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Dictionary v2.0

Summary: Freeware English Dictionary written in C++ and compatible with all Series 60 3rd Edition phones.

Symbian S60 3rd Edition

Arrived: 2007-11-21
Found under: dictionary, english, websters,

Symbian Dictionary v2.0 freeware

Rating: 3.3/5
Dictionary v2.0 Description


Developer: simonjudge

Dictionary v2.0

Freeware English Dictionary written in C++ and compatible with all Series 60 3rd Edition phones.

Websters English Dictionary.

* Built-in indexes find words in a fraction of a second.
* Includes parts of speech (noun, verb etc).
* Uses 6Mb disk space for the program and data.
* Installs to main memory or memory card (Memory card recommended)


On E Series phones, if you get the message, "Invalid certificate, cannot install", change the setting in App. Manager from "signed only" to "all software"

Some people have received a file corrupt error after downloading direct to their phone from the Internet. If you get this error please copy the file via your PC (via Bluetooth or cable) instead.

the Dictionary v2.0 free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download Dictionary v2.0 direct on your symbian phone

Comments and Reviews

Wed 21 Nov

mario devasto wrote...

very good

2:46 am
Fri 23 Nov

aung lin wrote...

just download dictionary

12:58 am
Sat 24 Nov

hampton wrote...


9:08 am
Sat 24 Nov

mithilesh wrote...


10:56 pm
Mon 26 Nov

shako wrote...


11:05 am
Tue 27 Nov

med ali boumiza wrote...

very good instrument for work

4:50 am
Tue 27 Nov

abbas ali wrote...


11:46 am
Wed 28 Nov

Fatima Maibe wrote...

cool stuff

3:36 am
Wed 28 Nov

Najib Haidary wrote...

The best site for Mob.

6:58 am
Thu 29 Nov

kayek wrote...

we need a dictionary whereevr we go

3:25 am
Sun 2 Dec

virgilio wrote...


5:59 am
Mon 3 Dec

Rafael wrote...


11:39 am
Tue 4 Dec

digvijay wrote...


11:10 am
Wed 5 Dec

fghdfg wrote...


12:27 pm
Thu 6 Dec

suman wrote...

good one

7:31 pm
Sat 8 Dec

mathi wrote...

hi gud noon

11:37 pm
Sun 9 Dec

Cicas wrote...


2:51 pm
Mon 10 Dec

obedi wrote...

good stuff

12:23 am
Tue 11 Dec

Ashish dhir wrote...

How to download directly on phone

9:31 am
Wed 12 Dec

kindaichi wrote...


10:54 pm
Fri 14 Dec

arahan wrote...


10:22 pm
Sat 15 Dec

Murali mohan wrote...

Very cool stuff

11:14 pm
Mon 17 Dec

nawazkhan wrote...

send me this quick!!!

3:30 am
Tue 25 Dec

Amit wrote...

It is gud

9:23 am
Tue 25 Dec

akhilesh wrote...

it is 2 good.........

11:15 am
Thu 27 Dec

Devaraj wrote...

Just want to try..!!

2:01 am
Fri 28 Dec

viraj wrote...


1:56 am
Tue 1 Jan

ankan wrote...


8:25 am
Fri 4 Jan

ernst wrote...


5:34 pm
Sat 5 Jan

deepak wrote...

not working on se w950i.please help me

1:15 am
Tue 22 Jan

khaled kasem wrote...

very good

9:42 am
Tue 29 Jan

Robb wrote...

Very good site

1:08 am
Wed 30 Jan

muyi wrote...

you are sweet

8:24 am
Thu 7 Feb

chanam wrote...

seems to be good

7:11 pm
Fri 15 Feb

lakshay wrote...

is any body online

6:14 am
Mon 18 Feb

allan wrote...

hope its good

7:32 am
Tue 19 Feb

fdgr wrote...

good to have a dictionary

2:38 am
Mon 25 Feb

a k dutta wrote...


5:25 am
Mon 25 Feb

Samson Munthali wrote...

Looks like a good dictionary

11:08 am
Thu 28 Feb

latlas wrote...


9:23 pm
Sat 8 Mar

ario wrote...

I'm very convenient to get these freeware

2:04 am
Mon 10 Mar

Hh Ccm wrote...


11:03 pm
Tue 25 Mar

pravesh wrote...

thanks in adv

1:20 am
Wed 9 Apr

sajad wrote...

sfmjfxfjgfj itui

3:30 pm
Fri 11 Apr

lexi wrote...


11:27 am
Wed 23 Apr

gene wrote...

file corrupt error still appears in my n70 phone nspite of saving it to my pc first and eventually sending it to my n70 phone via bluetooth.

10:15 pm
Mon 5 May

jagan wrote...


11:24 pm
Fri 16 May

SEUN wrote...


10:33 am
Thu 29 May

charly wrote...

nokia 6600

3:56 am
Thu 29 May

efdrgf wrote...


7:27 am
Fri 30 May

manish wrote...

it is good

6:24 am
Sat 31 May

atul kumar wrote...

very good

3:24 am
Sun 15 Jun

shalem wrote...


5:19 am
Sun 15 Jun

bryan fernandes wrote...


11:05 am
Wed 18 Jun

Daniel wrote...

show of the ball... as we say here in Brazil.... it's serious now.... it's extremely good... thanks

10:54 pm
Wed 16 Jul

Angel Ivanov wrote...


1:11 am
Mon 21 Jul

basith wrote...

very useful thing

8:31 am
Sun 27 Jul

zubair wrote...

no fucken opinion

7:39 am
Wed 30 Jul

Limal wrote...

its great

1:41 am
Sun 31 Aug

symbianism wrote...

Decent dictionary, but with a few shortcomings. Review for this dictionary app + an alternative program suggestion on

5:31 pm
Wed 3 Sep

will wrote...

this is of great help noble simonjudge!

7:50 pm
Fri 5 Sep

alan wrote...

really works...try it

4:40 pm
Sat 13 Sep

vidit wrote...


2:07 pm
Mon 15 Sep

yenny wrote...


3:30 pm
Fri 10 Oct

Swap wrote...

not working on nokia 6630... says file is corrupt. however it works with my nokia n73... can some one help me getting the free dictionary download for nokia 6630 please?

2:46 pm
Thu 13 Nov

varun wrote...

hi, yet to dwnload. Hope it works in n82

5:56 am
Fri 21 Nov

uk chettra wrote...


12:33 am
Sun 7 Dec

shovon wrote...


11:38 pm
Fri 26 Dec

dijaz wrote...


1:23 am
Sun 11 Jan

shin wrote...

why's it corrupted for me? crap!

1:02 am
Fri 16 Jan

Amit singh wrote...

Your site and free service is very good all you need to upload some more powerful symbian based dictionaries to make useful to the students pursuing higher education

3:21 am
Tue 20 Jan

prashant wrote...


5:20 am
Sun 1 Feb

Darrick wrote...

can anyone tell why i can't find a single word in the dictionary?

7:16 pm
Sun 13 Sep

HANIF wrote...


4:39 am
Thu 5 Nov

Tmtriet99 wrote...

Thanks you

6:05 pm
Sun 15 Nov

philip wrote...

while installing dictionary in my phone E52 saying certificate expired why?

12:15 am
Sun 15 Nov

sajan wrote...

installing dictionary in my phone E51 saying certificate expired WHY?

12:17 am
Wed 20 Jan

M.Suseenthiran wrote...


9:07 am
Mon 5 Jul

ilango wrote...

I want Java English dictionary software within 300kb for mobile ......

10:10 am
Thu 12 Aug

shahbaz khan wrote...

i want english hindi dictionary

9:37 am
Sun 5 Sep

datt amin wrote...

english to gujarti English to hindi

2:20 pm
Wed 27 Oct

andixxx95 wrote...


11:30 pm
Fri 3 Dec

vino wrote...


2:11 am
Mon 6 Dec

srinivas wrote...

can tell after downloading.

9:36 pm
Fri 10 Dec

t p singh wrote...

its a great dictionary

3:59 am
Fri 17 Dec

tamil wrote...


7:33 am
Wed 22 Dec

Ideal wrote...

English dictionary

5:31 am
Thu 28 Apr

vlll wrote...

I use Dictionary & Translation Pro a free software for Symbian smartphones.

8:53 am
Thu 4 Aug

muhammadajmal wrote...

very good

6:14 am
Thu 1 Dec

sampath wrote...

i'm very happy to get dis application

7:33 am
Fri 23 Dec

Abay wrote...

Not tried yet but hope it will be good for purpose.

4:52 am
Tue 3 Jan

demeke wrote...

i could not download

4:45 am
Fri 6 Jan

ngokiendon wrote...

These softwares are very useful

10:23 pm
Sun 8 Jan

Bella wrote...

This has made my day. I wish all poisgtns were this good.

10:43 am
Sun 19 Feb

atul wrote...


10:57 am
Mon 9 Apr

ajit harihar wrote...


12:18 am
Tue 15 May

shekhar wrote...

very good

2:48 am
Mon 28 May

carsten wrote...

i want this app

1:06 pm
Mon 2 Jul

ahmad wrote...


3:26 pm
Fri 10 Aug

krishna wrote...

how to download direct e72 nokia phone

11:42 pm
Tue 25 Sep

Gomba wrote...

How can i download in my mobile

1:42 am
Sun 30 Sep

Afatab wrote...


3:19 am
Sun 21 Oct

rith wrote...

to more study

11:42 pm
Sun 11 Nov

Ramkumar wrote...


5:32 am
Sun 11 Nov

Ramkumar wrote...

Its very good

5:45 am



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