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Summary: iBattery is a crisp battery UI that can be used as Wallpapers and Screensavers on your FlashLite enabled phones.

* Symbian OS
* Flash Lite

Arrived: 2008-06-12
Found under: screensavers, wallpapers, battery, flash lite,

Symbian iBattery freeware

Rating: 3.2/5
iBattery Description


Developer: Design Province Labs

iBattery is a crisp battery UI that can be used as Wallpapers and Screensavers on your FlashLite enabled phones. This is a replica of the battery indicator UI in Apple iPhone. For those who want to try this awesome experience, go ahead and download it for FREE now!

Download Wallpaper here

the iBattery free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download iBattery direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Thu 12 Jun

Munsuf wrote...


10:37 pm
Fri 13 Jun

Rafiee Ghani wrote...

very cute

10:23 am
Sun 15 Jun

Arnab wrote...


1:46 pm
Tue 17 Jun

Xenocide wrote...

...prehaps i'm being stupid here, but how to you set it as your wallpaper? (n95) I have flash lite 3.0 Looks great though!

6:08 am
Wed 18 Jun

suraj wrote...


2:22 pm
Sat 21 Jun

jedfrancis wrote...

it's so awsome

1:22 am
Wed 25 Jun

Stuggimen wrote...


11:45 am
Mon 30 Jun

biradarvivek wrote...

i love games

11:19 am
Sun 13 Jul

kamla wrote...

I like this website , all what i need for my symbian i find it here

12:47 am
Tue 15 Jul

errik nugraha wrote...


4:43 am
Tue 15 Jul

errik nugraha wrote...


6:02 am
Fri 18 Jul

cloyd frane wrote...


8:21 pm
Sat 9 Aug

daniel wrote...


1:44 pm
Fri 22 Aug

mamoni wrote...


7:53 am
Wed 10 Sep

ercan wrote...

very nice

8:45 am
Tue 16 Sep

chintu wrote...


7:39 am
Mon 22 Sep

frank wrote...

that's too cool.. could it have a better dimension for 320x240 screen? is that possible? that would be wonderful. thank you very much..

12:46 am
Tue 11 Nov

Tobi wrote...

Hi ya! How can I get it running on Nokia E65??

7:01 am
Sun 1 Feb

Jaro wrote...

How can this be downloaded? Even after registration is not on the page, no option to download. It is not a fraud?

3:04 am
Tue 3 Mar

kumar wrote...

I like this website , all what i need for my symbian i find it here

2:38 am
Sat 29 Aug

BeLLa wrote...

cannot download it... the link appeared to be 404 not found... :'( makes me so sad...

7:07 pm
Fri 13 Nov

bence wrote...


1:39 pm
Thu 31 Dec

jack wrote...

nice& coolllll.............

8:01 am
Sat 24 Apr

pintea wrote...

este ok

9:59 am
Tue 27 Apr

2PeteShakur wrote...

i didn't buy a phone to pretend its an apple product - thats weak!!! lol

9:55 am
Fri 18 Jun

blackhat wrote...

it's nice nd cool.

11:40 pm
Fri 20 Aug

Ricky wrote...

I want download

12:43 am
Thu 13 Jan

majeedmd5 wrote...

good side

6:17 am
Tue 18 Jan

xxx4 wrote...

the link is broken, please re-upload

11:13 am
Fri 4 Feb

mayas wrote...


9:54 am
Thu 17 Feb

pkss wrote...


10:25 pm
Wed 16 Mar

jalil wrote...


1:37 am
Fri 2 Mar

Pavel wrote... This is a parked domain.... whats up?

12:16 pm
Tue 30 Oct

Nerus wrote...

Hi,Wow, it is so nice to have fans like you ;) The required specs are: GPS, cospmas and orientation sensors and Symbian 5th edition at the moment. But we would love to invite you to provide content as a Content Developer. I will write you an email as soon as I have further details about it!Upcoming devices can be found .Christina

10:01 pm



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