian s60 for free

11:01 am
Fri 7 Jan

cristiana wrote...

good job!

5:16 am
Sat 8 Jan

Shashi wrote...

Its nice site

5:15 am
Sun 9 Jan

Habiba wrote...

Very nice

2:56 pm
Wed 12 Jan

nitin wrote...

its good

2:49 am
Sat 15 Jan

Endru46 wrote...

Good boys

11:19 am
Thu 10 Feb

ariz john wrote...

lets see

5:14 pm
Mon 21 Feb

roberto wrote...


3:24 pm
Fri 25 Feb

shisir wrote...

wrote boom

8:17 am
Tue 26 Apr

salaikavasan wrote...


1:31 am
Tue 5 Jul

Avinash wrote...


9:33 am
Thu 1 Sep

JHADSFASD wrote...


7:53 pm
Sun 29 Apr

Happy wrote...

Want it quickly

9:22 am
Mon 16 Jul

Mihai wrote...

Firstly, most people post in the manenr displayed here not because they are Android fanboys but because they possess genuine concern for symbian. Frankly I've used only symbians till now from the N95 to SE Satio.Secondly HTC's not only sell phones with unlocked bootloaders but also release their driver sources due to which they are the android modding favorites.Samsungs also have unlocked bootloaders.Motorola unlocks the bootloaders for a select number of their phones like the original droid and the tablet Xoom. Plus they would also open up the atrix to the devs for a small fee.Plus google allows and encourages people to modify and flash custom ROMs. For this they created Fastboot and allowed people to flash by using custom recoveries. And NO, google has adopted the policy of opening up every inch of their OS to public scrutiny. Just think how else would Galaxy S get gingerbread as a custom ROM before it was released by samsung if v2.3 was not available to XDA modders.Now what most people are stating here is that the source is not truly open and is not given to the end users. Say you have an N8, even if you have the symbian source code you can't do anything unless Nokia provides you with the firmwares , a method to edit them and a tool to flash them. If you go on some of the symbian modding sites you would see that the custom ROMs are blazing fast as compared to the official firmware. Now symbian is in my eyes the most efficient, lightweight mobile OS. My suggestion to Nokia would be to allow us to modify our phone at the cost of voided warranties.

2:31 pm



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