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» CallFilter

Summary: Call Filter allows you to block/unblock incoming calls as easy as setting up a filter rule plus it keeps a log with all the rejected calls. All Symbian version compatible

Symbian OS UIQ
Symbian S60

Arrived: 2007-10-19
Found under: Utilities, call, filter, reject, UIQ, s60,

Symbian CallFilter freeware

Rating: 3.4/5
» CallFilter Description


Reject incoming calls on the go !! and all for freee ....

Call Filter is a utility application realised under the concept "Simple Yet Efficient" for your Symbian devices. It allows you to hang-up any incoming calls from contacts selected as a filter rule in main application screen. Gives you a very convenient and quick access to block/unblock some phone number at runtime. This is convenient in situations when your BOSS is always on your head and you don't want to answer his call at certain moments during the day, it takes a few clicks and you are done blocking your BOSS calls. The logs screen maintains a list of rejected calls and allows placing a quick call or an sms to the rejected phone number. So this is what we call "Simple Yet Efficient".

- Blocks unwanted calls
- Allows block/unblock calls on the go ..
- Maintains a log of rejected calls .. and allows to send an sms or make a call to the rejected caller immidiately !
- The best of all .... its Freeware

the CallFilter free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
Download CallFilter direct on your symbian phone

» Comments and Reviews

Sun 27 May

dhrubo wrote...

very good

8:53 am
Thu 7 Jun

doharma wrote...

Need your help to support my trial software

9:44 am
Sat 16 Jun

suri wrote...


1:38 am
Tue 10 Jul

Kotjara wrote...

Nokia N95 doesn't supported at all :/

9:34 am
Fri 10 Aug

callfilter wrote...

Hi, A full range of Symbian phones is now supported with some kool news features, please check for a latest version at Cheers!

12:15 am
Wed 15 Aug

vinod wrote...

good software

8:59 pm
Tue 25 Sep

daicamap wrote...


5:24 am
Tue 25 Sep

callfilter wrote...

hey fellass!! don't forget to share your findings or through your applauses to the team who brings you this ! bring in your ideas, feature requests and see them working in your phones !! so visit c ya all there !

8:54 am
Tue 30 Oct

vijay wrote...

it is fine and great.

1:54 am
Tue 30 Oct

Jainesh wrote...

Itz simply gr8!!!

9:31 am
Tue 30 Oct

Jainesh wrote...

Itz simply gr8!!!

9:32 am
Wed 31 Oct

Marie wrote...

My e62 does not support this install.

4:29 pm
Tue 6 Nov

siddhant wrote...

nice one

11:49 pm
Fri 16 Nov

Callfiter wrote...


11:40 am
Thu 22 Nov

dparis wrote...

veery good

2:19 am
Thu 22 Nov

Moha wrote...

I have a Nokia N73 ME but it says "expired certificate" while installing. What should i do?

4:17 pm
Fri 23 Nov

ugithaanu wrote...


8:43 pm
Tue 27 Nov

Tarik wrote...


8:32 am
Tue 4 Dec

gurpreet singh wrote...

hi coool one

11:57 pm
Thu 6 Dec

jayakumar n wrote...


3:59 am
Mon 10 Dec

cj dela cruz wrote...

nice one

11:52 am
Mon 10 Dec

cj dela cruz wrote...

nice one

11:53 am
Fri 14 Dec

ramesh wrote...

i need its ,bcoz its very useful tome

2:26 am
Thu 20 Dec wrote...

if u can develop a callfilter with my specification...plz call me 09959277111,gud return for sincere work.

11:43 pm
Tue 25 Dec

arminanto wrote...

i need its

10:52 pm
Thu 27 Dec

Pawan wrote...

I use K7701 phone

3:20 am
Thu 27 Dec

mksmk wrote...

i hope it work' because i need it

2:05 pm
Sat 29 Dec

sameeer wrote...


9:11 pm
Sat 5 Jan

arif wrote...

ini yang kucari

1:32 am
Sat 5 Jan

jplib wrote...


12:56 pm
Sat 5 Jan

jplib wrote...


12:57 pm
Sat 5 Jan

jplib wrote...


12:57 pm
Thu 10 Jan

mohammad nasir ali wrote...

callfilter is very good

9:42 pm
Fri 11 Jan

Meshari wrote...

What is: 1. Call Duration 2. Smart Blocking

1:50 am
Thu 17 Jan

Muhammad wrote...


2:20 am
Fri 18 Jan

muthukumar wrote...


2:18 am
Mon 21 Jan

M1M1 wrote...


10:49 am
Tue 22 Jan

Anil wrote...

I have downloaded and activated the same for some numbers. The problem i face is a first set of ring is coming from the blocked number and thereafter suddenly it blocks the call if so the caller can hear a beep sound for call reject and can easily found that some call barring programms are activated. Pls. help urgently...

8:32 am
Thu 24 Jan

prateek duggal wrote...

hi, i am prateek duggal doing engineering from bharati vidhyapeeth coolege of engineering pune. i am working on such similar kind of project.i need ur help as i am not able code that how to reject an incoming call.can u plz help me out.i would be highly obliged for ur help... my email id

10:15 am
Sat 26 Jan

omar wrote...


7:07 am
Sun 27 Jan

sirimang wrote...

ok ja

6:46 am
Mon 28 Jan

tin tun wrote...

I have a Nokia 6120 classic but it says "expired certificate" while installing. What should i do?

10:48 pm
Sat 2 Feb

rocky wrote...

great job

7:32 am
Wed 6 Feb

johnbartley wrote...

"All Symbian version compatible?" Uh, what about the Nokia 9500, 9300 and 9300i which run Symbian Series 80?

8:23 pm
Thu 7 Feb

dedepalm wrote...

great job

12:50 am
Thu 14 Feb

bonof wrote...


2:55 pm
Tue 19 Feb

ABCDEDG wrote...


12:50 am
Thu 21 Feb

domnik wrote...

very good

3:11 am
Thu 21 Feb

AMAR wrote...


5:29 am
Mon 25 Feb

satria wrote...


5:56 am
Tue 26 Feb

towhidulislam wrote...


10:30 am
Wed 27 Feb

sachin wrote...

very good

5:06 am
Tue 11 Mar

thamir wrote...


1:17 am
Sun 16 Mar

sulaman wrote...

i am using nokia E61i and on installing it says "expired certificate" what to do now ?

4:52 am
Wed 19 Mar

diiva wrote...


1:08 am
Thu 20 Mar

miceun wrote...


9:24 am
Tue 25 Mar

Mr Tech UK wrote...

Excellent piece of software keep up the good work for people with expired certs been told to changed the date back a year and install ok then dont forget to put the date back to 2008 lol Mr Tech Uk

2:21 pm
Fri 28 Mar

ahsaykat wrote...

We need it free

11:46 pm
Mon 31 Mar

sumit wrote...


1:02 pm
Fri 4 Apr

madhu wrote...

I have downloaded and activated the same for some numbers. The problem i face is after set block still ring is coming from the blocked number Pls. help urgently

10:41 pm
Sat 5 Apr

Kirankumar wrote...


10:10 am
Tue 8 Apr

Dedy wrote...

Ok juga

7:56 am
Thu 10 Apr

wandy wrote...

hmmm... bagus juga

5:54 am
Fri 11 Apr

dens wrote...

Boleh tuh....Asyik

11:10 pm
Sat 12 Apr

mdhayalanathan wrote...

yet to test

10:54 am
Wed 16 Apr

Awonk wrote...

Ok juga euy

6:55 am
Sat 19 Apr

pakdodo wrote...

yes i love it !!

8:41 am
Sat 3 May

Vahid wrote...

Does not block any incoming call at all on my P990:(

1:16 am
Fri 9 May

Pradeep wrote...

It install properly but does not work on nokia 6670 . It does not restrict any call on my phone.

3:10 pm
Fri 23 May

Rahul Patil wrote...

I like your product. Thanks.

5:44 am
Mon 2 Jun

Nguyễn Bá Thịnh wrote...

- tôi đang dùng N72 tôi có cài chương tŕnh CallFilter để chặn cuộc gọi nhưng tôi thấy khó sử dụng và không có nhiều chức năng như hưỡng dẫn, - Trong quá tŕnh dùng tôi có add số điện thoại của một người bạn vào nhưng giờ không thể nào tháo ra được, tôi không kiếm thấy list danh sách đă add. tôi có tháo chương tŕnh và cài lại mà vẫn bị khoá số đó. Nếu ai biết xin chỉ giúp với. xin cảm ơn

11:58 pm
Sat 7 Jun

adan wrote...


4:24 am
Sun 15 Jun

shane wrote...


2:17 pm
Sat 21 Jun

avinash wrote...

thank you

11:47 am
Sun 29 Jun

ExCO wrote...

I loooove the barcodereader-function and this software... NIIIICE

4:21 am
Sat 5 Jul

Naresh wrote...

Very good softwaré

5:08 pm
Sat 12 Jul

kiran wrote...

I have downloaded and activated the same for some numbers. The problem i face is after set block still ring is coming from the blocked number Pls. help urgently

4:08 am
Tue 15 Jul

rana wrote...


11:53 am
Fri 8 Aug

rohit wrote...

very good software

5:42 am
Sat 9 Aug

Ricky wrote...

Wonderful application, Thanks!

1:58 am
Sun 17 Aug

mehul wrote...

gooddddd software

4:38 am
Wed 20 Aug

kute-guy wrote...

bring the arabic for uiq 2 thank`s

2:02 pm
Wed 17 Sep

Giri wrote...

I like

7:37 am
Mon 24 Nov

harry wrote...

pls provide freeware

9:05 am
Tue 25 Nov

Jeroen wrote...

Thank you, works great!

12:32 pm
Wed 26 Nov

jeevan wrote...

tried couple didn't work.. i hope this works on my p 990i

11:25 am
Sat 29 Nov

Moctar Niger wrote...

God bless this software creator and users.

4:33 pm
Sat 29 Nov

Moctar Niger wrote...

Hey! Not support on my nokia n73 ME.

4:51 pm
Wed 21 Jan

bigbanne2004 wrote...

hey! i tried to install the software on my E50 but an error occurred: "expired certificate". what can i do?

4:01 am
Sun 12 Apr

Zahid wrote...

God bless this software creator and users.

4:59 am
Sun 19 Apr

clement wrote...

every one should try this application. It has help me to find peace

12:49 pm
Wed 29 Apr

Mohit wrote...

How to get the call filter for Nokia 5130 express music?

9:27 am
Tue 19 May

Maja wrote...

Hi,I need the code, or at least the part where you reject the call. Please send it to Thank y very much.

8:25 am
Fri 22 May

MAHARAJ wrote...


2:48 pm
Fri 5 Jun

Dattaram wrote...

It shows certificate expired on my E90 & not installing

7:22 am
Fri 5 Jun

Techie T wrote...

Works fine on my Nokia N75. I had to set my phone date back a couple of years before installation to get around the expired certificate error. Then set it back to correct date.

10:32 am
Fri 19 Jun

Sitesh wrote...

Very very good software. Best way to prevent unwanted people to harass me

1:32 pm
Sat 11 Jul

Luva wrote...

was going to try this app but could not find my phone in list, E71 Nokia. any suggestions? thanks.

8:12 am
Wed 15 Jul

charles wrote...

its says expired certificate on my nomia 5800 xpressmusic, even though i tried backdating my time. someone plz help me

11:46 am
Sat 18 Jul

david wrote...

i have a nokia e61i and i downloaded goboy when i install it it says certified error what should i do?

10:00 pm
Sun 26 Jul

MUKESH wrote...

I have a Nokia N73 ME but it says "expired certificate" while installing. What should i do? HOW TO INSTALL ?

11:42 pm
Thu 6 Aug

tim85 wrote...

N95 "expired certifikate" :o( Can anyone help ????

12:29 am
Sat 15 Aug

adoklalang wrote...

I have a Nokia N73 ME but it says "expired certificate" while installing. What should i do?

4:48 pm
Thu 20 Aug

Avinash darode wrote...

hi there is no problem

6:39 am
Wed 26 Aug

Malith wrote...

This software contains an expired certificate.Most of the smart phones wont support this. So there'll be no use of this to the long term symbian users.If any one can overcome this please let me know at Hope the software designers find a solution.Then this will be truely magnificient!!!

2:39 am
Sun 30 Aug

deadly wrote...

vry nice

10:10 am
Fri 4 Sep

Samrat wrote...


6:29 am
Mon 21 Sep

satish wrote...

it does'nt work for nokia 5310/....can anyone suggest any other site

3:51 pm
Mon 28 Sep

mans wrote...

certificate expired. Not able to install. scrapped software for any latest smart phones. Cen anbody suggest such freewre for nokia e75 ?

4:05 am
Sat 21 Nov

masie wrote...

works perfect for me!

9:11 am
Mon 23 Nov

andy wrote...

re: expired certificate ... simply change the date of your phone to 1.1.2007 then install. After installation change back to today date

12:13 pm
Sat 28 Nov

George wrote...

Great app., terrible description :), Using this app on your boss is a bad idea, it rejects the calls. I just give my boss a silent ring tone. It's much easier to say "I didn't have my phone on me" than to come up with a reason to explain rejecting the bosses calls.

5:16 am
Wed 9 Dec

sajjad wrote...

need activation code

12:34 am
Sun 13 Dec

Luis wrote...

Perfect! I changed my phone only to have an app like that. Good bye marketing calls and out of hour calls!

2:16 pm
Thu 11 Feb

Ricardo wrote...

Got "expired certificate" even setting the date to 1/1/2007, 1/1/2000, 1/1/1991. Is there any other alternative ?

3:24 pm
Mon 15 Feb

ambika wrote...

Hi my no is 9972144877 i want to block few incoming calls plz help I have 5130 Xpress music nokia handset.

3:04 am
Sat 20 Feb

Sam E wrote...

Does not work on my N95 8gb.. keep getting "expired certificate" notice when trying to install.

8:36 am
Thu 18 Mar

Atif wrote...

did this software also work on nokia 40 series... i have 5310 xpress music please reply so i am very thank ful of you

1:59 am
Sat 20 Mar

Jason wrote...

hoping to get this, i really need it. berrywav made an excellent call blocker for blackberry called efficient call blocker. you can make people hear messages like your number is disconnected. i soooo need that like last week.

12:05 am
Sun 21 Mar

shaun wrote...

great stuff

2:45 pm
Wed 24 Mar

Tapan Jadav wrote...

I have Nokia N73 it's shows 'expired certificate' what to do next? please reply me.

11:52 am
Fri 9 Apr


expired certificate message when installing & does not install

1:40 am
Wed 21 Apr

qasimimtiaz wrote...

2 Ways To Block/Filter The Unwanted Calls.

1:34 pm
Wed 5 May

Aziz wrote...

"Expired Certificate" message on Nokia N73 mobile. Please help out for this installation.

3:53 am
Sun 16 May

wael wrote...

thx great software

8:02 am
Sun 4 Jul

tapas das wrote...


3:30 pm
Thu 15 Jul

Anurag wrote...


10:51 pm
Wed 21 Jul

Call Filt wrote...


2:30 am
Wed 11 Aug

prashant wrote...

N95 "expired certifikate" :o( Can anyone help ????

11:53 am
Thu 26 Aug

sunil wrote...

installed successfully in my nokia n73 but its not working after blocking number...still getting calls..???????????????/////

11:35 am
Thu 26 Aug

sunil wrote...

plz tell me the problem...? how can i solve ?

11:39 am
Thu 16 Sep

Anish wrote...

tahnk you very much

1:39 pm
Thu 23 Sep

Raju wrote...

N95 Certificate expired Instln failed

6:09 am
Wed 29 Sep

Ronak k patel wrote...

Hey, on instaling call filter, it shows that date is expired.wt should i do?

3:19 pm
Sat 2 Oct

Nitin wrote...

I have a Nokia N73 ME but it says "expired certificate" while installing. What should i do?

4:51 am
Sat 2 Oct

pawan kumar wrote...


12:45 pm
Wed 13 Oct

pushpak wrote...

iam faceing problem on instalation for n958gb getting expired date what to do

12:14 am
Tue 19 Oct

rohit wrote...


8:11 am
Thu 21 Oct

lioi wrote...

cert expired. no use

4:42 am
Wed 3 Nov

Derek Owen wrote...


7:46 am
Wed 1 Dec

Sayli wrote...

I am lucky

12:11 pm
Wed 22 Dec

Rahman wrote...

itz an excellent software for those who have lotz of GF n dnt wana to get call frm dem again & again.

3:04 pm
Wed 22 Dec

F_zan doanks wrote...

I think its good software

9:19 pm
Mon 27 Dec

ChrisP wrote...

A 10 day trial version. Lacks ability to copy from Call Logs to Black or White list. Is the full version as lacking?

2:57 pm
Tue 28 Dec

Muhammad Liaqat wrote...

How I can convert zip files into sis files and jar files. Please send me software name or software.

8:49 am
Tue 28 Dec

Muhammad Liaqat wrote...

How I can convert zip files into sis files and jar files. Please send me software name or software.

8:50 am
Tue 28 Dec

Muhammad Liaqat wrote...

How I can convert zip files into sis files and jar files. Please send me software name or software for n70.

8:55 am
Sun 23 Jan

janzabali wrote...

let me c can it work

2:17 pm
Thu 3 Feb

Pratik wrote...

i will first install then i will say about it. :-)

1:08 pm
Fri 4 Feb

fizzer wrote...

change ur system date to 04/02/2008 to avoid xpired installation. it works but not too nice code at all. thnx to developer, best wishes

4:35 am
Sun 6 Mar

saurabh wrote...


3:11 am
Tue 26 Apr

Rayman wrote...


9:46 pm
Sat 14 May

rcrc wrote...


10:47 am
Thu 19 May

ty7tyt wrote...


3:24 am
Fri 3 Jun

shahin wrote...

nice 1

8:59 am
Wed 29 Jun

rakesh wrote...


1:57 pm
Mon 25 Jul

SUna wrote...

can some1 plz send this software 2 ma mail address..? m not able 2 download it..:( m using nokia n79 (symbaian s60 v3) email id Thanx in advance..

4:46 am
Wed 27 Jul

prova wrote...

I have to try it.

3:06 pm
Mon 15 Aug

tean wrote...


11:24 am
Fri 19 Aug

Ramesh wrote...

Good application

4:37 am
Tue 30 Aug

Bikash Kumar wrote...

free software

10:32 pm
Sat 3 Sep

Sunggu wrote...

I am still going to try.

10:41 am
Sun 11 Sep

RKPD wrote...

I like it.

5:20 am
Thu 15 Sep

Ibrahim Ahmed Salim wrote...

is very good

9:39 am
Thu 13 Oct

homi wrote...


9:42 pm
Sat 15 Oct

Pramod wrote...

I need free version

7:12 am
Thu 20 Oct

rana wrote...

private service

9:51 pm
Fri 4 Nov

Himanshu wrote...

Nice software

12:28 pm
Sun 20 Nov

Elsheikh wrote...

Amazing prog

3:54 am
Wed 14 Dec

varun wrote...


4:57 am
Fri 16 Dec

abdulkhalek wrote...


12:54 pm
Tue 20 Dec

Ashwin wrote...


10:03 am
Wed 21 Dec

Virendar wrote...


9:29 pm
Fri 30 Dec

harry wrote...

where do you down it to ur phone ???

4:45 pm
Sun 15 Jan

inder wrote...

nokia n73 free call filter black & white list

5:18 am
Wed 25 Jan

deepak wrote...


2:07 pm
Thu 26 Apr

parveen wrote...

Tom, I haven't visited your blog for a while and thlooughry enjoyed the visit. Thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that I think you are a roll model Rotarian and community leader. What a blessing to call you friend! Mary Beth

11:01 pm
Sat 19 May

aaaaa wrote...


12:38 pm
Wed 27 Jun

sooraj wrote...

let me chek it first

9:11 am
Fri 29 Jun

jimoh monday wrote...

hi thank

5:34 am
Fri 29 Jun

jimoh monday wrote...

hi thank

5:39 am
Fri 29 Jun

jimoh monday wrote...

hi thank

5:44 am
Thu 5 Jul

carlos wrote...

call filter

1:05 pm
Tue 7 Aug

efstratia wrote...


2:58 pm
Mon 1 Oct

lenn wrote...

not yet complete

2:48 am



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