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» Free signer for Symbian

• Summary: Free signer for Symbian s60 v3 and v5 is used to sign unsigned applications.

Symbian s60 3th or 5th edition

• Arrived: 2009-11-27
• Found under: sign, application, unsign, s60,

Symbian Free signer for Symbian freeware

Rating: 3.1/5
» Free signer for Symbian Description


With Free signer for symbian you can sign unsigned applications. This app was made for 3th edition but also work on 5th edition. It lets you sign for unsinged applications or remove sign. It is very easy to use, thanks to its frendly interface.

the Free signer for Symbian free for Symbian OS

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Download Free signer for Symbian direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Fri 27 Nov

thomas wrote...

nice,easy to use

4:51 am
Mon 30 Nov

GustavoEB wrote...

Thanks! - Gracias!

5:41 pm
Wed 2 Dec

Herakliş wrote...


4:58 am
Wed 2 Dec

jafar wrote...


4:24 pm
Thu 10 Dec

Mondow wrote...

It's a great little application; but too bad it can't sign the 'Eqrestart' application which I need for my Nokia e71!

7:41 am
Sun 13 Dec

clart wrote...

i have n97i. S60v5. I downloaded it directly to my phone but got an incompatibility issue when i run it. Please help.

11:08 pm
Tue 15 Dec

rahul mali wrote...


1:28 am
Thu 17 Dec

gioj wrote...

i tried un inst but cant beacure of certification

2:11 pm
Mon 28 Dec

bello wrote...

on my nokia n96 it complain of expired certificate and does not allow it to install

5:15 pm
Thu 14 Jan

robbievienna wrote...

Ditto. I had it installed on my E63 before, but I reset my system software and am getting the "expired certificate" error, too.

6:50 am
Sun 17 Jan

Globator_Indonesia wrote...

It's Just only Symbian 9.1 !? PAYAH,PAYAH,PAYAH... :(

5:30 am
Thu 21 Jan

fantastic wrote...

Fantastic!! Great JOB. big BIG txh.

6:32 am
Sat 23 Jan

rajan wrote...

Cant install in my n95 8gb cz it dΓΆnt support .rar there anyway to open install the app. N open .rar files in my me plz

2:04 am
Sat 20 Feb

muradee44 wrote...

nokia n86

9:27 pm
Tue 2 Mar

Rydhuan wrote...

I'll try this software..

4:22 am
Sat 6 Mar

faraz wrote...


9:36 pm
Fri 19 Mar

Evan Lloyd N. Caberto wrote...

it is very nice

10:50 am
Tue 20 Apr

Rudin wrote...

My downlod is easy

9:54 pm
Wed 2 Jun

Satish mande wrote...


11:48 am
Thu 10 Jun

majdoor wrote...


1:59 am
Sun 13 Jun

olumide wrote...

its ok

9:04 pm
Tue 15 Jun

Rahul wrote...


11:35 am
Tue 15 Jun

saravanan wrote...

its awesome !!

2:10 pm
Wed 7 Jul

tommy wrote...

if certificate expired, change date on your phone, try 2009, 2008 etc.. and it will work!

7:30 am
Fri 9 Jul

vo thanh phong wrote...

Thank you for "freesigner " so much , but how to use in my nokia E72 , please for introduction or help , thank again . Vo Thanh Phong +84903012526

1:58 am
Fri 30 Jul

abul kalam azad wrote...

not a expierd certificate

6:48 am
Thu 19 Aug

Mahesh wrote...

Its very good

2:34 pm
Sun 22 Aug

sachin wrote...


9:34 pm
Tue 31 Aug

Jerry wrote...


1:42 pm
Sat 4 Sep

Siraj wrote...

In my e63 nokia its showing certificate expired reply Advance thanks

6:58 am
Mon 20 Sep

KGee wrote...

I downloaded the free signer application but I got an expired certificate. Can any 1 help

6:29 am
Mon 27 Sep

Dario wrote...

Change DATE on your phone. Set the year 2009, and month September... Then it will work

10:36 am
Thu 30 Sep

ofunami wrote...

difficult to understand

2:23 pm
Wed 6 Oct

vince wrote...

pls if anyone knows how to use this app pls mail me the full steps at vinnie415@gmail,com

4:28 pm
Sat 9 Oct

Vanshu wrote...

I mad kme kmd kajm

2:06 pm
Fri 22 Oct

Dhani wrote...


3:08 pm
Mon 22 Nov

joan wrote...

expired certificate help please

9:48 am
Mon 22 Nov

sablay02 wrote...

tryme this

10:28 pm
Thu 9 Dec

Carlos wrote...

Expired certificate, I try change date, but doesn't work, any idea?

10:48 am
Sun 2 Jan

supra wrote...


1:52 am
Tue 11 Jan

tazim wrote...

to download d free signer but not geting download.

2:14 am
Tue 11 Jan

tazim wrote...

to download d free signer but not geting download.

2:15 am
Wed 19 Jan

Blue Ranger wrote...

I can't download free signer in my Nokia E63.any idea please Heeeeeeeeeelllllllllpppppp.

9:20 pm
Fri 11 Feb

shang wrote...

i hope it wil work in my unit

4:06 am
Tue 22 Feb

fardinornob wrote...


12:48 am
Thu 24 Feb

argho488 wrote...

nokia e71

1:52 am
Fri 25 Feb

dhaval wrote...

i am use nokia 5230 mobile i was download free signer soft. but i know use this soft? plz help me. dhaval

3:31 am
Mon 28 Feb

koso wrote...

nokia e72

11:00 am
Mon 7 Mar

gaurav gupta wrote...

awesome sft wr

8:25 am
Sun 24 Apr

Mohsin wrote...

I cant install it in my nokia e63 .same problem.expired certificate.can any one help or suggest any other site

2:35 pm
Tue 3 May

Nelson Abasi Phiri wrote...

I try to instal it, the phone says "Certificate Expired" How then am I supposed to solve this problem if even the software which is meant to solve the problem cannot instal for the same certificate reason?

2:35 am
Thu 5 May

arun wrote...

nice application for nokia

2:06 pm
Fri 3 Jun

sizz wrote...

i cant browse with my wireless lan. When It gets to a piont after finding avialable wifi, it will disconnet most system software that i want to install wont work. It will always say certificate error or contact the producer.

12:25 pm
Sun 5 Jun

junaedi wrote...

this file is in good for my phone

3:53 am
Sun 24 Jul

isaac johnson wrote...

its good

11:36 am
Mon 1 Aug

Taj muhammad wrote...

Thanks allah for is realy working.nice working in n95.

6:22 am
Tue 2 Aug

amith wrote...

how to download from this site.pls help

11:28 pm
Wed 31 Aug

Ahmed Hossam wrote...


12:59 pm
Sat 17 Sep

hansp wrote...

nice app

2:04 pm
Sat 19 Nov

yasar wrote...

plz help make my cer imei no 354336049082647 plz reply me

3:00 am
Fri 10 Feb

joseph bello wrote...

download free signer

7:42 am
Fri 17 Feb

ashish kukreja wrote...

how to use this app plz hellpp.. I knoe its important and very useful..

9:32 am
Sun 25 Mar

sabir wrote...


7:23 pm
Wed 11 Apr

JOHNKIM wrote...


8:48 pm
Mon 23 Apr

akshaysingh pawar wrote...

problem occur on instal of freesinger saying expired certificatr what to do for instal freesinger

5:43 am
Fri 27 Apr

khokan wrote...

please help me

1:37 am
Tue 24 Jul

victor wrote...


6:06 am
Tue 30 Oct

January wrote...

Way to use the ienrtnet to help people solve problems!

3:24 am



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