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Summary: Facebook for Nokia S60 Touch allows you to stay in touch your friends.

Symbian s60

Arrived: 2010-01-27
Found under: social, network, friend, online, share, photos, s60,

Symbian Facebook freeware

Rating: 3.3/5
Facebook Description


Facebook for Symbian s60 allows you to comment on posts of your friends, confirm or deny friend requests. You can update your status, see what your friends are doing, upload photos, check messages and search phone numbers when you need them anytime, anywhere.

With this Facebook application, you can:
* Publish status updates
* See notifications
* See newsfeeds
* Comment on the status of friend
* Search for Friends
* View and write on walls
* View Photos
* Poke friends
* See events and groups

the Facebook free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Facebook direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Thu 28 Jan

Mahadarma wrote...

Does this work in 6120c, or this one is just for s60v5?

3:31 pm
Thu 28 Jan

Mahadarma wrote...

I've tried but it doesn't work. I'm wondering have you tried this on your device or you just go share it to everyone?

3:45 pm
Thu 28 Jan

TaranQ wrote...

hangs on startup screen N79

5:04 pm
Fri 29 Jan

Jyaa wrote...

Works perfect on Nokia 5800

3:46 pm
Sun 31 Jan

mahadarma wrote...

Guess its only for s60v5

9:39 pm
Thu 4 Feb

DiGiMac wrote...

Localised Italian version is really funny. They translated "home", which NOBODY ever translates in a web context. It's called "Abitazione" which means literally the address of the house where you live. And of course it's too long to fit on the screen so they abbreviated it to "Abitaz." I laugh every time I log on... Apart from that it works great - can't wait for Groups and IM to be included

1:40 am
Thu 4 Feb

bambang wrote...

it doesn't work in nokia e63

5:53 am
Fri 5 Feb

raffput wrote...

for both the regular N97 and N97 mini and 5530 express music series, 5230 series Expres music, whether the application can be run on the device that I call the above?

5:09 am
Fri 5 Feb

zzzz wrote...

doesn't work on satio. .zz

9:57 am
Mon 8 Feb

Iqbalhussain wrote...

I am so happy.

1:49 am
Fri 26 Feb

Fredrik Andersson wrote...

I love Facebook

3:40 pm
Thu 4 Mar

maya wrote...

amo facebook!

3:14 pm
Mon 19 Jul

nisa wrote...

can Satio use this? i think can't? ah but Satio is s60v5 right

8:07 am
Fri 30 Jul

andy wrote...

can it use for UIQ sony ericsson

9:06 pm
Fri 13 Aug

rasmus wrote...


6:43 am
Sun 15 Aug

rehman921 wrote...

download windos 95 and hacking nokia ful ver hello ox with sing trick go here

1:14 pm
Fri 20 Aug

Murielle wrote...

please, how to dl it?? when i click in "download" i'm redirected toward a russian site!! help me please

4:40 am
Mon 30 Aug

king27 wrote...

hack your phone go this link.its a perfect system for hacking nokia and sonyericsson. With the help of hello Ox and also it help to sing any apps. All cert problem solve

5:24 am
Thu 9 Sep

Navin wrote...


12:03 pm
Thu 16 Sep

paul wrote...

wtf..i've already tried but it doesn't work..can anybody help?

12:06 am
Sat 18 Sep

dharmabandu wrote...

nokia 5800

1:06 am
Sat 18 Sep

dharmabandu wrote...

nokia 5800

1:07 am
Thu 28 Oct

yongchhi wrote...

i love this

9:47 am
Wed 8 Dec

alex wrote...


11:29 am
Wed 12 Jan

esme wrote...

can it use for sony eric u5

10:38 am
Fri 11 Feb

shahram wrote...


5:24 am
Wed 2 Mar

ravindra wrote...


7:18 am
Wed 9 Mar

Anand bisht wrote...

Gud software

12:43 pm
Sat 19 Mar

anisx6gh wrote...


12:08 pm
Sun 27 Mar

golf wrote...


2:47 am
Tue 29 Mar

dipo wrote...


12:49 am
Mon 25 Apr

glorimate wrote...


1:07 pm
Mon 2 May

cosku wrote...


6:15 am
Wed 4 May

ateeq wrote...


1:14 pm
Fri 13 May

goshilove wrote...

for sonyericsson satio

7:08 am
Fri 13 May

Tiia wrote...

Help me guys! how do you download this?! when I click "download" the site redirects me into russian site, that I'm unable to understand... HELP!

9:13 am
Tue 7 Jun

John Tan wrote...


11:15 pm
Mon 11 Jul

walid wrote...

good soft

12:23 pm
Mon 25 Jul

reycito wrote...

what about sony ericsson vivaz pro using symbian s60.v5

4:46 pm
Sun 31 Jul

Beer wrote...

I got linked to a russian site, too

11:48 am
Sun 21 Aug

RexOlias wrote...

me too.. Nokia C6

11:12 am
Sun 4 Sep

Nitinawesome wrote...

In my C5-03 I love only this app ........... And dont like any other or by browsing through any browser....but i am not able to download it.. -...

9:32 am
Thu 15 Sep

Noor Azreey wrote...


1:14 am
Sat 17 Sep

tlangey wrote...

it keep sayin invalid API key on ma e63, what would be the prob? Plz help

3:57 pm
Wed 28 Sep

Riyaz wrote...

Let me try first

8:26 pm
Sun 2 Oct

Zatsa wrote...

Tell u ltr

5:09 am
Thu 6 Oct

andrej wrote...


6:19 pm
Fri 14 Oct

mani wrote...


11:20 am
Sun 16 Oct

lisanna wrote...

work on nokia c5 . The only prblem is I dont knw where to find the notifications. Help me please. Tq.

12:11 am
Sun 30 Oct

Alok wrote...


12:48 am
Tue 1 Nov

unni wrote...


5:40 am
Wed 2 Nov

alle wrote...


5:57 pm
Thu 3 Nov

jithu wrote...


8:16 am
Thu 10 Nov

sarav parkash wrote...

tremendous for symbian series

5:25 am
Wed 23 Nov

pawel wrote...


8:38 am
Fri 2 Dec

azeeshah99 wrote...

gud . . . :p

12:30 am
Fri 2 Dec

ranjithkumar wrote...


9:46 am
Sun 4 Dec

erik wrote...

Oh I very good

9:28 am
Mon 12 Dec

Erlin wrote...

es el mejor

9:16 pm
Tue 20 Dec

surya wrote...

marvlous site

1:28 pm
Tue 27 Dec

Staeldeep wrote...

whr do i download this sh!t, coz it keeps redirecting to bullsh!t russian Sites?

5:05 am
Wed 4 Jan

dere wrote...

it looks good

1:14 am
Thu 5 Jan

ahmad wrote...

i want

1:02 am
Thu 5 Jan

ahmad wrote...

i want

1:03 am
Fri 10 Feb

Stef wrote...

works on Omnia HD i8910. Link from facebook:

12:01 pm
Fri 2 Mar

Musthafa wrote...


12:45 pm
Fri 2 Mar

Musthafa wrote...


12:45 pm
Sat 3 Mar

rabirup wrote...

it rockzzz

2:33 am
Thu 8 Mar

serhat wrote...

i couldn't download it. How can i

5:17 am
Wed 28 Mar

kisses wrote...


4:19 pm
Sat 14 Apr

Mithun barman wrote...

I could'nt dwnload

11:17 am
Mon 16 Apr

erdi wrote...

thank for all

9:38 am
Fri 4 May

juliano willian wrote...


10:33 am
Mon 7 May

Jageshwar wrote...

Facebook is a Good chating software.

1:29 am
Sat 12 May

Anzal ch wrote...

Gud symbian apps.. I like it..

2:03 am
Sun 27 May

binraj wrote...


1:26 am
Sat 2 Jun

anderson wrote...


1:11 am
Mon 2 Jul

lanchenba wrote...


12:37 am
Sat 7 Jul

Kumar wrote...


12:13 pm
Tue 31 Jul

Sayednooral-huda wrote...

That is very good

3:26 pm
Fri 3 Aug

rajvaliya wrote...

vary verry good this book

11:08 am
Tue 21 Aug

shibin wrote...


3:17 am
Thu 23 Aug

pukli wrote...


8:05 pm
Sun 4 Nov

Anthony Emmanuel wrote...

download facebook

2:08 pm
Mon 19 Nov

Sanal wrote...

I like it facebook

10:52 pm
Sat 8 Dec

tanvir ovg wrote...

i like it

4:51 pm



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