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Summary: ActiveFile is a FREE program to browse all folders and files in your mobile phone.

Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-03-17
Found under: file manager, utilities, files, explorer,

Symbian ActiveFile freeware

Rating: 3.0/5
ActiveFile Description


Developer: Alie Tan

ActiveFile for S60 Platform is a program to browse all folders and files in your mobile phones with wide range of functions on the phones file system.

Here are some key features of ActiveFile:

*File management with 2 panels(File manager similar to Total Commander). So, you can view one folder in the first tab and browse to another folder in the second tab.
*View all drives/folders/files on phone.
*File sorting by name, extention, uid, size, date, and ascending, descending.
*Full file management with copy, move, rename, delete, make directory, make file, file properties, and set attributes.
*Search files & directories.
*Send files thru MMS, SMS, bluetooth, infrared.
*View file/folder details.
*Allows to add open with every file type.
*Compress and decompress file using gzip format.
*Modify the attributes of files and folder.
*Quick check of available storage on your drives.
*Allow multiple instances. So, you can launch.
*ActiveFile more than 1 instances.
*Hardware device & network info.
*View running processes, tasks, kernel objects.
*SMS creator tool to create SMS(fake SMS) and save it to a destination folder(Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent folder) without used your sim card credit.
*Capture screenshot and save it to a file in JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and MBM format.
*Memory & battery monitor tool.
*Have an option to access inbox files.
*Messaging explorer.
*Folder shortcut or hotkeys.
*Command/menu shortcuts or hotkeys
*Toggle to full screen.
*Its FREE!

ActiveFile is a FREE program to browse all folders and files in your mobile phone. ActiveFile is a FREE program to browse all folders and files in your mobile phone.

ActiveFile is a FREE program to browse all folders and files in your mobile phone. ActiveFile is a FREE program to browse all folders and files in your mobile phone.

the ActiveFile free for Symbian OS

.mobi Mobile friendly download
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Comments and Reviews

Fri 26 Jun

rahmad wrote...

how to clean the virues guardian at nokia 6600? answer please

10:08 am
Sat 27 Jun

preecha wrote...

thank very much

6:16 am
Mon 29 Jun

Mohan wrote...

I am unable to download active file please help me.

9:04 pm
Fri 3 Jul

Yamin Khalid wrote...

Its a pity that Nokia Symbian S60v3 and later versions cannot use sis files. There must be a solution to it. Please advise.

2:18 am
Thu 27 Aug

Mahshooq wrote...

Itz very gud if i could download dis s/w.

5:46 pm
Sun 6 Sep

Towfik wrote...

I want e50 suported fileman

5:14 am
Wed 21 Oct

Micko wrote...


9:57 pm
Wed 4 Nov

Aleef wrote...

I have the activefile with sisx, but i can't installed it again, it shown expired certificate.

4:26 pm
Wed 4 Nov

Izhal datunsolang wrote...

Activefile is the best

8:00 pm
Mon 21 Dec

mahanjit wrote...

I need ths explorer

3:21 am
Tue 29 Dec

michelle wrote...

will tell you when i get it

8:28 am
Thu 31 Dec

Qinoy wrote...

How do i download it???

7:59 am
Sun 21 Mar

jim karam wrote...

can not dowload ActiveFile on my Nokia E90

12:50 pm
Sat 24 Apr

mostafa wrote...


8:20 am
Mon 10 May

onoy99 wrote...

not bad

12:59 am
Mon 7 Jun

jessin wrote...


10:43 am
Tue 15 Jun

obid wrote...


7:28 pm
Mon 28 Jun

imam effendi wrote...

saya mau downloud activeFile buat nokia E63

8:13 am
Mon 12 Jul

sunny wrote...

activefile not install in my n73 it show unverify what can i do? TELL ME

4:16 am
Wed 11 Aug

samarpit wrote...

thanks! it worked for me on my nokia 6700 slide (s60v3 phone)

10:54 am
Sun 26 Sep

junhui wrote...

how to download?

10:43 am
Thu 30 Sep

wayansan wrote...

how to download...pls send the link address

5:24 am
Wed 13 Oct

nuchyo wrote...

ref="">Download ActiveFile

2:01 am
Sat 16 Oct

mucharom rivai wrote...

ok very good

6:25 pm
Mon 18 Oct

Download Fun wrote...

3:29 am
Mon 18 Oct wrote...

3:32 am
Thu 4 Nov

ashok wrote...

i want n97 Activefileman

1:10 pm
Sat 6 Nov

traibinhduong_yeugaibinhduong wrote...

tim x-plore cho n77

6:49 pm
Thu 11 Nov

alpha wrote...


4:24 am
Sun 28 Nov

kingsley wrote...

pls i want Nokia5800 file manager

10:00 pm
Tue 14 Dec

alex wrote...

good software

6:10 am
Thu 16 Dec

iqbal wrote...

dowonload probalm

5:39 am
Tue 28 Dec

bashirbesher wrote...

it is very good app .

1:27 pm
Sat 8 Jan

Josh wrote...


10:34 pm
Sat 5 Feb

vijay wrote...


10:30 am
Tue 8 Feb

Temple wrote...

I need xplorer badly, but i kan't d/load it. Help ooo

1:33 pm
Fri 11 Feb

mamdoh wrote...

god yes

5:57 pm
Sun 13 Mar

ramullick wrote...


1:55 pm
Sat 23 Apr

kenneth wrote...

nokia c5

8:02 am
Fri 29 Apr

bona wrote...

good Software

9:27 pm
Thu 5 May

adode wrote...


7:36 pm
Fri 22 Jul

shital wrote...

when i am downloading the active flie prog. Its shown expired licen copy plz help. I want to watch movies in the mobile

11:51 pm
Mon 8 Aug

syuhada wrote...

gak ngerti

6:30 pm
Thu 18 Aug

Nont wrote...

I cant download this file on my nokia N70 pls help me

2:07 am
Sun 28 Aug

thulasi wrote...

i want to download

4:33 pm
Wed 31 Aug

tarek wrote...


9:10 pm
Sat 10 Sep

Buya wrote...


12:31 pm
Tue 20 Sep

Ivan wrote...


2:24 pm
Wed 21 Sep

nany wrote...


10:54 pm
Mon 10 Oct

ayatullah wrote...


8:44 pm
Mon 24 Oct

hareb wrote...


3:31 am
Fri 11 Nov

Morad wrote...

Only use

9:39 am
Wed 16 Nov

alibitatow wrote...

i ask

9:53 am
Thu 8 Dec


is best for now

6:11 am
Sun 18 Dec

darwin naval wrote...

i want this

1:56 am
Mon 2 Jan

msska wrote...


5:15 pm
Thu 12 Jan

marckyzian tipico wrote...

goood and nice

8:17 pm
Fri 20 Jan

ahmad wrote...

ahmad s

8:25 am
Mon 23 Jan

almhar wrote...

pwd cguru to

4:26 pm
Fri 10 Feb

medoabomody wrote...


2:34 am
Fri 17 Feb

Ayman wrote...

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Tue 6 Mar

Rajeev Anand wrote...

How to download ?

1:49 pm
Thu 5 Apr

atank wrote...


4:36 am
Sat 7 Apr

qaisali wrote...

thank you i will experimental it

5:57 pm
Sat 7 Apr

qaisali wrote...

how download ?

6:07 pm
Mon 30 Apr

ian banjar wrote...


8:57 am
Mon 30 Apr

ian banjar wrote...


8:59 am
Mon 28 May

djoelpan wrote...


5:10 am
Wed 13 Jun

everfit wrote...

d app is vry fyn

9:27 am
Sat 23 Jun

tahanasir wrote...

Thank You

4:35 pm
Tue 26 Jun

adel wrote...


10:04 am
Tue 26 Jun

adel wrote...


10:06 am
Tue 10 Jul

abdul rauf wrote...


1:53 pm
Fri 17 Aug

Nilesh wrote...


2:11 am
Tue 4 Sep

Md kashif wrote...


2:26 am
Sun 16 Sep

hendra wrote...

sangat baguus

5:53 pm
Wed 26 Sep

deejay wrote...


9:21 am



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