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» FLVplayer

• Summary: Flash video player for your Symbian device

Symbian s60

• Arrived: 2007-12-25
• Found under: flash, video, player, s60,

Symbian FLVplayer freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
» FLVplayer Description


FLVplayer plays your flash videos in offline mode.

the FLVplayer free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download FLVplayer direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Wed 26 Dec

Tgjm wrote...


1:57 am
Wed 26 Dec

Dilip wrote...

Best player

11:06 pm
Sat 29 Dec

Abhi wrote...


2:56 am
Sat 29 Dec

redi wrote...

it`s more funy

4:55 am
Mon 31 Dec

Yogiestian sugiri wrote...

Good...It is very good

4:07 pm
Mon 31 Dec

juli wrote...

the best

9:50 pm
Thu 3 Jan

Jolly12 wrote...


1:46 am
Thu 3 Jan

tyson wrote...

very gud !

4:24 am
Thu 3 Jan

David wrote...


6:38 am
Thu 3 Jan

Probhat wrote...

My phone nokia 6630

6:49 am
Mon 7 Jan

manjula wrote...


2:39 pm
Thu 17 Jan

jacl wrote...


2:07 pm
Tue 22 Jan

woncy wrote...


8:32 am
Fri 29 Feb

endhy wrote...


10:19 am
Mon 3 Mar

Flakes wrote...

Its cool

1:53 am
Tue 11 Mar

KnavE wrote...

yes .... I found it. so goood !!

9:31 pm
Tue 15 Apr

lurah wrote...


1:46 pm
Thu 17 Apr

haiduc alin wrote...


2:20 am
Fri 2 May

shawn wrote...


9:30 am
Sat 17 May

Ronald wrote...


12:36 am
Mon 19 May

wsch wrote...


3:07 pm
Fri 13 Jun

samarjit wrote...

very good.

8:03 am
Thu 19 Jun

anthony wrote...


12:04 pm
Thu 3 Jul

tyson wrote...

very good

6:48 pm
Sun 6 Jul

michael wrote...

oh no.. another s60 symbian flv player.. can anyone help me finding s80 symbian flv player plz? email me @ thx.

12:20 pm
Tue 23 Sep

romeo1 wrote...

good very good

3:20 am
Sun 12 Oct

aoden wrote...

says unknown file format when I try to play .flv file :O ?

8:03 am
Fri 28 Nov

mevrick fernandes wrote...

itss cooollllllll

10:45 pm
Sun 30 Nov

pradeep wrote...


1:00 pm
Thu 11 Dec

polma wrote...


3:30 am
Tue 30 Dec

Abhilash wrote...

this does not work wth my n70 .....any flv player for it..?

10:52 pm
Wed 31 Dec

krizalid wrote...

not work on my nokia n81 8gb

1:24 pm
Tue 6 Jan

sonu sharma wrote...

if it true the i say only that wow i got it

8:48 am
Mon 9 Feb

freak94 wrote...

Can anyone help me? I downloaded and installed it on my phone but if I want do play some (flv-)videos the message appears, FLVplayer: Unknown file format.

3:03 pm
Tue 17 Feb

ahmed wrote...

good prog

1:43 pm
Mon 16 Mar

Amit wrote...

wow i was waitin for this player

10:24 am
Thu 2 Apr

rakkhan wrote...

it is good player

2:15 pm
Thu 9 Apr

jaya wrote...

stupid app... can't play any flv files

7:31 pm
Sat 25 Apr

Anwar wrote...

I hope it's may very good

11:13 am
Wed 29 Apr

Chris wrote...

Does not recognise any FLV Files on Nokia 6120 Classic. Thus Useless.

12:31 am
Sun 3 May

waqar wrote...

verry verry good

11:43 pm
Mon 15 Jun

The Punisher wrote...

Doesn't work on my N82 either.

5:24 am
Sun 26 Jul

Just Downloaded wrote...

This has a Virus!

2:20 am
Sun 9 Aug

saran wrote...

need n95 flv file video open software

2:04 am
Wed 19 Aug

zubair wrote...

hay that file is sisx wht that mean my cell 6680 sis file only work so please give me sis file only

9:57 am
Sun 23 Aug

edwin wrote...

pleas give me sofwer for my nokia 5730..thx

1:16 am
Tue 25 Aug

Rizla wrote...

Its just an empty zip file. Sort it out

4:30 am
Sun 20 Sep

alis wrote...

good good good

7:14 pm
Tue 22 Sep

dragniivanov wrote...

verry goode player

2:26 am
Thu 15 Oct

Tausif Punjabi wrote...

When i downloaded this flv player in my mobile it said the file is corrupt. and i have nokia 6630 so which flv player should i download.

4:21 am
Fri 23 Oct

Bangash wrote...

Its very Bad 4 S60... i have 6630 nd current softwre z .sisx

12:09 pm
Sat 7 Nov

cuong wrote...

viet nam

10:14 pm
Sat 7 Nov

Jabber wrote...


10:58 pm
Mon 16 Nov

sonic wrote...


9:21 am
Sat 5 Dec

Sujin wrote...

It is cool!!

11:07 pm
Fri 11 Dec

Rvsidhu035 wrote...

It is very easy to use

8:34 am
Wed 16 Dec

faiz wrote...

it is good

7:33 pm
Tue 26 Jan

taciak wrote...

it's useless. can't play any file downloaded from youtube. E50

11:29 am
Sun 14 Feb

calv wrote...

this file is corrupted and won't work on N97

8:58 pm
Fri 19 Feb

hussam wrote...

nice program

7:33 am
Mon 1 Mar

asad wrote...


8:45 am
Fri 5 Mar

venkat wrote...

dosent work in n72

8:23 pm
Sat 6 Mar

aeed1971 wrote...

doesnot playing in my nokia 6120 although i tried to play a file with extension .flv

6:30 am
Sat 27 Mar

bravotamu wrote...

am unable 2 download it plz help me

4:33 am
Sun 28 Mar

ahsand wrote...


7:41 am
Sat 10 Apr

warren wrote...

it doesnt work.. waste of time..

9:12 pm
Mon 12 Apr

Anand wrote...


1:32 am
Mon 19 Apr

Vineesh wrote...

This is best

6:16 am
Tue 20 Apr

orxan wrote...


1:23 am
Thu 6 May

suraj wrote...

best player

5:08 am
Sat 15 May

ziya wrote...


4:53 am
Tue 25 May

disha majhi wrote...

you all worth it......

11:10 pm
Wed 16 Jun

prawin wrote...

wat abt n73?

1:22 am
Tue 22 Jun

Aftab wrote...


4:15 am
Tue 22 Jun

viper wrote...

very good

6:15 pm
Tue 22 Jun

viper wrote...

very good

6:15 pm
Sat 26 Jun

vishnu wrote...

its amazing

1:03 pm
Tue 20 Jul

shant wrote...

this player is not saport in my n73 mobile

3:08 am
Sat 24 Jul

saydon wrote...

hey dis player suport 5233 bt videos chalte nhi barabar just tim paas hai

2:31 pm
Thu 5 Aug

wisman wrote...

how can i download it

11:33 pm
Thu 5 Aug

wisman wrote...

help,,tell me how to download it

11:36 pm
Sat 7 Aug

Aklkajhbhjk wrote...


8:02 pm
Sun 8 Aug

Vishal wrote...

Not able to download for my classic nokia phone

11:18 am
Mon 16 Aug

Arshian wrote...


11:34 am
Mon 30 Aug

ddfgd wrote...


5:43 pm
Fri 3 Sep

Aaftabali wrote...

Best site

1:02 am
Mon 13 Sep

ansar wrote...

thak u

12:38 am
Mon 13 Sep

Rasad wrote...

Nice player

12:49 am
Thu 16 Sep

ivan wrote...

i hope this has a nice features

12:24 am
Thu 16 Sep

ivan wrote...

i hope this has a nice features

12:24 am
Tue 21 Sep

Ashish wrote...

Verry good

2:07 pm
Sun 26 Sep

Marce wrote...

Great app

11:32 pm
Wed 29 Sep

zeinlabidin wrote...

:( " corrupt" it doesnt work :(

9:57 pm
Thu 30 Sep

Ronald wrote...


1:25 am
Tue 5 Oct

agafasdasdfsd wrote...


7:02 am
Thu 14 Oct

bentwig wrote...

7:48 pm
Mon 1 Nov

Nisha wrote...


3:32 pm
Wed 17 Nov

pankaj wrote...

gust trying fst time

1:36 am
Thu 18 Nov

homo wrote...


7:20 am
Wed 24 Nov

Xandria wrote...

Good one!

8:17 pm
Fri 26 Nov

arun wrote...

fucking software

3:10 pm
Sat 27 Nov

amit wrote...

which version support on my Nokia N70.Pks say quick.

8:12 pm
Mon 29 Nov

tejmobile wrote...

file unknow formate message came when trying to open any flv files, is thier any other player for flv file pay ? anybody?

6:37 am
Sun 12 Dec

sarav wrote...

hey friends plz mail me flv player for nokia 5800....plz plz

12:26 pm
Sun 26 Dec

Prem wrote...


1:11 pm
Mon 27 Dec

Vishnu m wrote...


2:05 am
Wed 29 Dec

sompasong wrote...

very good

10:39 pm
Wed 5 Jan

azaad wrote...


12:20 am
Fri 7 Jan

rajnish wrote...

i need it for n70

4:15 am
Sun 9 Jan

ahmed wrote...

Ψ¬Ω…ΩŠΩ„ ورائع ΩˆΨ΄ΩƒΨ±Ψ§

5:53 am
Mon 24 Jan

sergio wrote...

best player ok.

12:27 pm
Wed 26 Jan

sibg wrote...

realy good

3:39 am
Fri 4 Feb

joey wrote...

Anyone who said "good", are friends of this software developer, this is crap.

7:41 am
Tue 8 Feb

serey wrote...


4:20 am
Thu 24 Feb

alone wrote...


4:17 am
Sat 26 Feb

Guri wrote...


11:02 pm
Tue 1 Mar

raheereds wrote...


1:20 pm
Thu 3 Mar

sk mostak wrote...

plese send me it's .......

2:18 am
Sun 6 Mar

slavod wrote...


12:01 pm
Tue 8 Mar

TERRES wrote...


3:22 am
Wed 9 Mar

Rahul wrote...

hi sir , i wanna nokia c3-00 flash player pls send me appications

1:46 am
Mon 21 Mar

alamapaprika wrote...

plese send me it's .......

10:38 am
Wed 23 Mar

RexOlias wrote...

nokia c6

8:55 am
Thu 24 Mar

ziavudeen wrote...

very good

2:15 pm
Fri 8 Apr

saad wrote...


8:17 am
Sun 10 Apr

Mohy Channar wrote...

It is works very fine in my nokia 5233

1:38 am
Thu 14 Apr

BILAL wrote...


11:52 am
Wed 27 Apr

Roy Adlyn wrote...

Very Nice..

10:42 pm
Thu 28 Apr

Ghazali wrote...

Mobil player

4:58 pm
Wed 4 May

Kimpot wrote...

It's great! Thanks :)

6:24 am
Wed 4 May

andy wrote...

:) thanks..

12:17 pm
Thu 5 May

anas wrote...

very good

12:46 pm
Thu 12 May

brian wrote...

file is corrupted

4:53 am
Fri 13 May

Ankit wrote...

Good and pleze sir give me software and mail my id.

11:06 pm
Sun 15 May

mhaemg wrote...


2:54 pm
Tue 17 May

Niyas wrote...

Very good

12:18 pm
Thu 19 May

nebras wrote...

i download the zip file but when i tried to open it it says currupt file, is there any other link to download this file

2:02 pm
Mon 23 May

wantedfrns wrote...

file is corrupt. So hw can i download working software for my nokia n 9u

7:48 pm
Wed 1 Jun

jassi wrote...

verry nice hai...

10:45 pm
Fri 10 Jun

devesh wrote...

bakvaas flv player its not work

12:01 am
Sat 18 Jun

gopan wrote...

My phone is 6210 classic. When began to play it shows "Unknown file format" Pls help me...

5:10 am
Tue 21 Jun

sfsdf wrote...

qwafsdfss sdf

6:41 pm
Tue 28 Jun

Atya wrote...

Very good

11:24 am
Wed 6 Jul

parvez wrote...


1:41 am
Fri 15 Jul

Charlly wrote...


12:51 am
Tue 19 Jul

jair wrote...


8:54 am
Thu 21 Jul

ahmedhaes wrote...


4:12 am
Mon 8 Aug

syam wrote...


10:51 am
Sun 14 Aug

jaskaran888888 wrote...

flv player

10:30 am
Fri 19 Aug

vikash kumar wrote...

very nice

11:19 am
Sat 20 Aug

Mike wrote...

Is this realy works

10:30 pm
Sun 21 Aug

Adilhussain wrote...


11:17 pm
Wed 24 Aug

ROCKY wrote...


2:43 pm
Wed 31 Aug

alex wrote...

I tried downloading but it appears to be an unsupported file.I am using nokia n70 and its pointless to download ths file.Just a waste of time.

10:11 am
Fri 2 Sep

umar wrote...

very good player for nokia s60 series

1:55 am
Fri 9 Sep

vinay wrote...


4:25 pm
Thu 15 Sep

robert wrote...

this file dosent work no my n97 its saying corrupt file must no be for n97

7:01 am
Wed 21 Sep

shafqat ullah wrote...

plz send me nokia n95 flv player.plz?????????

6:24 am
Sun 25 Sep

katrina kaif wrote...

does it work with nokia 5800?

5:15 am
Sat 1 Oct

Maddy wrote...


12:45 pm
Tue 11 Oct

Pawan wrote...

Flash video player

2:03 am
Fri 14 Oct

Franck wrote...


5:46 pm
Sat 22 Oct

imran wrote...

flv is not ph in nokia 5250

4:44 pm
Tue 1 Nov

aryankathat wrote...


2:29 am
Tue 1 Nov

aryankathat wrote...


2:31 am
Wed 2 Nov

M1980HASHIM wrote...


9:21 pm
Tue 8 Nov

aajaa wrote...


10:48 am
Sat 12 Nov

Haulian phiamphu wrote...

Very advance

9:57 am
Wed 16 Nov

parvez wrote...

Hi i am useing nokia E71 i am looking long time flv player for my mobil to wtch viedo so kindly di the needful THanks

3:03 am
Wed 16 Nov

parvez wrote...

Hi i am useing nokia E71 i am looking long time flv player for my mobil to wtch viedo so kindly di the needful THanks

3:04 am
Thu 17 Nov

C mohan rajiv wrote...


1:42 pm
Sun 4 Dec

erwin wrote...


8:46 am
Wed 21 Dec

jmjjaga wrote...


12:14 pm
Sun 25 Dec

Amar wrote...

I was waiting for this.. M so happy now.

8:33 am
Mon 2 Jan

Kimhau wrote...


10:33 am
Wed 4 Jan

paulhendra wrote...


12:00 am
Thu 5 Jan

jimmy wrote...


5:29 am
Sun 22 Jan

sallu wrote...

nice one

7:43 am
Tue 24 Jan

hanif wrote...

i m using nokia 5233.i m trying to downkoad flv player but no downlod comes up here in this page.please if some one help me.i wil b thankful.plz drop me solution in email.

2:37 am
Thu 26 Jan

Nasir orakzai wrote...

i am also confuse. how to download this software for my mobile n73? I need help.

12:27 am
Sun 29 Jan

deepak yadu wrote...

i like this software i have nokia N8

7:07 am
Sat 4 Feb

Hasan wrote...


3:23 am
Fri 10 Feb

badsha wrote...

very nice

9:59 am
Wed 15 Feb

layek wrote...

i need it for vivaz pro... any link pls..

2:35 am
Wed 15 Feb

ashwin wrote...


12:25 pm
Tue 21 Feb

montu wrote...

wjjjat super player

8:08 pm
Fri 24 Feb

ghamubark wrote...

is not working

2:54 pm
Thu 1 Mar

ahsaan wrote...

abi try nahe kiya

6:21 am
Fri 2 Mar

HANCKOOK wrote...

the file is not working it cant zipped cus its brocken

5:13 pm
Fri 9 Mar

shafi wrote...


6:33 am
Sat 10 Mar

Pakistan khan. wrote...

Bakwas. Dirty.

12:46 am
Sat 10 Mar

Pakistan khan. wrote...

Bakwas. Dirty.

12:49 am
Wed 21 Mar

dinesh wrote...

i cant download it with my nokia c6. So fren tel me another option 2 download

8:57 am
Wed 21 Mar

Umar ali wrote...

Nice software .....................

11:35 am
Sat 31 Mar

seyit wrote...


6:12 am
Sat 31 Mar

seyit wrote...


6:12 am
Mon 2 Apr


My Handset Nokia 7610. I want to SIS File. Sisx not support on my phone.

12:29 am
Sun 8 Apr

kalusivalingam wrote...

m... Nice one

12:02 pm
Sat 14 Apr

yass wrote...


9:42 am
Sun 22 Apr

doik wrote...


9:56 pm
Mon 23 Apr

Pencarihoky wrote...

Besst aplikasinya

2:52 pm
Thu 3 May

adeel wrote...


4:29 am
Fri 25 May

hijas wrote...


3:59 pm
Sat 26 May

Kartheek wrote...

V.v.v.nice 2 play

4:52 am
Sun 27 May

Deepak wrote...

Its corrupt file plz send me sisx file for my nokia 5233........

6:27 am
Sun 27 May

Tasnim wrote...


9:42 am
Tue 5 Jun

sdp patil wrote...


5:31 am
Wed 20 Jun

lidowe wrote...


12:34 am
Mon 23 Jul

manish jha wrote...

it is not supported file for my nokia n81. Please send me supported flv player.

7:58 pm
Sat 28 Jul

bakht buland wrote...

i want download it

7:01 pm
Fri 3 Aug

Amin Iran wrote...


2:01 pm
Mon 13 Aug

Hasan154 wrote...


11:26 am
Mon 20 Aug

Aawais wrote...

Avein E nay o

2:07 am
Sat 8 Sep

gitek wrote...

please can u help me download this player, i'm using Nokia E61i and it's not downloadin.fanks

9:23 am
Tue 11 Sep

zarif wrote...

i still can't use it.

3:16 am
Mon 24 Sep

umesh wrote...

guuuuuud dsd dsfsfsd

1:57 am
Mon 8 Oct

bamit wrote...


11:25 am
Fri 19 Oct

Babul wrote...


9:56 am
Mon 29 Oct

Prashanna wrote...

Its nice

3:04 pm



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