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» Graphing Calculator

• Summary: Graphing Calculator, is a FREE app, designed to turn your cell phone into a Graphing Calculator.

It should work on all phones that support J2ME, like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Blackberry and more (specifically MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1)

• Arrived: 2010-04-30
• Found under: graphing, graphical, graph, plotting, plotter, plot, calculator, algebra, j2me, java, app, program, cell, mobile, phone, nokia, symbian, sony, ericsson, motorola, samsung,

Symbian Graphing Calculator  freeware

Rating: 3.4/5
» Graphing Calculator Description


Developer: Anthony Rich

Graphing Calculator received an update!
Version 0.94 Beta released with new trig/inverse trig functions, natural log, conditional if statement and operators.

Current functionality:
- Up to three equations plotted simultaneously
- Zoom and pan around the graph (press enter/ok/5 to switch mode)
- Supports the following;
- Operators: +, -, *, /, ^(power) and parenthesis (, )
- Trig. functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan
- Log & exponential functions: log, exp
- Other functions: sqrt, abs, floor, ceil
Example formulae:
- 2*x^3-8*x+4 (remember to key 2*x not 2x)
- sin(x)*cos(x^2)

the Graphing Calculator free for Symbian OS

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» Comments and Reviews

Wed 7 Apr

Hamdani wrote...


12:49 am
Thu 8 Apr

Nadeem Hassan wrote...

i want sis file not zip

4:24 pm
Sat 1 May

CΓ©sar wrote...

This is a great and very useful app. Thanks. Working fine on N86 8MP.

3:20 pm
Wed 12 May

mohamed wrote...


6:54 am
Sat 29 May

mohamed wrote...

tres belle mais se bloque quelque fois

2:45 pm
Mon 6 Sep

collins wrote...


3:33 am
Mon 20 Sep

kishan godhat wrote...

it is very used full softwer

1:16 pm
Mon 18 Oct

h_paris wrote...

Very very good, must faster than claimed "professional" other programs!! my requests: - longer math formula - independent zoom on X & Y

3:53 am
Wed 24 Nov

Sakhi wrote...


4:28 pm
Sat 11 Dec

pako wrote...

very useful

8:34 pm
Fri 17 Dec

dksd wrote...


8:01 am
Wed 22 Dec

Murali wrote...


9:23 pm
Wed 9 Feb

Jegan wrote...


4:58 am
Sun 12 Jun

tr pawar wrote...


3:54 am
Wed 13 Jul

Julius wrote...

This is it

8:09 am
Mon 5 Sep

Sachin wrote...

Om sai ram

1:43 pm
Wed 14 Sep

vishnu wrote...

scintific calculator

9:51 am
Sun 18 Sep

mamadou wrote...

nice thing

8:49 pm
Wed 21 Sep

andrew wrote...


3:20 am
Thu 29 Sep

Manoj wrote...


4:00 pm
Sun 4 Dec

Prasad.gv wrote...

Nice apps

8:41 pm
Sun 11 Dec

fred duku wrote...

thanks guys

10:26 pm
Sun 11 Dec

fred duku wrote...

thanks guys

10:26 pm
Tue 20 Dec

eddy wrote...


1:57 pm
Thu 5 Jan

houssam wrote...


9:23 am
Wed 11 Jan

Rbsingh wrote...

To creat new things

10:32 am
Sat 11 Feb

Alis wrote...

goooooog b+

4:00 pm
Wed 21 Mar

Folaranmi wrote...

I lov dis calculator. It makes work easier

11:27 pm
Wed 21 Mar

Folaranmi wrote...

I lov dis calculator. It makes work easier

11:27 pm
Sat 14 Apr

Amir Kahaie wrote...

Nice !

3:11 pm
Tue 8 May

saman wrote...

so good.

12:13 pm
Thu 7 Jun

fenix wrote...


1:34 pm
Thu 30 Aug

vinaykumar wrote...


5:21 am
Sat 29 Sep

nhnhnh wrote...

the download link has been hijacked. Impossible to download the soft.

12:26 pm
Wed 3 Oct

Mauritto wrote...

I made up a worksheet caleld Essential calculator skills . The worksheet has problems ranging from how to input complex fractions with roots, graphing various functions, stat plots, line of best fit, fitting windows to show graphs, etc.I use this worksheet at the beginning of the year. So students gain some proficiency in using the graphing calculator. I told them the graphing calculator is used mostly for exploration and making conjectures. So throughout the year, I no longer need to teach the use of calculator and students will be able to use the calculator as a tool to understand concepts faster.a0

2:54 am
Thu 4 Oct

Abu michael wrote...

I like music and reading

7:41 am
Wed 14 Nov

muško wrote...


3:02 pm



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