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Google Translator Widget

Summary: Google Translator widget is a free, powerful and easy-to-use multilingual translation interface that uses the Google translation engine and satisfies your translation needs on the go.

Symbian s60

Arrived: 2009-04-09
Found under: application, utilities, translator, dictionary,

Symbian Google Translator Widget freeware

Rating: 3.2/5
Google Translator Widget Description


Similar to its web based translation service, the Google Translation Widget for S60 devices translates a portion of text to another language. This widget auto detects the source language and you only need to select the language in which it will be translated to, enter the section of text and click the go button.

The unique feature of the widget is its ability to automatically detect the source language, which especially useful if you don't recognize the language and also, automated translations are quicker and easier.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations and missing functions such as support for site translations, dictionary and tools but you can always switch to S60 browser and use the regular web based translation engine as it works just fine and is maybe even better solution in some cases.

Google Translate is a beta service provided by Google Inc. to translate a section of text, or a webpage, into another language, with limits to the number of paragraphs, or range of technical terms, translated.

Unlike other translation services such as Babel Fish, AOL, and Yahoo which use SYSTRAN, Google uses its own translation software.

Google Translate, like other automatic translation tools, has its limitations. While it can help the reader to understand the general content of a foreign language text, it does not always deliver accurate translations. Some languages produce better results than others.

the Google Translator Widget free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Google Translator Widget direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Mon 13 Apr

Leon wrote...

This program very good

5:13 pm
Fri 8 May

chirag wrote...

look for it since so long

11:15 am
Thu 16 Jul

ghhg wrote...

dont know have to write something before i test it

3:24 pm
Thu 6 Aug

mitsos wrote...


6:33 am
Fri 7 Aug

Mirel wrote...


11:49 am
Sun 11 Oct

yohanis wrote...

i like this because its important for me

1:43 pm
Fri 16 Oct

Jayanta wrote...

I like it coz it verry important for me. Thank u.

9:59 am
Sat 7 Nov

nihat wrote...

guys it is zipped can downloading this app. without zipped? can someone help me pls

8:30 am
Wed 16 Dec

adam wrote...

Thx so much

5:17 pm
Sun 17 Jan

zozo wrote...


2:53 pm
Mon 19 Apr

babacar wrote...


7:31 pm
Thu 13 May

HIJAZi wrote...

Really excillent

12:32 pm
Wed 8 Sep

anonymous wrote...

after i saved to my download folder , they said that it was unable to open . so , where can i find it ? can anyone help me ?

10:09 pm
Sun 26 Sep

lucky wrote...


6:10 am
Sun 26 Sep

lucky wrote...


6:12 am
Tue 19 Oct

anish wrote...

best for knowledge gaining

5:19 am
Tue 7 Dec

Josie M wrote...

Very good and handy software

5:43 am
Sun 9 Jan

rajeev wrote...


8:57 am
Wed 19 Jan

amir wrote...

tanks for this

11:40 am
Fri 4 Mar

ali arifin wrote...


4:35 am
Wed 16 Mar

vasant wrote...

i want to sue if french and german translation

2:18 am
Wed 16 Mar

vasant wrote...

i want to sue if french and german translation

2:20 am
Thu 5 May

daffy wrote...

how to download

10:08 am
Mon 23 May

Neil wrote...

Nice application! See also for more languages and features.

2:14 am
Sun 28 Aug

haleh wrote...


4:09 am
Thu 6 Oct

Dhaval wrote...

Very good

5:29 pm
Fri 14 Oct

eky prima endo wrote...


2:07 pm
Mon 24 Oct

miguel intriago wrote...

bacan yo la uso para aprender (Y)

9:37 am
Sat 3 Dec

nikol wrote...


2:08 am
Sun 4 Dec

Janurind wrote...

Ok tanks

10:44 pm
Tue 6 Dec

ernest wrote...

where is the download link i cant find it !

5:56 am
Tue 3 Jan

Oswaldo wrote...


2:06 am
Sun 8 Jan

Latrice wrote...

No cmopalitns on this end, simply a good piece.

12:04 pm
Thu 12 Jan

Martina Rackova wrote...

I am just looking for Google translator for my nokia E72.

5:06 am
Tue 28 Feb

Ayaan ijaz wrote...

excillent software.....:)

6:03 pm
Wed 7 Mar

Tabish wrote...

I need this

3:01 am
Wed 7 Mar

Tabish wrote...

I need this

3:02 am
Mon 19 Mar

Santosh wrote...


5:09 am
Mon 19 Mar

Santosh wrote...


5:09 am
Sat 9 Jun

Mohamed wrote...


2:28 pm
Mon 23 Jul

Michael wrote...

Right now I'm taking a look at the book Get Clients Now!, which was remecmonded by a fellow translator. The book is about creating and implementing a marketing plan for a small service business, and there are worksheets that you can download from the author's website.I thought I'd try this and see if it improves my marketing efforts, which could use a bit of discipline. However I'm not entire sure that everything in the book is 100% applicable to translators, since the top method remecmonded is direct contacts (cold or warm calling), followed only afterward by networking and referrals. I've seen quite a few comments by translators lately that they get most of their business by *being found* by clients who are looking for translators, through venues such as Peter mentions above, through referrals, and so on.

1:53 pm
Mon 30 Jul

nazar wrote...

10:54 am
Mon 22 Oct

lekan akinola wrote...


4:33 pm
Fri 9 Nov

Abung moirangthem wrote...

I just want two take.

5:09 am



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